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  • dannyb2303 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have had the same problem and have tried different cables. One cable was damaged internally so threw that away but the others worked intermittently with a bit of serious wiggling. Taking advice from a previous post I got a paperclip and stuck it in the port - jeez, I didn't realise my pockets were so full of fluff! I could have stuffed a cushion with the debris. Anyway, the fact that the port can get clogged is A DESIGN FAULT. There should be a small cover over the port to prevent this from happening. I think Apple should be issuing these for free. Phone charging like a sweetie now.

  • BGhost1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had the same issues with my iphone5. It wasn't charging. Was planning to go to apple to get a new cable or to try to get them to solve the problem. But that day, have tried my luck. I got a wet tissue (baby wipes) and put it on the top of the cable connector ( cable disconnected from socket or usb). Have forced it in the Iphone's connector (whole) and did that few times. Afterwards, I have connected the cable to usb and it was charging. Still not 100% but 99% of times. I think the problem might be the connector from Iphone gets dirty and needs cleaning .  Hope this helps

  • superbiker47 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having a problem with my iPhone 5, the cable is fine in my case, tried it with my iPod nano. There seems to be a problem in the phone side, it charges when i tilt the  lightning end of the cable downward and hold it like that. The moment its released it stops charging, very irritating!

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    I also have just had a problem with the Lightning connector and an 11 month old iPod nano. At first glance I could not see any lint into the nano connector slot. I tried cleaning the  cable with methylated spirits and mulltpile connections to various devices with no success. Ultimately I used a plastic covered paper clip and gently rubbed the sides of the dock ( even though I could not see any ling) . Lint ++ appeared and began to cover the bottom of the slot. After removing a remarkable amount of lint ( for a small device) it worked again. This is a problem for a device which is carried in the pocket , exacerbated by a small dock. The lint seems to hide in the sides.

  • Paris pilton Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had problems with charging my iphone5 too I don't actually know if its the charging Jack or the USB phoned apple up this morning there sending me out a brand new USB no questions asked I'm just hoping its not the actual phone! I'm having to keep taking the charger in and this goes on for about 20minutes before my phone starts charging very annoying

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    I went to apple in white city london and in matters of minutes they solved the problem completely. I think i have read a post similar on this thread. The apple employee,  don't remember name, he used the pin provided with iphone (to remove sim card) and managed to get some dirt gathered in the little hole, charging slot. He got the phone at the back for few minutes but now my iphone is charging with no problem :)

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    Got mine solved the same way, was surprised how much dirt he pulled out from the port. Working perfect now :-)

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    I am also having this issue with 8 month old iPhone 5 I Believe it is an issue with either the cord or the adaptor for my phone as I have a Mophie juice pack plus that plugs in and charges perfectly with my IPhone still and I have tried it with a few other adapters and spare wires I have around the house and it still works with those.

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    I've owned an iPhone 5 since the day it was released in Aus, it started off as a good phone but recently I've had nothing but troubles...Not only is the battery the worst battery known to man but I can't even charge it... I have at least 5 lightning cables and none of them work, I've got 1 adapter and even that won't charge my phone...I know I made a mistake of buying cheap ones but at least 2 are original apple ones that come with the phone... I can see when using the phone whilist charging it pulls it to a degree its breaking but I've had to charge my phone in a car and I'm not even on the road its beyond ridiculous...I've had constant troubles with the battery lasting and after reading up on it even going to a genius appointment figured its a **** iPhone all together as its so common...I'm so ready to switch to Samsung. I think I might have to screen shot these forums and try Apple again and see if they will help second time around because the good hour drive to my closest store won't be for nothing...Fuming!

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    Can't hurt to go the screen shot route.  My daughter is going to stick with the 4S when she replaces her phone this month.

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    If you've got 5 cables and one adapter and none of them work, then that sounds like a problem the phone, not the leads. Did you try cleaning the socket?


    Alternatively, put your money where your mouth is and actually buy a samsung. Complaining to switch phones on a forum won't get you anywhere.


    I fixed my problem by cleaning the lint out of the socket. It doesn't look like there's much in there, but you'd be surprised how much you can dig out when you get in there. I bet that 90% of people having this problem have their socket full of lint. 9.9% would have damaged the cable themselves by mistreating it. And 0.1% might actually be a faulty cable.

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    I will definitely try it but not just my phone but my husbands to and like 2/5 will work if you keep moving it and those ones you can see its been damaged and the other ones were cheap ones off eBay... I've used a Samsung and I hated it so I would prefer not to change. I will just buy back up power and put up with it. But I will try your advice anyway.

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    I'm on my 3rd iPhone 5 cable in less than a year and they have all been from Apple. My biggest concern is that I'm 30 days from huge end if my warranty period and was told by an Apple rep that I should purchase the extended warranty which is expensive. I feel like I'm being forced to pay for a defective manufacturing process and that's not fair. So far the problem with all 3 cords has been exactly the same. They all keep breaking internally right at the base of the phone. If your phone isn't working try wiggling it right at he base of HHS unit. You will probably have the same problem as me. Best of luck and I hope Apple posts a long-term "real" solution to this manufacturing defect in the near future. I will come back and check my post for replies. If you have a solution please post!!!

  • 107main Level 1 (0 points)

    Try this: If you have your old iPhone cord from iPhone 4 on down, then go and drop some more bucks to Apple for the iPhone four cord to to iPhone 5 adaptor that plugs into the old card.  I have been lucky that I have not had any problems so far with any of these cords.  I am however mad that Apple would change the cord out of any other reason than money... More money for them, as if they need more! They already have more cash than the US government! I hope that greed does not create another flop like this one!

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    My charging problem is the charge cable works in one direction ONLY. That wouldn't be such an issue (I get it right 50% of the time- ha) but I ALSO can't get ITunes on home Mac to "find" my phone (it doesn't show up in the leftside panel to sync too).


    I have cleaned out the charge port, but found no lint or anything else within.


    I'm assuming though that its the charge port on phone, because all 3 charge cables we have work ONLY one way and not the other.

    Does any genious out there believe this is ALSO why ITunes doesn't recognize my phone when plugged in (either direction)?

    Thanks for any help!


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