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  • timallsopp Level 1 Level 1



    Spoke to an Apple representative twice over the weekend. We did soft, hard reset, restore, restore from back up, you name it. Finally came tot he conclusion that i get a new phone. 14 day delivery wait! Not great when i have a business to run and cant use a phone. Can pick one up at a local Genius Bar but obviously very busy and not guranteeded they will have a replacement available. The Apple guys were all good to deal with, its just the product isnt. Really hope this gets sorted.


    Interesting that of all the Apple people i have spoken with, non have heard of this problem?!

  • .macSven Level 1 Level 1

    I got mine replaced today, too! The Genius was very surprised about this issue and replaced it in a minute.

    He told me they had similar issues with the iPhone 4/4S before but not that extreme kind of issue.

  • katzschner Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.


    I got my iPhone on launch day, September 21. Was able to activate it and restore content from my iPhone 4 to it, quickly. It worked perfectly for most of the first day, but now (on day four with iPhone 5) I've had at least six "dead touchscreen" moments, and they are becoming more frequent: the phone just stops responding to any taps or swipes -- sometimes mid-task. I can't type. I can't move anything on the screen. Can't even unlock the lock screen or shut the phone down using the final shutdown swipe. I just have to wait for it to start responding again.


    I'm suspecting a hardware defect, and I'll be at the Genius bar first-thing tomorrow to find out what Apple has to say. I'll post an update afterwards.

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    I had mine replaced the first day.  I notice that the trouble occurs when the device is plugged in and charging.  Once I unplug and reset, it works fine.  I had this problem with the original and now the replacement.  Additionally, random apps open and even the call feature and starts entering numbers.  This only seems to happen though when its attached to the charger.  Odd.....

  • Neoge Level 1 Level 1

    Got mine replaced today... And sure enough when I was at the iPhone store my iPhone  started  working --.-- normally as If mocking me lol...  Thank goodness I took like 8 videos of it acting up and showed it to them ;)...  My new one is working great with no issues..

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    Amd75 -I would have apple replace it for a second time.  Those phones cost to much to have it not work properly.  I took mine back because completely froze up.  I was getting text but I could not unlock the screen to get them.  It  totally locked up.  When I handed it to the apple tech,  the phone was still locked so they replaced it.  They were very helpful.  I recommend for anyone who's phone is freezing up or not acting right is to return to it to the apple store.

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    I had exactly the same issue, tried restoring the phone but the problem is still on and off. Sometimes when it went completely dead I had to force it to restart, quite disappointed really as even my fossil old 3GS that I just replaced with this new iphone is more stable than this!
    Good to finally see I am not alone here, will monitor the problem for a few days and if it gets worse I will take it to the Genius bar for the engineers to examine

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    My touch screen is also acting up. Originally I only noticed it when it had charged to 100% and was still hooked to the charger. I called Apple and they told me to take it in to a retail store and they'd swap it for me and they did, no problem there. In fact, while I waited several people looking to buy their first 5 were turned away saying they had none in stock, and the one given to me was not in retail packaging.


    The new phone needed a charge after everything was restored so I plugged it in and it was working fine. I left it in the bedroom while I watched some TV and when I went back to it it was reading 99% charge and was again, non-responsive. I unplugged it to see if that helped. It did not. I did a hard reset (because I could not slide to power off) and when it came back on my power was up to 100%. Did I just lose 1% of battery capacity on the day this device was takes out of the box?


    It very quickly (too quickly) dropped to 96% so I put it back on the charger while I slept. In the morning at 100% again the touchscreen was non-responsive but started working again when I unplugged, I did not need to restart.


    I have another Genius Bar appointment for Saturday. I posted a link to this discussion where I set up the appointment.


    The only issues I've had while not on the charger is that at home I could not get it to back up to iCloud until I reset it. I also noted that I'm having trouble with the space bar.  I assumed it had something to do with muscle memory and the space bar being closer to the home button and bottom of the phone than it was on my 4, but someone else here mentioned the space bar so I suppose it could be related.


    I'll try to take some video when I charge it tonight/tomorrow just so I don't feel like a complete con artist when I go back in asking for my third 5.

  • timallsopp Level 1 Level 1

    Update 2:


    Made an appointment with the Genius Bar, they exchanged for a new phone immediately no questions asked. They couldn't believe what was happening. New phone all good so far.

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    Update #3 - my replacement arrived late on 9/25 and so far everything is working well. They issued the replacement late on 9/22 (Saturday) so a 9/25 delivery wasn't too bad of wait compared to what I had originally though it might be. The Apple CS reps are definitely some of the best in the business.


    To anyone experincing simlar issues iwth your touchscreen, I'd recommend an immdiate call to Apple CS or appointment at a Genius bar to have it replaced. That seems to be the only viable option to help resolve this issue.

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    I had a similar problem with my iPhone 5.  I recieved it on Sept 21st and initially didn't notice any issues.  Then I had the screen go completely blank on me for about 4-6 seconds a couple of times, sometimes screen will be completely unresponsive when I touch to open an app, type or any other functions.  At other times, the screen will select something at random before my finger even touches the screen, or will not let me scroll and instead jitters up and down like crazy. I called Apple CS and she was very nice, but walked me through the same procedures I had already attempted on my own, which included soft reset, hard reset, and restore to factory settings and set up the phone again.  None of that solved the issue.  I then went to my local Apple store.  I didn't have an appointment, but they were not really busy at the Genius Bar so they were able to help me out.  They looked up the notes from my earlier call to CS and decided to try a DFU.  So far, that has seemed to work, but I am keeping my fingers crossed because the initial problems didn't present themselves until after a day or 2 of use.  They told me the next step, if the problem persists is to replace the phone with a new one.

  • StutlerT Level 1 Level 1

    What is a DFU?

  • StutlerT Level 1 Level 1

    Is no one else having problems with their new device? Mine only happens when it's on the charger. Could it be my charger? Either the lightening to USB cable (factory) or my USB adapter (after market, used for two years with my iPhone 4)?

  • AMD75 Level 1 Level 1


    I believe mine is the charger (the plug part not the charging cable).  I was experiencing the non-responsive touch screen only when it was plugged in charging.  After multiple calls and issues with customer service, one rep finally brought up the possibility that the problem may stem from the plug or charging cord.  I used a different plug from my ipad and the phone hasnt had any issues since.  They are sending me a replacement charger and cord as we speak.  That being said, both Apple and after market USB plugs for the ipad and the iphone 4 should have the same specs as this one for the iphone 5 (according to the Apple CS).  Thus, they should all be interchangeable.  Bear in mind, this is the second iPhone 5 that has had this problem.  When I exchanged my original phone, they did not replace the charging equipment just the phone.  Its funny how none of their "geniuses" ever came up with that solution. 

  • StutlerT Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks AMD75.  I'll try the factory charger tonight and see if that helps.  I never really considered it because I never had the problem with my 4.  Thank you.

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