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  • Schushe Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem. On one side, the lightening cable will not charge at all. On the other side if I pull up on it towards the front sometimes (not always) it will charge. Telecon with Apple said take it to Apple store (32 miles away). Apple store says they have no new cables (or car chargers or adapters) and said I will have to go to Atlanta (100+) miles away to have it looked at. New lightening cable from Apple store will not ship for 1-2 weeks , and as far as I know may have the same problem.  I need cell phone access 24/7 because of aging parents and fear I won't be able to charge the phone at all soon.


    Steve Jobs would not have believed  I'm having to use a rubber band to charge my brand new iPhone 5. This is shameful. How could Apple have launched this POS without vetting the lightening cable? Why isn't this on the news like  the Maps issue?

  • 107main Level 1 Level 1

    This should not be! Apple had a good working plug and now this. I understand you cannot use an after market cord or adapter, as it will not work as there is a chip inside the cord/adapter. May or may not be true, but you cannot find even an Apple cord/adapter in the stores yet. This is totally unacceptable! First an adapter SHOULD have come with the phone. It probably would not have cost $0.50 to make in China. I called Apple and was told they had to change the plug so as to get more power to the phone to charge it quicker. This has to be a bunch of bull! My iphone 5 and my sons take LONGER to charge and both batteries die in a much shorter time than our iphone 4S did.  Very unlikely that both would be defective. This iphone5 is a bummer so far. I see no benefites to the upgrade so far, just negatives. You got to get more cords, adapters, devices to use it and it is just not worth it. I was told I could return it, but there is a restocking fee. I still have a short time to do so and may do it. I will certainly look at other smart phones after this model! 

  • 107main Level 1 Level 1

    This is correct, the new charging cord is a bummer and will definitely affect my next choice for a phone. I looked at some cheap phones today and they all seem to use the mini USB cord. That would have been the thing to do, if changing the cords, but no we get a priorprietary cord that will make billions for Apple down the road and the reason for the change provided by APPLE just is NOT TRUE. My iphone5 takes longer to charge AND the battery runs down much faster than my iphone 4S.  The phone is no better than the iphone 4S so far as far as I can tell in my two weeks of use..with 14 recharges that took about 2-3 three hours each, when my old iphone 4S would have taken 7-8 charges in much quicker time. Thanks, Apple, for nothing!

  • Peter of Oakes Level 1 Level 1

    New Iphone wont charge - Not a cable issue for me - just follow the simple instructions in this Vid -

  • masterzone Level 1 Level 1

    Got my new iPhone 5 yesterday from apple store online and arrived here in Italy.

    It won't charge for the wall and not from USB.

    There is no correlation between wall cube adapter because I've two adapter got with iPhone 4 and won't charge anyway.


    I tried to connect the lighting cable to the wall and I waited some minutes. After I've plugged the iPhone and it won't charge. If I disconnect it from the wall (by disconnecting the USB ) the iPhone start to charge.

    After two minutes it stop to charge.

    If I disconnect the lighting cable from the iPhone and re try to reconnect doesn't works.

    The only way to start to charge the iPhone for two minutes is disconnect the cable from the wall and reconnect.


    There is no link with the iPhone because the lighting cable stop to works anyway , with or without iPhone connected.

    I think that the lighting cable is chipped inside.

    Greetings apple, good job

  • mindsi Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I have expereinced a lightning cable failure, as well. I bought a second cable at the apple store one Saturday. By the next Saturday it refused to work in my car, then with charger, then got the error message on my mac pro.

    Called Apple support, as I didn't want to deal with the apple store crowd again, Three business days later my package arrived from Fedex, torn open and empty. Now I've spent over an hour and a half with fedex, apple, etc. and finally swapped it out back at the apple store. They initially said a technician would need to analyze the cable before they could swap it out and the techs were busy for the next several hours. I calmly ranted at that. Manager overide got me out the door.

