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    I restored my iPhone last night as I've seen on other threads that others were helped with this approach, but it didn't work for me.  I am now quite convinced that the issue lies with the interaction between my first generation Airport Express and the iPhone 5.  I can connect to my T|C just fine - but the Airport Express connection always hangs.  The other network that I tried out also had a 1st generation Airport Express.  I'd like to update other devices to see what happens, but cannot afford to lose data connection on them.  At least I have unlimited data on my phone, so its not an expensive issue in that regard, just frustrating.  Of course, iCloud backup also does not work at home.

  • Lair1970 Level 1 Level 1

    OK so it now looks like on my iPhone 5 iwth iOS 6.1 the LTE network is conflicting with my home wifi (Airport Extreme). At the Apple store the LTE signal is lost in and wifi works like a charm. At home tired all of the "fixes"

    -No security


    -Reset network,

    -Complete reset and reload on the phone



    Just turned off the cell radio and it worked. Turned on the cell radio but kept LTE off and it worked.


    Apple let's get a fix so we can use your "great" phone. I have just received a BB Z10 from work and it seems to work flawlessly.

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    At the suggestion of others on a related thread, I have found that switching to wireless N - 5.0 GHz mode gets my iPhone working again.  Signal strength goes back to "Excellent".  No distance problems, etc.  All other modes still create the problem.  The MAC address filtering and choice of password security do not impact at all. Of course, I can't stay in that mode because then other devices I have do not work.



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    Same problem.  All other devices in my house work fine (apple tv, xbox, macs, PCs, ipads, someone else's iphone 5).  I have a rather old Airport Extreme that all the devices are connected to.  Made a genius appointment in January - they told me that since it works in the store (open wifi), wait for the next ios update and maybe it will be fixed.  "Genius" said you will have the same problem if I swap out the phone.  So I waited.  IOS 6.1.2 comes out, exchange problem fixed.  WiFi doesn't work.  Returned to the apple store yesterday.  Came home with a replacement iphone 5 which is working fine.

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    I also have iPhone 5 wifi issues. Have had it on all updates up to and including iOS 6.1.2. 2 ways I fix it which will last a while before it breaks again. Reset network settings an then switch off and then on iPhone.

    Other method is to reset my router. Both don't last forever and not ideal. Have no issues on same network with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, iPad 3, 2 laptops, PS3, Wii - just my iPhone 5!! Apple please fix this.

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    Apple tried to claim they dont have people reading these forums, only those to moderate the language in here. Screaming in here wont do anything it seems.

  • Paul Boutin Level 1 Level 1

    They do read these forums as I have been contacted 2 times by apple special support teams when I never called them. Only posted in these forums and they were aware of my problems.

    Of course they read these forums.

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    Just bought an iPhone 5 Black 32GB, on searching for Wi-Fi issues I found this forum.


    I am getting connected to Wi-Fi okay(ish), however, it seems to drop for no reason at random times and does not connect again.


    This morning when I got up I had no Wi-Fi signal (according to the phone, 3G only) however, I was controlling my Sonos system with the phone so was clearly connected to Wi-Fi.


    I have 3 Wireless Networks in my home, 2 on my router (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) and 1 from a Wired/Wireless Homeplug (2.4 GHz), it seems to struggle to connect to them, also, at my work I have Wi-Fi access and my old iPhone 3GS had no issues and a strong signal, my iPhone 5 seems to have less of a signal strength and drops randomly ?


    Any suggestions ?


    Oh, the iPhone 5 was restored from the 3GS Backup (as that's what iTunes wanted to do and made life easy for me).


    Should I be factory resetting and starting from scratch, or is there anything else I should be doing ?


    Thanks very much in advance ;-)

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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 5's wifi. It would connect, be fine for a minute then nothing. No data transfer but still connected. I tried all the solutions here. Nothing seemed to work for me. I'm not changing settings to my router just because my iPhone can't connect coz all my other devices are fine, including the iPhone 4 my husband has, which is what I'm using right now to make this comment on my wifi connection. This is BS. And I just bought the iPhone 5 today.

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    Same issues.  The following devices connect easily to my airport express:  Dell laptop, macbook, Iphone 3GS, 4, ipad 2, ipad mini, Galaxy S3, etc.


    The only thing that will not connect is the iPhone 5.  My first iPhone 5 worked just fine, I broke it, the Apple store replaced it.  This phone will only connect to wireless about 50% of the time and the battery life is awful.


    I called Apple, went through the same stuff everyone here has done - no luck.


    Made an appointment with the Genius bar - came back and told me they could not replicate the issue and would not swap out the unit.


    I am finished with the iPhone - this is ridiculous.

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    Got an iphone 5 about a month ago. It connects to my wifi for a few minutes, then disconnects. Sometimes it reconnects, sometimes it doesn't. Everything else connects to it fine - ipad. iphone 4s, airport express, HP laptop, Bluray player, PS3... No problem, no disconnections.


    I have tried every possible security option, every channel, resetting the router to factory settings, resetting the iphone to factory settings, everything everyone has suggested on here. My ISP has even sent me a new router - same problem.


    I am furious about this. It is clear there are major issues with the iphone 5 and wifi, and apple are not even a little bit helpful.

  • Redlegoman-977 Level 1 Level 1



    I've had a similar problem with Wifi dropping when on home wifi. However after finding a youtube video about it i have disabled mobile data (as you don't need this when using wifi) and wifi has not dropped since..... Well so far atleast!!! Hipe apple will sort this though, as shouldn't need to do this to use wifi...

