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I have been through all my settings, rebooted and gone through settings again without help. What used to be a battery champ is now a battery sucking witch. I have already lost thirty one percent battery in four hours of light use. I did notice on the reboot that that battery reported higher than it was before reboot and then started dropping again. I also lost gmail functionality in the ipad email app as it refuses to find imap.gmail.com, but shows it can find it doing the settings again and then goes back to not finding. I can access via browsers and gmail app but not the iPad email I had been using prior to the update. ******* contests between companies should not need to include the customers. Hopefully all will be repaired with another update soon. Not really in search of suggestions just wanted to let apple know I too am seeing problems with the update. For people that have to comment, please note I have tried all the standard items to check for battery drain.

I am traveling at the moment which just makes things that much more interesting, but at lest I did not have the wifi issues I read about. For those whose iPad is working great...congratulations. I have seen both sides ofthis over the years and am just unlucky this time around.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6