  • chrisfromdavis Level 1 Level 1

    Had a similar issue with an iPhone 5 which was delivered on October 5.  Occassionally would set to charge overnight, the phone would indicate that it was charging but in the morning it would not have charged at all.  I was usually able to reconnect the cord and get it charged, but needless to say it was a bit inconvenient.  Yesterday, however, I was not able to charge the phone at all.  I was traveling and on the phone a good portion of the day.  The phone went completely dead, and no matter what I did, it would not take a charge.  So, trip to the Apple Store last night when I got off the plane.  At first they told me that I would have to come back today at 9 am.  I told them that was absolutely unacceptable and that I would need to speak to the manager.  They "found" a way to squeeze me onto the schedule that evening. 


    While I waited, I went to the table of white iP5s and plugged my black phone into one of the Lightening Wires on the table, and of course it charged!  So I answered email, checked FB, etc.  Before long one of the techs came up and offered to check my cable.  Sure enough, bad cable.  Replaced under warranty.  If you are having this issue, I thik it is safe to say that they have defective cables in circulation.  It's a pain in the a$$ but return it under warranty!

  • sterndata Level 1 Level 1

    My phone was losing power while plugged in. It made the beeping noise when I connected the cord, so it saw it was connected to something but it did not charge. 


    I did a hard reset and left it plugged in overnight and now it's at 100%.  I'm going to see if it recharges tonight when plugged in normally.

  • iDid_iT Level 1 Level 1

    Just had that problem, and here is the fix, however always try a reset first then try the steps before you do this fix.


    1. Put phone in AirPLn Mode

    2. Turn phone off

    3. Once the phone is off, plug the phone in. (Wall or Mac/Pc)

    4. Test both sides


    This should work. Good luck!

  • iDid_iT Level 1 Level 1

    Just had that problem, and here is the fix, however always try a reset first then try the steps before you do this fix.


    1. Put phone in AirPLn Mode

    2. Turn phone off

    3. Once the phone is off, plug the phone in. (Wall or Mac/Pc)

    4. Test both sides


    This should work. Good luck!

  • 93bravo Level 1 Level 1

    i woke up this morning to find the same problem, i simply flipped the connector over and inserted again (since its inserts both ways) and that seemed to work for me....


    didnt have this problem until i updated to 6.01 so maybe thats the issue

  • 1Oll1Oll Level 1 Level 1

    I had a replacement cable. It then worked ok. Now it's intermittent again.

    I will be taking my phone back for a complete replacement. I am occasionally getting an error message when putting it on charge. I can't remember the exact words but its something about the USB charge is shutting down because the connected item is drawing too much power.



  • JoshDines Level 1 Level 1

    I have had two iPhone lightning cables just stop working on me now. It is starting to get ridiculous. I don't think I am doing anything wrong with them, it is not like I am putting them through the washing machine or anything. The latest problem happened when I tried to charge it on my girlfriends dell instead of my macbook(just proves you shouldn't trust PC's) I left it to charge over night, not a problem came picked my phone up to go to work this morning and it only had 3% battery... Tried charging it on my work computer still no luck.... Now without a phone until I make yet ANOTHER trip to the Apple store. I am not a 14 year old girl, I have better things to do then spend my lunch/evenings in the Apple Store...

  • SWLAce Level 1 Level 1

    Wow -- my wife upgraded to IPhone 5 today, just a few hours ago.  Already -- we have experienced:


    -- Defective power cable (Spring store kind of treated this like it was already SOP -- they swapped the power cable for a new one)



    --  AND -- defective headphone jack -- the newfangled earphone triple connector does not make firm contact in the jack -- neither do other earphones we tried.  The slightest nudge of the cable pops the jack out.


    How disappointing -- two trips we will have to make back to Sprint to deal with these issues.


    Apple QC where are you???????   Taking IPhone 5 back to the store tomorrow and if

    this is what we can expect, hello Samsung III

  • kokgeo Level 1 Level 1

    my 7 days old iphone 5 stop charging , this very disappointing we supposed to buy quality prodacts ,from apple i expect no less .  

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