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Just got my iPhone five out-of-the-box and I noticed there is a wavy line at the bottom and the top of the screen that is slightly discolored. Not very noticeable when running some apps but when you have your email or your message app it's very noticeable. Appears that it's a screen issue. Anyone else have this?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • rafiki52 Level 1 (0 points)

    Think I'm having a similar issue, is it all the time? Or only sometimes you see it

  • mickelsona Level 1 (0 points)

    It's there all the time. Like a defect in the screen. I just notice it sometimes more than others.

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  • damionfromnorth bergen Level 1 (0 points)

    me too.  only somethimes though, like when I am typing into a field.

  • Kadish Level 1 (0 points)

    I've seen the same thing, only in the App Store so far, when typing a password.

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    Getting this too.  So far, it only seems to happen when I let a password prompt sit idle for a little bit.  Otherwise I have not noticed it happening.  Haven't done the research, but I wonder if it's a fault of the iPhone 5 or iOS 6.    But definitely happening on my iPhone 5 -- did it last night and I thought I screwed my phone up already!

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    I have the exact same problem.  I tried to take a screenshot with the App Store open, but the image doesn't show the distorted lines.  That makes me think its a display problem.  I also saw strange green lines behind the spinning white circle when my phone was first restoring from an iTunes backup.

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    Thanks to Apple Genius Bar - appointment.  Got my iPhone 5 replaced today 24-Sep-2012.


    FYI... Here's the Youtube clip of the defect screen issue:



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    Did getting a new phone fix the problem?  I still have my suspicions it is a software issue.

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    i'm hoping that it's not a problem in the new one...   I'll be installing Apps over the next few days.  I only seen the defect during when the Apple Id password prompt shows up -- but not all the time.  So I'll be checking in the next few days to update you all.


    BTW:  I got a iPhone screen Matte cover (looks better anti-glare) and a case.  The aluminium on iPhone black can scratch.  E.g. on my earphones port, i scratch it accidentally with my Fingernail ! and now the port has the paint removed !!!

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    Did genius bar give you a brand new phone or a "like new" one? I'm wondering because I'm having insane voicemail issues with my device and the download upload speeds is horrible, even via USB transfer from iTunes. I think there's a problem with the device but im concerned genius bar is going to simply grab one from the back that's "like new" but not out of the box.


    picky i know, but hey, you spend this much money on a phone it'd be nice if after 48 hours you got a new one as a replacement


    I was on with sprint for 6 hours today, no one could fix the vmail not receiving issue. Thought it may be software, seems now that it's hardware

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    Brand New Sealed Unlocked Phone only (ie no cables etc).  Note:  the defect phone was locked to Virgin mobile and the replacement is an unlocked phone.  The apple employee who booked me in for a genius said that if a replacement is required then it will be brand new because the iPhone 5 just got released 3 days ago.  The tech support genius actually opened a drawer full of brand new iPhones each in a white box and these were allocated specifically for swap outs eg they had no stock to sell but had a few for swap-outs.

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    So my issue isn't necessarily a flickering issue, but it's a discolored spot accross the lower to middle part of the phone and to a lesser extent on the very top of the screen as well. I took my phone to the apple store where they said it looked like water damage, but they couldn't tell for sure because they didn't have the tools in yet for the iPhone 5. So they are ordering me a new phone and I believe they intend to sell mine as a refurbished one when they fix the screen. Kind of disappointing the one i got had this issue but am glad they are fixing it. I explained to the apple tech that the phone was this way from the very first time I powered it on, but I'm sure they hear that all time time, and they are taking care of it. Here's about the best picture of it I can get:

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    Same here when typing password in app store, same things happens

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