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  • FLYPino Level 1 (0 points)

    You are actually on the right track!


    For some reason, iCloud is automatically syncing/backing up, now. I edited a contact in my Contacts list, and when I checked iCloud online, it was already synced with the change that I had in my iPhone.


    So, this is probably where the problem is. It used to be that iCloud would back up the information/documents/settings only when manually told to do so or when the "iPhone is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi" - if that option is turned on, of course.


    I believe that it's a glitch since Photo Stream was introduced. Because there is automatic syncing with iCloud and Photo Stream, somehow, that affected iCloud's automatic syncing/backup altogether.


    This is a BAD thing, not only because it drains the battery faster since it's constantly running in the background, but because any ACCIDENTAL CHANGES on the phone are automatically backed up to iCloud.


    I just deleted a contact to test this, and as soon I saw those "swirling sun rays" in the status bar, the change had been made to iCloud.


    Therefore, if EVERYTHING is deleted from an iDevice running iOS 6, the same will happen to everything in iCloud, which defeats the purpose of retrieving anything through iCloud.


    In other words, iDevices running iOS 6 are backing up to iCloud when not asked/scheduled to do so (even though "iCloud > Storage & Backup > [under] Back Up Now" says otherwise).


    The only thing that it should automatically be syncing with is Find My iPhone/iPad/etc.

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    Ok...I did what the apple support tech told me to do and it seems to have worked.  Despite my hesitation, I reset everything and set up as a new phone.  Make sure you sync your Apps manually in itunes before you do this or you will have to wait for them to download from the purchased area of the app store.  I started fresh, set up everything again, (everything that backs up to icloud is available so you are not at risk of losing anything it's just a pain to reconfigure all your email accounts etc.), and at the time of my reset I had 3% power at 9p.  I recharged to 50% and have been working with my phone to download all my apps (I did not sync purchase to itunes) and sending emails and had a 35 min conversation, and it is now 11:29p and I still have 32% which considering I was losing about 5% per hour on standby earlier in the day is a marked improvememt.  I do not have a clue why this worked but it is a profound difference.  I will let you know the results of a full charge after using my phone normally tomorrow. 

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    yes i confirm it too. The battery life decreases dramatically after upgrade to iOS 6

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    I am facing the same thing. There is some problem with iCloud. I disabled everything (contacts, mail safari etc.) in the iCloud settings and suddenly my phone has improved its battery life. If you are facing issues with disabling the iCloud, just hard reset your device and then try again. Also, the facebook thing is another problem. There is no way we can delete the contacts linked with facebook. My phonebook now has more than 500 unwanted contacts. Maps don't show routing information and it has outdated data. There is no improvement in performance as well. Out of the 200 new features in iOS 6, according to me more than 190 are of no use for iPhone 4 users. I hope Apple is looking at all the issues. Wake up Apple.

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    This iphone 4 is useless to me now. Forget upgrading to a new Apple anything unless: they let us restore to 5.1.1 until they fix this or; fix it fast.


    From 100% to 5% in 5 hour's time. I have nowhere to recharge at work, I am out of touch in case my family needs me, this is crap.

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    Reseting my phone and setting it up as a new phone resolved the battery issue for me.  As stated in my post last night, apple support reccomened the fix and I did not want to try it but did.  I also drained my battery all the way and reconditioned it last night.  Yesterday my phone was losing about 10% per hour on stand by.  Today, I have had it off the charger for an hour and made 2 calls totaling 23min and am writing this post and I am still at 99%. 


    1)Sync your Apps to iTunes

    2)Settings, General, Reset, Erase all Data and Contents

    3)Start Fresh-DO NOT RESTORE FROM ICLOUD-set up as a NEW PHONE

    4)Put in your iCloud settings to restore contact and info and redownload your apps or Use iTunes to sync your apps


    Yes this is a pain and you will have to reset all your settings and reconfigure your email accounts etc. and if you use the app store on your phone it will take a little while to download all your apps again (unless you sync in iTunes) but it is working.  By this time yesterday with the same usage I would be down to about 80% and now I am still at 99%.  I will let you know how it goes today.

