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  • wytey Level 1 Level 1

    further to above, using playtube, downloading youtube videos


    if I leave a small gap in time between downloading small files, several hundred meg, it is fine


    further away from router plus constant downloading at high speed causing the wifi chip in the router to crash?


    or is it intentional? constant high speed traffic, BT router has been set to think file sharing, so shuts down wifi....

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    I still cannot keep the iPad or the iPhone5 connected to the wi fi.  My laptop  never never loses connection.  I can reconnect by doing all the little "tricks" but it still drops off.  Updated the firmware in the router, changed from a WEP to WPA2 personal setting.  This seems to be the problem, because at the office our router is set for WEP and I connect immediately.  I used to listen to music on the phone in the mornings while at my desk but can't stay connected for more than one song.  I have had it!  My iPad is useless without the wi-fi and I am ready to throw them both out and if I didn't have a contract for another year on the phone, I would get an Android. 

    Why is there no fix for this?  Jiggling things on and off and resetting things constantly is absurd.  NOT the solution!  I want my old connection back!!!!

  • joer1949 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, this is my first ever message. Would like to share my solution. My problem recently was that my iphone 5 and my wife's Samsung Galaxy S3 stopped connecting to our home wifi several days ago. I tried all the usual stuff with the phones: forget the network, hard reset etc., but nothing worked. All other devices in the house are connecting (to BT) and both phones will connect to wifi elsewhere, but not at home. I reset the router, changed channels etc., but nothing worked. I had looked at many of the various suggestions on this site but the ones I tried did not work and some rather technical ones I did not want to try. I spoke to several BT reps in India without solving the problem. Today BT offered to try to help but would charge me £30!! I decided to do a factory reset of the router. This meant I had to then change the admin password (but not the wifi password). Problem instantly solved. Press the button on the router to reset to factory default. I hope this might help some others who have been tearing their hair out.

  • Meatius Level 1 Level 1

    I took my Iphone 5 back to the Apple Store Birmingham and they replaced it with a new one, I no longer have any issues and it connects and reconnects fine, upgraded to latest firmware and still haven't experienced the problem.  The issue maybe with the first release handsets the hardware may have been shoddy as I know friends who are on their 4th and 5th handsets.  Mine has modem Firmware 3.04.25 if this helps anyone

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    I just spent 45 minutes on phone with Apple because they want to try to wipe out the OS on the iPad and restore before they will start a replacement order.  I have backed up the iPad and iPhone to two computers and to the cloud and when I asked the "senior supervisor" how I get my information back on the wiped out iPad, he wasn't sure.  I now have to run home at lunch to see if the restoration of the OS worked, since the wi fi at work which is set to WEP always works and the home wi fi set to WPA2 never does.  I sent him an internal Apple memo I found on the internet that confirms it is a hardware issue, but still have to jump through hoops to initiate a replacement order.  I am very annoyed that I spend close to $900 on two devices and a change to my router has rendered them inoperable.  I want new ones!

  • Sk8Dreams Level 3 Level 3

    catherine32176 - How about sharing that internal memo with us?

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    I can give you a link, it was actually posted in another Apple forum discussion. (there's more but this should get you to it)


    I sent it to Apple at their request and I am still not getting my replacements.  Wiped the iPad out, reinstalled OS, went home to check, it worked for a minute, I "forgot the network", reconnected, and it worked for five minutes, then back to no connection.  I am not going to bother wiping and restoring the phone.


    There are other articles out there too, I have wasted DAYS on this.  Both devices worked perfectly when my router was set for WEP, and failed totally as soon as I changed the router to WPA2-Personal.  I don't believe I should have to revert to WEP, but that seems where this is headed.

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    By the way, the response from Apple is that the internal memo is old news and the problem is fixed.  Well, not for me it isn't.  And it is old news, but changing the settings on my router triggered the failure of both tablet and phone.  Thanks Apple!

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    This is where we are now in this process:

    message from Apple after three hours...


    "As the troubleshooting was ineffective for the iPad I would be able to look into replacement for that, however for the iPhone we still need to do the troubleshooting steps to be certain that there is something physically wrong with the phone, failing to do this could result in our depot returning the phone to you without a replacement/repair or even being charged for the repair, we simply cannot skip the step. If we can confirm hardware failure on the phone we can proceed with the same path as the iPad, but only after then. "


    I hate to sound like a whiner, but really, seriously, what does it take to get a replacement? 

  • wytey Level 1 Level 1

    same modem firmware as mine, so not that

  • mdbailey00 Level 1 Level 1

    This fix worked for me as well.  I'll be eager to try it with my home network when I get home tonight.  I've been having more and more issues remaining connected to different wifi networks lately. 

  • ttentzerak Level 1 Level 1

    After going through 4 defective Iphone5's that the wifi would not work they finnally gave me a Iphone 5 that finally works, I beleive that the first batch of all these phone were defective so demand one of the newly made phones.

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    I received a replacement iPad 3 and it stays connected a litle longer but not by much.  I have not replaced my phone yet and wonder if it's worth the trouble.  Am considering resetting my router to old WEP setting as changing it to WAP2 is when the problems started with both iPad and phone.  Both work perfectly in wi-fi places with WEP setting.  I really don't see the point in sending devices back several times.  They are not worth the trouble. 

    My new notebook NEVER drops off of wi-fi, so the problem is not the router.  Am not a happy Apple customer at all.

  • nabamitadp Level 1 Level 1

    thanks but i had an ios6 updated it today still nothing !!

  • logesmcp Level 1 Level 1

    I've had my iphone for a few weeks now and it never connected to my home network. It connected to all of my friends and other networks other than my own. (not happy since my data bill will be ridiculous). Anyway I just tried what Frocktar said and it worked. Not sure if it will last but it's finally working. If it continues I'm returning it for a 4S. I have to charge it everyday and it doesn't work with any of my current accessories. So annoying. Don't want to rebuy dock station, car charger etc. and this phone is no better than the 4S.

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