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  • IPF 1965 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    when I plugged 5S into small wall block provided with new phone it gave me the unauthorized equipment message and would not charge.  Tried cleaning the lightning socket, did not help.


    I plugged phone into the computer.  Its charging now but very concerned.


    Probably a software/hardware issue, not a cable/charger/dust issue.  Very serious issue for a phone thats brand new.

  • martez62 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bought brand new Iphone 5c on 26Sep14. Yesterday (after 27days) it could not charge. left it overnight and nothing. Tried another certified adapter but nothing. Same adaptor works fine on another iphone 5. IOS7 installed on the same day i bought it. Frustrating!!!!  Does anyone know what is the problem.

  • studiowest Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    1 yr old iPhone 5, recently started having to wiggle charging cable connector to make a conection. That connection would drop out  and I'd repeat wiggle and delicately put phone on night table and hope. Tried 2nd cable at work and third cable in car. All acted the same, was sure it was bad socket in phone as all these cables worked fine on othe 5's.


    Read this discussion and blew out socket with compressed air and all is good! Solid connection and no amount of wiggling will make it disconnect.


    Anyone have a better way to clean socket? I am concerned that the propellant that sometimes escapes compressed air cans will harm, degrade connection, or even short the internal socket contacts.


    I don't use a case but would love to find a rubber/plastic plug to seal socket untill needed.

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    I was having the same problem. When I plugged in the charger to a different outlet it started charging.

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    Have exactly the same problem. It won't connect unless you force the cable in the charging point and push it up. i think the best solution would be to change the charging point itselt, since the cable seems to work when you jiggle with it. Mine connector is a little bit loose when you plug it in so gonna go to the store and see what they have to say about it. will keep you posted...

  • Longoria49 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was able to resolve this issue by doing the following:


    1. On a windows PC, hit the start button and type in "drivers" into the search box.

    2. Select "Update device drivers"

    3. Scroll to the bottom and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

    4. Plug in the iPhone and there should be an option for Apple driver

    5. Right click and uninstall. Click through the warnings to fully uninstall.

    6. Unplug the iPhone and then plug it back in

    7. The drivers will be reinstalled and the iPhone will ask if you wish to trust your computer.

    8. Select yes and the phone should start charging.

    Yes I am using a "knockoff" cable.

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    OK here's my dilemma I have had an iphone since the 2nd generation has come out and never had real serious problems with the phone itself or the charger if I had some faulty no problems no questions great service! I get the iphone5 was kind of not sure how I liked it bc I was satsified with my 4g but it was getting slow and I was due for an ungrade but anyways to the charger so the charger that I got with my phone working great for 5 months then poops out started have to move it in weird angles just to get it to charge so it has that skin droop look to it so I take it into apple and let them know the schmeel and the girl listened then walked over talked to a manager I guess came back and proceeded to tell me that I've been pulling the cord out the wrong way! ( I pull it from the very top! What am I stupid?) I wasn't offended by this at that moment till she didn't say anything but leads  me to the charger wall where I thought she was going to be doing the swap out nope! I have to rebuy one so all in all I got blamed for the charger not working! Excuse me? I have another charger did exactly the same thing a month or so later! Explain that to me? Tell me again it's my fault? I have never once had issues like this with prior chargers I mean if you travel your bending that thing to fit into stufff or putting it into your purse or just taking it with you! This thing should withstand more then 1 and 5 months I sometimes take it to work with me and never had issues where it wouldn't work! I have an old charger from my 2g that is beat up bc I found it in the bottom of a box and guess what? It flipping works! I go into the store a second time with both chargers where I talked to someone else this time the store is pretty busy and the guy listens to me be slightly complainy and after I was told I have to make an appointment and have diagnostics ran on them to see why they aren't working I mean for freaking real? I'm so aggitated should I go in a third time? I mean best buy has better warranty's on their products! I have never been so disatisfied with apple before till now I may just say forget this and get an outside company charger!

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    This solved my problem. The iPhone is always in my jeans pocket. The lint is coming from there. With the iPhone 4 there was the same problem. THX.

  • shelleyfromst. catharines Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I want to add what i think as well, been with apple since DAY ONE... first day they came out... have a 2013 27 inch IMAC house coomputer, Ipad 4th gen 128GB, Apple TV 3rd gen, Macbook pro, macbook air & daughter and i both have the Iphone 5 and ever since we upgraded from iphone 4s 64GB we had for 2 years... the iphone 5 charging problem won't STOP. I purchased chargers thru apple site and they say not compatible with accessories.. ( with extandable attachments) I am dedicated to APPLE, even have a Apple logo tattooed on my back... I've always loved apple but since changing the charging ports... its really upsetting us both... getting frustrated cant charge our devices, actually getting mad.. close to saying we are done with apple.. I hope they make some changes wiith this charging issue with Ipad 4 and Iphone 5!!! WHY CHANGE CHARGING PORTS!?!

    I'm sorry to say but if they dont have something to fix this issue soon, its time to stop spending thousands and thousands of dollars on Apple.


    Extension pieces say not compatible shows charging... but drains battery doesnt charge it...


    Come on, PLEASE fix this issue.

    I hope Apple realizes this before they lose many customers over the problems everyone is talking about.

  • TinsKae86 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No kidding and they will lose customers bc of the things they pull in trying to blame a customer or doing the run around with me on items clearly made junky and someone said to me that apple may purposely being doing so bc of desperation In money smh

  • King_Shawn845 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    so heres my problem, at 1st my phone just would not charge, the battery would die, it would charge while dead, power back on then stop charging, then it would charge while have to use force and push up, today, my phone wont even turn power on too show that its dead and needs to be connected to power, really need help

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    The rubber band thing was working for me until I just updated to the NEWEST iOS update and now it wont charge at ALL. I have wiggled, lifted, pushed and pulled used a band to hold in every position i can think of and it wont charge. Now my phone is completely dead and now apple store has an appointment until tuesday! And my backup phone is a iphone 4 so the sim cards are different.


    I swear it feels like a software issue because before when i turned the phone off and plugged it in, it was recognized even if it wasnt charging. However now, it won't charge and no cable (I have three certified apple cable and four generics) works in any position. I'm  so frustrated!!!

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    Just have the same problem the second time and just fixed it. Guess its worth to leave a thread here so that could save your time.


    use a toothpick or a tie string for your gargabe bag, to clean the socket of your iphone 5. (I never have such probelm on iphone 3 and 4s, no idea why the lightening socket get such easy).


    Then do a hard reset of your iphone 5 (i.e. hold the "Home" button under the screen and the power button together) for 6-10s, until the iphone reset.


    Unplug the cable from the usb port.


    NOTICE: If you connected the charging cable to the USB port of your computer, its recommended you to restart the computer as well. Guess the unstable charge/not-charge signal would affect the usb port as well.


    After the computer restart, plug in the cable to the usb port and then plug the charger to your iphone 5 again.


    It should solve most of our cases.


    Hope this help.

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    buy a new original cable you have to do in this case the problem persists, clear the charge contacts with a brush. contaklarinda charge if the problem persists, there is still the problem need to change ...

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    Both my wife and I have Iphone 5's that fail to charge consistently and have computer connection issues.  Given the frequency of this problem shouldn't apple have a recall on the cables?

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