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If Apple has any problems with Google, WE, THE APPLE FAITHFUL AND LOVING USERS, shouldn't have to pay with maps that are lower in quality on the Google side, and not yet enough good on the Apple side.

I hope that someone tells the direction of Apple, that they should never forget that for Steve Jobs, customers were the most important part of Apple.

With the new updates to 10.7.5, 10.8.2 and iOS6, for the first time in my love for Apple, I'm dissapointed.


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    Apple Maps is new software and will be improved over time. I do prefer a few of the google map features, but in all I don't find where the Apple Map software is bad. I'm sure you can download an app for google maps for your iOS devices or use google maps in Safari on you computer.


    There will never be a direction change in any software that will please all. Leave any feedback at the Apple feedback site for changes you want.


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    Very nice try to sugarcoat all that is going on, not only with maps but other things that are colateral demage.

    Why do I have to have an iPad with 4G or higher connection to have flyby feature? On the commercials that thing is wonderfull, but on my new iPad, 3D is awfull. Does Apple need more money? By the way, flyby is very nice to see but does not give you real directions. That's for GPS.

    I'm very frustrated that Apple is forgetting the real soul of Steve Jobs.

    He was for technology what the American Constitution is for the greatness of this country.

    Forget both and you'll have PC's, Blackberrys and Anarchy.


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    I'm not sugarcoating anything. I don't work for Apple and Apple doesn't respond to this discussion board. You, me, and many other people are not overwhelmed by Apple Maps. I merely said it's not that bad, but at the moment it's not as good as google maps. I'm sure it will be improved in the future, as it is still new. You can download Google Flyover app for free if you have a need for it. You can still pull google maps in Safari.


    You and I might also be frustrated with some changes taking place, but that doesn't mean everyone else will. The only thing we can do is provide feedback to Apple, learn to accept what we can't change, and move on to something else if it we can't accept the changes. Being that everyone else is trying to catch up and emulate Apple, you may not like the changes taking place with them either.