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Has anyone else noticed that when editing a Calendar in iPhoto 11 that if you insert text into a specific date box and then go back and edit its font size that it also changes the Month at the bottom right hand side of the page to 6 point. The change to the month font size is then irreversible and you have to choose another "theme" to reconstruct the calendar. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem as backing out of your edits does not change it back


iPhoto '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,314 points)

    I can't duplicate the problem.  First  make a temporary, backup copy (if you don't already have a backup copy) of the library and try the following:


    1 - delete the iPhoto preference file,, that resides in your

         User/Home()/Library/ Preferences folder.


    2 - delete iPhoto's cache file, Cache.db, that is located in your

         User/Home()/Library/Caches/ folder. 


    Click to view full size


    3 - launch iPhoto and try again.


    NOTE: If you're moved your library from its default location in your Home/Pictures folder you will have to point iPhoto to its new location when you next open iPhoto by holding down the Option key when launching iPhoto.  You'll also have to reset the iPhoto's various preferences.


    NOTE 2:  In Lion and Mountain Lion the Library folder is now invisible. To make it permanently visible enter the following in the Terminal application window: chflags nohidden ~/Library and hit the Enter button - 10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder.


    If that doesn't help  launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and create a new, test library.  Import some photos and check to see if the same problem persists. If the problem does not persist then your current library is the culprit. Therefore  make a temporary, backup copy (select the library and type Command+D) and  apply the two fixes below in order as needed:


    Fix #1


    Launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.



    Since only one option can be run at a time start with Option #1, followed by #3 and then #4 as needed.


    Fix #2


    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library


      1. Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
      2. Click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
      3. Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File ➙ Rebuild Library menu option
      4. In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
      5. Click on the Create button.


    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments but not books, calendars or slideshows. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.






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    I have the same problem. After changing fonts elsewhere in the calendar, the font size for the month in the right lower corner became small and almost unreadable. I'm about to redo the whole thing, which will entail transferring 100+ pictures and notations.

    Old Toad, this doesn't appear to be a photo library rebuild thing -- it's a calendar font quirk. I can highlight and change a font on any particular day, but not the month name.

    As a workaround, I may resign myself to start a new calendar. Do you know if I can copy all the photos in the photo pane ("Placed Photos") and copy them to a new calendar project? Or, can I open a second iPhoto window and work on 2 calendars at once?

    Grateful for any guidance.

    Regards ...

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,314 points)

    There's no way to drag photos from a calandar into another calendar or album which is an option I think should be available. 


    I think starting a new calendar and seeing if the same problem occurs in it is a good step in pinning down the souce of the problem.  If it doesn't occur in the new calendar then the current one is damaged somehow and it's not a library or iPhoto issue.  If it does occur in the new calendar try deleting the preference and cache files as suggested above. A damaged pref file can cause a variety of strange behavior in an application.

  • T-Will Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm seeing the same problem here. When sending the calendar to print, does anyone know if the Month title is printed at the correct font size (or does it print tiny)?

  • LarryHN Level 9 (76,810 points)

    Before ordering your calendar preview it using this method - - and save the resulting PDF for reference - the delivered calendar will match it.



  • T-Will Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks for the tip!


    Unfortunately, the month text is tiny in the preview too...I'm this close to going with Shutterfly (like my wife had used in the past) if I can't find a workaround.

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    I inquired about this problem a few months ago. My workaround was to duplicate the calendar (Control-click on the calendar in the project pane and choose Duplicate). Then clicked the Change Theme button at the top of the screen, and picked a new theme. The new calendar had the months in the original large font.


    I found all the same pictures to be on the same pages, and the number of pictures on each page was correct, but some layouts were rearranged -- small pictures displaced to large squares, etc. I referred back to the original calendar to see what the picture layout was for the given month, and corrected the layout. The pictures all landed in their original places. Some needed to be re-zoomed or repositioned.


    Not the greatest use of my time, but it sure beat starting from scratch.

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    Tried this, but the month still font remains tiny when I switch it back to the theme I really want.

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    I am running into the same issue and want to throw iPhoto away.  This should be the simplist of all tasks, change the font size for the month title, and yet appears impossible.  I've duplicated, changed themes, attempted to change the default font for everything, all to no avail.



  • T-Will Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm with you, I switched to Apple because things were supposed to "just work" and be more intuitive. All iPhoto needs is an option to make the month title editable. That would fix the issue. Now after hours of work I need to switch to a different calendar creating service/app. Frustrating.

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    I ran into the same problem - my iPhoto Calendar month text was small for some reason, and I could not change it to a bigger font size. I decided to take a look at how iPhoto stores project data, and discovered it's a simple SQLite table.


    Here's a fix, guaranteed to work.  We're going to open your iPhoto Projects database and edit the font details directly by hand, since there's no way to correct this in iPhoto (Apple, please fix this bug...)


    This sounds a lot harder than it is - this is seriously 10 minutes effort.


    1. Get SQLite Browser from
    2. Close iPhoto, and run the SQLite Browser
    3. Open a new finder window, and open the Pictures folder located in your home directory
    4. You should see an item in your Pictures folder called "iPhoto Library".  Right-click it, and choose "Show Package Contents" because we need to edit a file inside the library
    5. Look for "Projects.db".  Right-click it, and choose "Duplicate" to make a back-up in case something goes wrong
    6. Drag and drop "Projects.db" into the running SQLite Browser application
    7. Click the "Browse Data" button
    8. Select the "KHProject" from the "Tables" drop-down menu
    9. You'll see a list of your iPhoto Projects.  Locate your calendar project by looking through this list and particularly the values in the "name" column.  Once you find your calendar project, make note of the number in the "modelID" column. 
    10. Change to the "KHProjectTextStyle" table using the "Tables" drop-down menu
    11. Locate a line in the "KHProjectTextStyle" table where the number in the "projectID" column matches the "modelID" you noted in step 9, and where the "styleIdentifier" value is "Picture-Calendar-CalendarMonth".
    12. On the line identified in step 11, look at the value of the "fontSize" column.  For my broken calendar, it was "6".  That's way too small, you can barely read 6 point.
    13. Double-click the "fontSize" value (for me, I double-clicked the "6" value)
    14. Change the "6" to "54".  Don't press enter, just change the "6" to "54", and click the "Apply Changes" button
    15. You're done! Just click the little disk icon in the SQLite Browser to save your changes (or File -> Save)
    16. Open iPhoto, and enjoy your fixed calendar


    Hope that helps some of you, it worked 100% for me on several calendar projects.  If you don't see the font size change, make sure you've identified the correct project in step 8, and make sure you're editing the "fontSize" for that project, on the line where the "styleIdentifier" value is "Picture-Calendar-CalendarMonth".


    If something went terribly wrong, you made a backup in step 5 (right?) and just have to delete the "Projects.db" you edited, and rename the backup to "Projects.db".  You can then try again, or not.


    I'm sending my calendars for print this week, and will report back if there are issues.  I do not anticipate any issues.

  • T-Will Level 1 (5 points)

    Really appreciate this walkthrough, I'll try it out and let you know how it goes!

  • T-Will Level 1 (5 points)

    It looks like it worked! The one extra step I had to do was change the theme on the calendar to another, then set it back to the one I really wanted, at that point the month text enlarged. Thanks a lot for your help!!

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    AWESOME work-around T-Will.  This worked the first time through.  I have been on with Apple Support and they did not have this in their knowledge database...I passed your instructions onto them.

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