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  • fecklessderek Level 1 (0 points)

    They gave me a new phone - happy with the service and the fact apple set aside units for replacement!   Even though it was a bit of a hassle, I'm very happy.

  • Daniel Garcia Castellanos Level 1 (20 points)

    There is a faulty ground on your setup, allowing a static or dynamic charge to build up on your device, and making the capacitive touch sensor go haywire. While it's charging, do you feel a slight buzzing when touching the phone's metal parts? If so, use a different plug or charging wire.

  • bpmford Level 1 (0 points)

    UPDATE - I got my new phone yesterday, and the Apple rep was really helpful. The new phone works gret so far (fingers crossed). I am also glad they made sure to have replacements set aside even when they had no new ones for sale!

  • Mit_peid Level 1 (0 points)

    I am experiencing almost the exact same problem described... I'm wondering if it has to do with my power adapter? I've noticed that this only happens when I'm using the charger at my work office and it seems to work great elsewhere.

  • Sgt7212 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update:  Since going to the Genius Bar and they performed the DFU on my phone AND also using just the factory charger or USB port on my PC, the problems are not as bad as they were before.  However, they are still present and there are a few new problems I've noticed.


    1) Touch screen hyper sensitivity - At times the phone will still react and select items before my finger makes contact with the screen.

    2) Touch Screen not responsive - at other times screen takes several touches before it responds.

    3) When receiving text messages, facebook notifications or any other notification, the phone does not always notify me.  Phone is set to vibrate and make a sound when notifications are received.  Sometimes it does and sometimes a text comes in or facebook notification pops up and there is no vibe and no sound.  (no, it is not switched to silent at the time.  I've checked and tested it.

    4) sometimes app updates just "hang" and do not download...  I have even experienced this on my home wifi with no other devices connected and my PC turned off.

    5) FREQUENT text message send failures.  Message progress bar will hang and ultimately fail to send, requiring multiple resend attempts.


    All of these issues are random and nothing I've ever experienced before owning the iPhone 5.  This is becoming frustrating.  I have a Genius Bar appointment for Tuesday night after work.  Will see what they say.

  • Sgt7212 Level 1 (0 points)

    Another random issue I have found is when a text message or phone call comes in and my phone starts playing the ringtone and vibrating.  Usually if I am busy, I hit either the volume up/down side key and the ringer silences but I can still answer the call if I decide I want to.  Sometimes the ringer will not silence when a button is pressed.


    Again, all of these problems are random.  On charger and off, full battery to half charged...  weird stuff.


    Is anyone else experiencing any of the other issues I've noted in addition to the touch screen problem?

  • dell2008 Level 1 (0 points)

    Im having the same issue too...This is my second replacement as my first Iphone 5 battery move alot inside.Second one is having the touch issue where I can't swipe left or right..Going to the Apple store today and see if they can replace it for the third time.

  • notty7238 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Iphone 5 64 gb White works fine when in hand and also when plugged into the wall charger but it will lock up when connected to my pc but not all the time there is times when it works then it will just lock up again is anyone else getting this problem because I have searched everywhere and they are either when held in hand or when connected to the wall charger when they get problems. I also have the this accessory isnt compatible to charge the phone warning when using a proper apple lightening cable I purchased from the carphone warehouse and this is the second cable i bought as the first seemed to get the warning all the time so could all the problems be something to do with the new connector?

  • dungeoncrawl Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this SAME problem and fixed mine.   Fortunately I had several other people around with other iPhones and with other Lightning cables, other AC adapter cubes, etc.   I troubleshot it down to the Apple AC adapter cube that I was using.   I had mistakenly used my iPhone 4 AC Adapter that came with my iPhone 4.   Of course I was using my Lightning Cable.  Everytime I connected, my touchscreen would either a) lock up causing me to have to hard power cycle or b) it would just start "receiving input".   It would open apps, close them, take pictures, start crafting emails, etc.  


    I was able to duplicate it 100% by switching cables and AC adapters around and it followed the iPhone 4 AC cube.   Strangely enough, looking at part numbers on the back of each, they're both official Apple and they're both the same model number.   The only diff is that my new one is a little "lighter gray".


    Hope that helps somebody.

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    I had the same problem. Got my new iPhone 5 white 32GB yesterday. A couple of hours later, the screen started to freeze. I called apple support - replied quickly & asked me to do a hard reset. It worked, but a few minutes later, back to freezing touchscreen again. It went on & on for the next 24 hrs. Finally, I went to the apple store the next day. The technician looked at it for 5 minutes & then they decided replace it with a new one. I am very satisfied with the apple after purchase customer service. I give apple 5  thumbs up for customer satisfaction. I was disappointed with the iphone 5 touchscreen issue. I've had the iphone 3G & 4G before but no issues. I have been a Mac customer since 2009 & no complaints so far with my iMac & MacbookPro. Hope this helps.

  • dell2008 Level 1 (0 points)



    Okay So I made my third appointment about my freezing screen issue with my 64 gig iPhone 5. When I went to the mall my iPhone started working and was afriad they wouldn't believe me but as soon as I explained to him, he looked at it and behold it kept freezing on him too lol so he went into the back to test it and came back saying it kept freezing and it was best to replace it. Well I got my replacement and so far everyting is perfect so I am really happy with the support apple has given me too so kudos to the Genuis people lol.

  • Trey1991 Level 1 (0 points)

    i have the same problem kinda....mine is with the google search bar i cant seem to move the cursor, and sometimes on games such as dead trigger i have to keep clicking on things till it responds....but its not freezing. any one else have this problem

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    Good day.  I have the same problem. Of all the info I read, I decided to try your solution - I turned off the LTE. Well, well....... thus far it works better than ever since I got it! I will test for 1 week and will get back to you.

  • fecklessderek Level 1 (0 points)

    I have trey1991's problem on my replacement phone.   Not certain it's hardware - but it was annoying enough I switched to chrome for ios!

  • apps2012 Level 1 (5 points)

    Welcome to a new Chyler of 2000. What is going on with Apple Quality?

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