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    I'm an Algebra teacher, not a computer whiz, but I had to get into problem solving mode because I've been having these problems for 6 months.  No, they don't fix themselves.  Here are specifics and, I think, the fix. 


    When I brought the iPhone 5 home, all of a sudden, 50% of the time, my iMac refused to connect to WiFi in my own home.  It kept telling me my connection was "timed out."  But all the lights were green.  I had to go through the process of unplugging the Airport Express a few times, fiddling with Network Preferences, password over and over until it connected.  Meanwhile, the iPhone5 would also 50% of the time hook into my home Wifi and 50% of the time run on 3G from Verizon.  Whenever I tried to select my home network, it wouldn't allow me to. I've never been able to even enter my network password into my phone.  On selected days when the wifi was working for phone and imac, I'd go to work, my phone would switch to 3G (because I don't like to join other networks due to privacy) and when I'd come home, the iMac and phone 50% of the time would refuse to connect. 


    I called Apple.  The Airport Express guy reset that (putting a pin in the tiny little rubber circle, etc.).  Didn't work.  Called iMac specialist.  He helped me rename and repassword my network, changed my security from WEP 128 bit (which is NOT secure) to WPA/WPA2 Personal.  Didn't work but at least the network is now more secure.  Who knew!  Called the iPhone5 guys several times.  They reset my phone.  No go.  I was too busy with the kids at work to keep this potluck party going.  Now I'm on vacation.  Buckle your seatbelts, boys.


    Here's what I think fixed it.  This first remedy fixed it only for a couple of days, so if you're in a hurry, skip 1-3 and go directly to 4-7 below.  But if 4-7 doesn't stick, then try them together. 

    1.  Connect iPhone to iMac by using the USB part of the iPhone's cord. 

    2.  Open up iTunes (even if you're not online).  The phone appears on left side of iTunes window.  If you don't see the phone, hit View, Show Sidebar, and under "Devices" choose your phone.  A menu of choices appears.  Click "Sync this iPhone over Wifi."  You can also back up your phone if you want.

    3.  See if you can now connect to home Wifi.


    Here's the remedy from a random Airport Express guy at Apple.  He knew nothing about the iPhone, but did this since it's the only thing I hadn't done.  Had this not worked, yes, I would have gotten a new iPhone.  I'm writing out the unsophisticated version to help out the most people, so hang in there programmer heads.


    4.  Go to your laptop or iMac's Spotlight (magnifying glass, upper right on screen) and type in Airport Utility.  Open it.  If you can't find it, open your Applications folder, then Utilities, then Airport Utility.  Open it.

    5.  Choose your network.  Aslo make sure your base station is found (you see the base station's icon).  If it's not there because you're not connected to Wifi (happened to me), keep trying. 

    6.  Continuing on Airport Utility, go to the "Wireless" tab.  On Wireless Security, choose "WPA/WPA Personal" for better security.  On "channel" my channel was Automatic, but changing that fixed everything.  Here's how.

    7.  Leave Airport Utility up (we'll get back to it soon).  Go to the Apple icon on the top left of laptop or iMac.  Choose "about this Mac" then hit "More info."  A windo will appear with a long list.  Under the Network heading, choose AIRPORT.  Scroll down and look at all the networks in your immediate area including yours.  Notice the Channel different people are using.  On #6 above, my Airport Express' channel was Automatic, so when I looked here, Channel 11 was chosen.  The Apple rep told me to choose a different channel, and one that no one in my area had.  Since my neighbors had channels 1, 3, and 6, I chose Channel 9.  NOW PRESS UPDATE.  Voila.


    It's been a week.  Now when I get home, the iPhone automatically switches to my home Wifi which is what it was supposed to do all along.  My computer's Wifi works great for the first time in 6 months.  If this helped you, punch in some points for me.  Maybe I'll get to attend a Star Trek movie on the lawn of a cemetary.

    Good luck!

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    Here's my problem, the same as everyone else I guess.  In my house there are 2 iphone5's, macbook pro and I recently upgraded to an imac along with an airport extreme.  My iphone5 keeps dropping my network, I didn't notice until I got hit with overage charges from my carrier (Verizon).  When I went in to look at my data useage I noticed that there were a lot of charges when I'm at home and should be on my network.  Verizon had me reset my network, that didn't help.  My next step was to call Apple tech support, they had me reset my phone all together and that didn't help.  According to Apple tech support the next step is to send my phone in for repair/service, I don't want to do that because everything I'm reading here and elsewhere is that many people have already done this (some more than once) and it didn't fix this problem.  I've read where some people seem to think it's a problem with airport extreme, this doesn't make sense to me for a few reasons. 1. if thats the case why did it also happen when I was using my old router, before getting airport extreme 2. why is it not happening on my macbook pro and only my iphone, their both on the same network husband uses his employers network while at work and it happens there also.  The only thing I've been able to do since I realized the problm is turn my cellular data off completely while at home and on my network.  The problem with this is that many times I forget to turn it off when I get home or forget to turn it back on when I leave.  I shouldn't have to do this in the first place, the phone should be connecting and staying connected.  The fact that so many people are having the same problem and it hasn't been fixed yet really surprises me.  The main reason I went with Apple for my home, laptop and home computer is because there products just work and they have good customer service.  This problem really does need to be taken care of soon, otherwise the next phone I get won't be a iphone nor will I recommend a iphone to anyone else.  I guess right now I have no other option than just to continue to do what I'm already doing and keep checking back here to see if someone has come up with a solution or to wait until Apple finally decidedes to sit up and take notice.

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