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  • Hermann2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I returned to the Houston Galleria Apple Store to have my charging cord replaced. The guy at the genius bar proposed that it may be my home electric socket has problem. I told him I could not charge the iPhone 5 on my MacBook USB. He said my MacBook may be defective too. Then I asked him how likely my home outlet and my MacBook both have problem at the same time. He said he does not know. At this point, I used the Steve Jobs maneuver. I would not leave the Apple Store without a charging cable replacement. It works. Steve Jobs is a real genius. In other to get me out of the store, my charging cord was finally replaced.

  • Enyaa Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought I was the only one! I'm glad to see that it's not just my phone (even though I'm not glad it's happening at all for anyone). When I first got my iPhone 5 the wall charger didn't work, but the cable worked with my old iphone 4 wall charger. I got that part replaced, then started having trouble with the cable. My iPhone 5 charges when it's plugged into my computer and my car charger. But when I try to charge it through the wall charger, it goes crazy and charges, then stops, then charges, then stops, etc. Will be going into optus tomorrow to get it sorted.

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    Same problem with intermittent charging on the cable ... Not only do you have to pay through the nose for the privilege, you have  to hold your mouth just right or it stops charging. This suxx Apple.

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    My iPhone 5 may have a charging problem. When I plug it in for charging it often fails to start charging. If I unplug and try several times it will then start charging.

    To rule out the actual charger I tested it in my car and the same happened. Could it be a faulty lead?

    Have booked a support call for tomorrow. I just hope this is not a serious worldwide problem for Apple.

    Would hate Apple to receive more bad publicity for a superb product.

    Ps. Bring back the option of Google Maps with Street View, urgently.

    Regards from Macclesfield UK.

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    Me too - 64 gig, AT&T.


    tried with no success: 1. Using iPhone 4 adapter; 2. Different a/c outlets; 3. "Jiggling" the cord (although my connection is firm and snug); 4. tried a soft reset, plugged in and unplugged.


    What has worked (for now): Turned off/on while plugged in - when it turned on, the phone vibrated & the charging icon showed up. Took 10-15 seconds to register phone service and my wifi. Thus far, the phone appears to have "found" itself.


    If not, screwed - apple store an hour away, etc. . . . Good Luck!

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  • scooterific Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm glad it was suggested to use the old AC adapter. Works fine now, but you can bet I'm going to the store tomorrow for a replacement!

  • Qvarnis Level 1 (0 points)

    I've also got this problem. Got the new iPhone 5 in the first batch for Sweden the 28:th of September.

    Suddenly it just wont charge no matter what I do.


    What to do ????

  • Qvarnis Level 1 (0 points)

    I also tried the iPhone4 AC adapter and it started to charge again.

    Thanks for the tip guys.

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    I can charge my Iphone 5 to the PC . But when trying to charge to the wall outlet nada happens.

  • robertfromsubiaco Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought I had found a solution but my intermittent detection returned... off to the Apple Store I went, luckily only a few kms away.  In and out with a new cable within 5 minutes, they were very good about it.  Offered a new phone or cable.  I took the cable, solved my problem.

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    Exactly the same problem here. Tried USB on computer and wall using the plug provided. It detects the cable, but zero charge!  Bad times for a new product!

  • cgwright Level 1 (0 points)

    My friend had this issue.  It may have already been mentioned, but he applied a little more force while plugging in the cable and it worked.

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    When i plug my Iphone into itunes its fine but will not charge via the Mains....After reading the posts with all the same comments about the Lead its very annoying and this little bundle of joy is NOT CHEAP!!!!.

    Time to go back to 02 and complain!!!

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    Same problem.  Wall wart is ok.  Cable does not charg or sync.   Cable worked initially, but then went bad after a week.  I borrowed another cable and the phone charges and syncs.  Called apple.  They wanted to charge me $19 for a new one.  After complaining that is was brand new and that they should be replacing it I got handed off to a supervisor who said they would ship one.  They required a CC number to make sure they got the old one back.


    I wonder if the chip they are putting in the end of the cable for authentication, id or whatever has issues with static discharge.  The cable physically looks pristine even under a microscope.  It was not abused.  It did work for a while.  Putting a chip in there seems like a bad idea.  I  hope it has some purpose other than maintaining control of cable production.

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