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    You know those old 30 pin connector Only one side could be connected to the iPhone, I tried both side on the lightning Cable and One side works but the other doesn't, I think there is a problem to the lightning cable

  • the_ghostrider Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In this case it wasn't the cable.

    Got another one - same problem.

    In the meantime I got a new phone and voila - it charges


    Next to this new Phone doesn't become as warm as the "older" one during the installation.

    For me it look's like the "older" phone had a bug.

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    I have had my iPhone 5 for two weeks tomorrow and had no problems with it until two days ago, and now my phone won't charge.  When I plugged the cable into my computer and iphone I got a message saying that there was a short in the iphone usb hub.  So I stopped trying to use it and went out shopping for a new cable.  Unfortunately they are nowhere to be found so I ended up getting a new nano (which I had been considering anyway) just to get my hands on a cable so I could charge my phone.  I don't live that close to an apple store and couldn't afford to wait for a backordered cable to arrive in two weeks.  I am seriously considering ordering a micro USB adapter from Europe.  I know Apple only sells them in Europe to comply with EU regulations, but I can't understand why they won't sell them in the US except to squeeze us for more money to buy their proprietary accessories.  It seems to me they've made this cable too complicated in order to keep low-end cable companies from making cheaper alternatives.  This is very frustrating!

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    I had a similar problem just a few hours ago. The UltraCompact USB power adapter was plugged into an electrical outlet and the USB to Lightning cable supplied with my iPhone 5 was plugged into that. Plugged the iPhone in and...nothing. Phone wouldn't charge. Thought it might be the UCUSB adapter so I used the one I've used with my iPhone 4 for 2 years now. Nothing. Nada.


    Flipped the Lightning connector over and plugged it in. Phone started charging. Switched back to the new UCUSB adapter and the phone would charge. Flipped the cord over and tried again. Phone would charge. So, I'm starting to think that this nifty new cable-the one that can be inserted either way and work doesn't always do that.





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    When I plug in my iphone 5 cable into my computer, it immediately shuts the computer down.


    And it will not charge with a wall outlet using any other older iphone outlet to USB adapter other than the iphone 5 usb to wall adapter it came with.


    I dread going to the apple store for a replacement. They are all a bunch of drones with snooty attitudes, and think they are so cool to work at a apple store--yah that would be cool if I was 18! ******** no nothing kids, working in a store with a 1990's design hangover, with four products displayed 400 times.

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    Same Problem here too, phone is 3 days old and useless. I'm a commercial truck driver and simply cannot get to a Verizon or Apple store with a 14 foot by 80 foot vehicle. Now I have no phone which is critical to my business. I'm starting to rethink my choice of phones, but as an Apple user since 1980 I'm pretty loyal.


    I really wonder if this would have happened if Steve were still in charge....

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    Same here.

    After one week the iPhone5 didn't charge, tried a new cable - no change.

    Good a new one and this charges and won't be as warm as the old.


    Looks like they still have quality problems.

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    So I called them up, and they did send me a new cable fairly quickly and it does work now. Did have to return the defective cable from a FedEx store, but not a biggie for me. New cable works fine.


    At least I did not have to go back to that foo-foo apple store!


    Now I will just go back to giving apple and AT&T $120 bucks a month for me and my family for the rest of my life like the rest of all you shmoes!

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    Ya I'm Having Problems With My New Ipod As Well I Updated My Ipod And I Got All My Music On ICloud And Now My Ipod Will not Charge On My Computer And The computer Won't Recongize It Either Is Their Anything That Could Fix This Problem

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