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    I agree with tracyscottbrooks.  I just did the same thing. I set up the phone as new following his instructions and it seems to have solved the problem.  One added bonus is that Passbook now works which it did not previously.  Too bad Apple makes us collectively work together to solve these issues rather than admitting and correcting there problems.  Thanks Tracy for you help.

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    I've noticed that the battery percentage actually stays on longer during certain intervals.


    For example, ~97-100%, ~57-62%, and ~20-22% is where the phone battery "delays" its drainage. During any other interval, the percentage goes down significantly.




    Honestly, this was probably planned - for us, as consumers, to be the Beta testers. Who, better than actual consumers, are more valued when it comes to feedback?


    Yes, I just realized this...




    There's also another bug concerning contact labels. Try adding a new contact in your Contacts list - your custom labels and the option to "Add Custom Label" will not be visible.

    Now, try editing a contact that you already had before updating to iOS 6. The original labels (including "main," not "company main," - which is what I was looking for) and your custom labels as well as the option to "Add Custom Label" are all there.


    And there's another bug with Music concerning duplicate songs and not being able to delete the duplicates.

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    I have read through a lot of the battery issue posts and may have found the issue with mine.  Hopefully this may help some of you or point you in another direction to investigate.  Long story short, my contacts were not syncing from my work's Exchange 2010 Server, although the email and calendar were.


    When I would go into the contacts app or contacts under the phone app, it would get the spining "downloading" circle constantly by my contacts would never appear.  After doing some testing, the final fix was to backup my contacts, delete my "real" contacts on the server, then copy them back about 15 at a time.  They started to showup on my iPhone but I had one "batch" that did not.  I removed that batch, then readded and now I have all my contacts again (over 200).


    So far, my battery has been doing a lot better.  Now my phone is still off a fresh restore (setup as a new phone), but it was still having the same issue until I fixed the contacts.  So if you have any Exchange accounts setup, make sure your contacts, calendar, and email are properlying syncing.  That appears to be the source of my rapid battery drain.

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    Even way down south at the bottom of New Zealand, we ALSO have CRAPPPPPPPPP battery life after upgrading 2days ago to iOS6.  I wish I didn't!!  :-(  I'm getting exactly the same ridiculous battery drain, after it just sitting on the desk, as all of the above comments.  Poor show Apple.....

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    Just a quick update from previous post - usage 7hours 12mins standby 1day 22hours with 10% battery left, my old 4s which the wife has and daughter now has her 3GS have all shown drastic battery life improvements, hope everyone starts seeing these stats!

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    I did the same thing  and it greatly improved my battery life.

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    I received the iphone 5 on launch day and have been constantly charging this device! This morning, I left the house at 100% battery life, linked my car to my bluetooth in the car and started listening to my podcast with the screen shut off. 1 hour later I get to work and it's at 72% and no way to charge it at work :-/

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    I just wish that I could go back to 5.1.1.  I have tried and my phone is no longer capable according to iTunes.  Apple should have known that this was an issue before it put this out.  At the very least they should acknowledge that it is a problem.  The maps program aside, if the phone want hold a charge long enough to use it then who cares!  I still refuse to update my other iOS devices (2-iPhones, 3-ipods, 1-iPad3).

    Come on APPLE!

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    My wife just got the iPhone 5 and she was talking to a friend with it yeaterday and it had 100% battery life after a half hour talk the battery life went down to 66%....Apple says you should have up to 8 hours of talk time.

    She left phone on over night and by morning without using it it had dropped anothr 16%....Apple also says you should get 225 hours of stand by time....


    Apple you better fix this problem???  Very frustrating from a phone that you claim to be the best cell on the market???

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