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    I hope you have tried what many of us have done -- to clean out the spot where the cord is plugged into the phone using a plastic toothpick and/or compressed air.  It has fixed the problem for a lot of us.

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    I have been having a charging issue as well with me the charging cable has only one side that works in my iPhone 5 I also have found that my docs are to working with my phone as well keeps saying that they are not compatible with this device don't know what's going on but definitely an issue with the charging port

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    It appears to charge at 35%, and an hour later it's still at 35%. I've had it for 3 days. Something that is worth $600 should not screw up in a blink of an eye after getting it. I mean **** atleast give it a month or so. Come fix my phone apple thanks

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    Sounds like you have a warranty claim.  If you can't go to an Apple store, call them!

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    For the 2 first months of use i haven't had any connection issues with the cable provided with the purchase of the Iphone 5. Two weeks ago tho, a message stating "This accesory is not a certified product from Apple and thus might not work propally with the device" started to appeer. How so ? the ONLY cable i have and used is the one that came WITH the Iphone 5 purchase. At first it seemed to be a minor bug as for it didn't interfeer with proper fonction of the phone, but then it started to work 50% of the time. And now it keeps showing the message but not charging or can't transfer music files from itunes. Note that the only data tranfers that have been done where Apple updates and Itunes file transfers to the phone. No apps have been downladed and have nut surfed on the internet either. I've checked both phone and cable ports and were both clean. At the price at wich this product is sold, it is expected to be of high quality and durability. It's not normal that i am to get a message stating that the product i have bought is not a certified product of the company, the very same company ( Apple ) from wich i've bought it from.


    That's a very expensive unreliable product. I'm an extremelly unsatisfied costumer, and due to issues concerning one of the most vital component of the phone ( it's cable ), i trully doubt that the next phone i'll be bying would be an Iphone. Paying 800 + $ for a product that only worked fine for 2 months without issues, that's not quality, that's a cheap rip-off. If issues are to persists Apple is going to loose loyal clients.

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    If your phone is only two months old, make a warranty claim! 

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    I had the exact same problem, had to wiggle my charger around a few times to get my phone to charge. I decided to use a toothbrush to remove any dust/debri that was in my charging port and it works fine now.

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    Solution: take a thin toothpick, very carefully pick out the lint and pocket fuzz out.  Make sure to use a bright flashlight, aiming into the charger and be very careful not to snap off any wood inside the charging port.  Use compressed air with a long, thin straw to blow out all the remaining fuzz/lint/particles.


    Problem solved.  Also, make sure to use real, authentic Apple chargers (charging brick) and Apple cables.


    Good luck :)




    Rhode Island

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    OK now I am having the problem on a 5c.  It started yesterday when my daughter-in-law stopped over and needed her phone charged which is a 5.  Plugged it in and got the non-Apple message although they are original Apple chargers.  Used another Apple charger and the 5 was able to charge.  Now when I use either of the cables on a 5c they do not recognize the charger at all.  Have done everything suggested, digging out lint - none really to speak of, turning off and on and plugging in and out.  Nothing is working.


    Odd behaviour I did notice though is with the phone powered off, when I plug it into the cable it wakes up.  So it does partially recognize it.


    Probably will be going to the AT&T store in the morning or the Apple store to see what they say.  But this does appear to be some sort of defect in the product based on how many have reported this issue.

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    I had the exact problems with my iphone5, it stopped recognising charge 3wks after I'd had it for 12mths last October. Apple were no help, they wanted to sell me a new one for £209, phones4u refused to even discuss the issue or even look at the phone so I've taken them to court under the Sale of goods act. The phone did work as long as it was continually plugged into the mains and I didn't use it very much - but then meant it wasn't a 'mobile' phone. It has now completely died so today I went into the Vodafone shop to try & get contacts transferred from iphone5 sim to my old iphone 3G and it can't be done - but the guy did say that Vodafone have just sent an internal memo out to say that because of iphone5 problems, warranty has been extended to 24mths as long as the phone casing/screen is in good condition - if that helps anyone else :-)

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    Problem solved. I took a needle point tweezer and CAREFULLY probed into the charging port and you wouldn't believe how much lint I pulled out! I was shocked! It was beyond what a blast of compressed air could have taken care of- layer was too deep. I do keep my phone in my pocket often. Hope this helpes someone else

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    I thought that my iPhone 5S was broken, since it stopped charging. Then I read something about lint/dust inside the chargerport. And it solved my problem! So thank you all!

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    i had an iphone 4 and never gave me trouble..... its been 1 months since i have the iphone 5 and last night my 5th charger didnt charge again....

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    Hi I had a problem with my iphone 5 it would not charge tried different plugs, leads, points everything. Saw on here someone said about cleaning out the point so I thought I would give it a go. The amount of dust I got out of the charger point on my phone with a tooth pick was incredible!now charges fine first time if yours is playing up try this first!

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    How do fix this not charging issues

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