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  • 123rich321 Level 1 Level 1

    same problem here thanks

  • macandmercedes Level 1 Level 1

    Does it connect and then disconnect or does it not connect at all?

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    This is ridiculous that so many people have this problem and Apple is not addressing it.  I don't believe the problem is in my router because my laptop/notebook stays connected and never drops off.  So why do my two Apple devices never stay connected, IF they connect at all?  I tell you, when the router was set to WEP there was not problem, changing it to WPA2 is the root of my problem!

  • Jimmysyd Level 1 Level 1

    Well I posted when I had issues with Iphone 5 and I just purchased a Ipad with Retina Display (Latest one) and yep same thing, everytime the device would be off and turned on, (whether sleeping or rebooted) the WiFi would not connect and I would have to slect my wireless device from list and type in password time and time again


    My Solution each time for each device to stop this. (same as my post to fix the Iphone 5)

    I went to WiFi, selected manual setup, Put in Router name, and Encyption (WPA2, if anyone wants to try that)


    With the latest Apple devices, and with my router I have to manually join the networks then it will join everytime the device is woken or rebooted.


    It has to be the device that is not fully compatible with the Router. I have a Linksys Router (model that was released within the past year) because I don't have these issues on my brother's wireless when I visit him, and he is using an older model router from Belkin.


    That said my older Iphone 4 and 3 do not suffer from these issues. They always connected to my wireless, so too my android tablet and windows laptops, and also my Bluray player that does wireless.


    So go figure Apple, what's up with your newer Apple products.


    Note - I laughed when previous person posted that WPA2 was their issue, because for me, it's not an issue. It's all very strange........

  • fgkiii2000 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue and it is causing me data overages with Verizon. I stream podcasts and Pandora practically all day long at work, where I am connected to wifi. Back in Feb. I upgraded from an iphone 4 to iphone 5. If I look at my data usage pre and post switch the difference is amazing. On my Dec to Jan bill, there were 67 instances where I used cellular data. In the first 27 days of my next billing cycle (iphone 4 was being used at this time) there were 83 instances. I then got my iphone 5 and in the last fout days of that billing cycle I used cellular data 93 times. In the next billing cycle I used cellular data 649 times! I went from 60-80 times a month to 649? This month I am on pace to break 700. Also, upon switching to the iphone 5 I had to drop my unlimited data plan and move to a 2gb plan. When I was unlimited I would used about 0.3 gig a month, because I am almost always on wifi, now for some reason I am on pace to use 3-4 gig. I still have no fix. Verizon blames Apple, Apple blames Verizon.

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    So if WPA2 isn't the problem, why did both phone and ipad work with a router set to WEP at the office without any problems at all and will not connect to the WPA2 router?  My Toshiba notebook stays connected all the time, how can I think otherwise that my two Apples are not working properly? 

  • catherine32176 Level 1 Level 1

    Isn't it frustrating that you know how the things are supposed to work because they HAD BEEN working, then Apple makes a change and nothing works now.  And nobody believes you know what you are talking about...  you must be doing something wrong is all I hear.  Yeah, I made a mistake and bought an iPhone5 and iPad3 which are defective.

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    Exact same problem. Apple is taking all of us muppets for granted. Just fix it already.

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    i try to many wi fi zone but i found this problem every whener so no one can say there is problem with my wi fi modem or router or my computer or my computer OS . i try with another phone like nokia , samsung they work proper and very well and so faster than my new i phone 5 16 gb black . i mailed to apple but i did not get satisfied reply from there . i think "" if steve jobs  alive today he definitely solve this major  problem of among all i phone 5 user .""

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    "" if steve jobs  alive today he definitely solve this major  problem of among all i phone 5 user .""


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    Bring back Steve Jobs on popular demand.

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    I had the problem of wifi dropping every time I the phone went to lock screen, and sometimes intermittently even when the phone was being used.


    This was a new iPhone 5 I'd set up as a restore of my old iPhone 4, which worked perfectly on my wifi beforehand.


    The fix for me was really simple, I only had to go into the settings of the connection and hit renew lease - all working fine now.


    I am in the UK and using BT Infinity internet on a Homehub 3.0 using all the default settings, so hopefully this simple fix might help some other people out there.

  • macandmercedes Level 1 Level 1

    This has worked well for several users, thanks for posting this here.











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    not so simple that does not work for my iphone i have to turn off and on several times reconnecting each time and some times have to walk away for several minutes or hours in order to get mine to reconnect I have tried everything in this thread including a full factory system reset and still the problem persists so NOT SIMPLE!

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    WOw Finally a Simple Answer thats Finally works so happy thank you thank you