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My ipad was working properly but a few days ago I noticed my sound slider bar does not work and I get no sound from the ipad speakers.  External speakers work and mute is off.  Could I have touched something to make my sound inoperative on the ipad itself?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 6, Sound jack works
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    Yes. Lets answer this question. I too have no volume control and I can't find a solution anywhere.

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    Me too. Updated to ios6, now no sound. Volume control disappeared.

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    Yes I have the same problem - started with 5.1 so I did a full reset and upgraded to ios6 hoping if it was any sort of bug this would fix it - but still no sound or volume control using internal speaker - works fine with headphones.


    Guess it's going to have to go back to the shop :-(

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    Try a reset:



    1. Hold the Sleep and Home button down (together)



    2. For about 10 seconds



    3. Until you see the Apple logo (very important)

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    None of the "solutions" on this site or any other have solved this pervasive problem!  This is a programming screw-up by Apple!  This is utterly ridiculous for the price we pay for your products!


    Apple...You created this problem. Own up to it and FIX IT NOW! 

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    Turns out it's an iPad hardware problem. The guy at the Apple Store "Genius Bar" tried every software thing he could think of (including full system reset), then announced that something had gone wrong on the iPad circuit board. Sounds play if I plug in an external speaker, but no sound otherwise.

    I was really surprised that the hardware circuitry would fail after less than 2 years, when the unit had never been dropped or got wt, etc.    But that's what they told me.