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    If you can find an aftermarket 9 pin cable for iPhone 5, let us know...all indications so far is that it's a proprietary cable only available from Apple.

  • revgroove Level 1 (0 points)

    Update...after blowing on both connection points, my charger is working fine. Not cool...did not have this issue with the 30pin connector. Going out of my way to keep both clean for now, but will get two more cables so I don't have to keep carrying the one I have so far around (less movement=less chance of contamination...)

  • revgroove Level 1 (0 points)

    Went looking for one of the four USB to Lightning cables I found online made by Griffin Technologies, but Best Buy didn't have them...they did have one made by Rocketfish though, 19.99 CAD so I grabbed it. Charges fine. We shall see...

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    I had my phone on charge all night and it appeared to be charging just fine and when i woke up in the morning i went to use it but it wouldnt turn on. i tried everything and i tried using the different adapter and tried using a different cable but nothing was working. i then tried charging my mums phone with the charger i had used and it worked perfectly fine!! SO THERES A PROBLEM WITH THE PHONE!!!!!!   (i think)    what do i do????

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    I'd get thee back to the store you got it from and make them fix/replace that handset!


    Do you have the latest iOS? (6.0.2)

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    thanks will do...


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    Hey Apple, YOUR IPHONE 5 CHARGERS SUCK!!!!! I didn't buy this phone so after less than 3 months, the charger could be rendered completely useless. First this happens with my MacBook and you people don't give me the money from the class action suit I was due. Now this. I'm over you guys. This phone will be my last Apple-related purchase.

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    Found a small solution to this issue.


    WHile working on a friends Iphone which was not charging properly, He had the same issue.  His charger would not charge the phone and couldnt transfer data to his computer.   i noticed something odd  His charging cord, the Lightning adapter, would rock side to side horizontally.


    I also noticed that the adapter itself was not flush to the phone when plugged in.


    What i did was shined a bright light into the charging port and noticed it wasnt even against the back of the charging port.


    Using a needle, and a steady hand i was able to clear out a TON of lint that seemed to have been compacted into the back of the charging port hole.


    Removing all of the lint, and then cleaning the female port with rubbing alcohol, i was able to get the charging port to work correctly.


    Hope this helps guys.

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    I would guess that the original charging problem was, as mine, with a brand new phone. New lead failed, phone was then swapped by Apple. Result perfect!

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    I had a similar problem this morning with my iPhone 5. It would charge as soon as it was off but once it turned itself back on it would stop charging again until the battery was flat and switched itself off. It would then charge, turn itself back on and then not charge. You get the picture.


    Swapped cables with a friend and it would still do the same and his would charge fine with my cable. What I have found is that this is a software bug. I had to erase my iPhone, and then set it up again, luckily i have nice up to date iCloud backups. But the phone is now charging perfectly on the original cable.


    Hope this helps.



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    My iPhone 5 was working perfectly until today when i tried charging it after school. After plugging it in to various usb ports and wall outlets i have given up. It's quite unfortunate i really like my iphone but it looks like android is going to be my next purchase.

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    I have some problem with charging my phone 5. When I plug the charge it's not charging properly and the display the apple logo coming and going. I changed another charger as well but  it's not working. Plz let me know..... Thanks

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    Hi Akee123,


    Back up your phone in iTunes or with iCloud and then do a full wipe of the handset and restore from the backup.

    You will find that once you have done this it will work fine.

    If you cannot back it up because it won't charge enough to Do it, you will have to do what I had to do and just trust that the iCloud backup had happened.



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    I also have problem charging iphone5. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. I dont know what is the cause. Cable or phone? I tried my friend's cable, it worked. So I thought cable was the problem. So I ordered another charging cable, again it didnt work. Then one morning it started charging again. 2 hours ago I hooked it up to my laptop and to my surprise the phone updated the IOS firmware. And I was able to charge it until 50%. I thought this update would solve my problem but I was wrong. After update, it stopped charging again. I wonder if Apple guys are working on this issue. I will try another cable tomorrow. I am afraid iphone 5 will mark the end of Apple era...

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    same problem. iphone5 charger not working.. why is it so? i thought apple's products were the best!

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