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    Yes that's it, it comes off very easy. Even just holding it will eventually rub the coloring off. I have done nothing to mine and the color is already chipping off. If you go into the apple store every display one will have the same problem. The white ones are pretty much the natural color of the aluminum so it doesn't show marks.

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    simon_a6 wrote:


    But that "coating" is coming off.  Is that basically it?


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    It actually is anodized but on the iPhone 5 black the anodized coating is only just on the surface and is so soft it suffers from the same issues as if it was painted.

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    I've just been on livechat with Apple.  The lady said if you have any problems to take it into the store.  But when pushed and pushed to make comment, as I suspected, she just said that same thing.


    I even quoted some comments, and still got the same rubbish back.


    I told her they are blanked and blind to the issue, ignoring customers.


    On their own forum, they are blind to it.  I am on the edge of buying one, but don't know what to do.  Seriously, I don't.  For £599 for a 32gb one, that seems heavily flawed on the black one, it's really really BAD!!!  Compare that to the latest Sony phone which is about £80 less, for far more durability.

    It's astonishing.


    What does one do???

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    Apple replaced my defective iPhone 5 refurb with a sealed retail box version after a call to corporate. The new one they sent to me had three marks/scuffs on it right out of the box. One on the front/top beveled edge, one on the top of the lock button, and a small scratch on the back near where the aluminum meets the glass. None are very noticeable, and it's in a case anyways, so I don't consider it an issue. It's unfortunate that these phones still seem to be shipping with such issues, however. My new phone is a Week 2 (January '13 model) if that helps. The new phone works perfectly, so that's what matters most to me. I'm happy with it overall. For anyone considering buying an iPhone 5, if small scratches and marks bother you or gets your OCD flared up, pass on it and go with something else. If you're not going over your phone with a fine tooth comb looking for cosmetic problems (which you will find if you look hard enough), I say go for it. Hope this helps.

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    why not provide an iPhone back cover consisting from carbon and metal ?

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    Well after 5 months of using iPhone 5 in white i decided to sell it for a good amount of money and go to the Galaxy S3. I sold iPhone 5 for $800 (Verizon white 64G) Bought the S3 and It was a cool phone but i couldnt stand the texting the keyboard just blows and the camera is horrible. Even when standing perfectly still the pictures came out blurry. So I went to a brand new iPhone 4S i had unoponed since black friday and im glad that i did. I honestly cant see myself using something else now that ive had iPhone this whole time. The keyboard is amazing and honestly the 4S is my favorite iPhone. I will be returning the S3 tomorrow and use my upgrade on the next iPhone. Lets see how this new one turns out.

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    If you have used an iPhone for a while, using any other phone won't work.  You are use to something and that is why you prefer the iPhone over any other phone.  Same goes for someone on Android.  They think iOS is basic and dull in comparison with limited options.  That is because they are use to Android.  I have used both and both are good, and both have pros and cons.  Why would you buy an S3 when the S4 is coming out on March 14th??!?!?


    Anyhow, stick with what you know and you will be happier.  I tell this to all my Android friends too who use my iPhone and say man the screen is too small or the Settings are basic.  I tell them to stick with what they are use to.  End of story.

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    Are you saying the 4S is better than the 5?  For reasons given in the subject of this thread, or other reasons?


    Be good to hear your details.

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    4S has a better build quality and its it doesnt scratch as easy. I just put a crappy tpu case on mine and its good to go. No worries about scuffing or paint chipping off. As far as specs? then of course iPhone 5 is better in many ways. Better processor, LTE, better screen size, much lighter. But i hate owning a phone that scratches and scuffs by putting a case on it. Dont you agree?

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    I do agree with you that it seems a shame to buy something that's meant to be of "exceptional building quality", and then cover it with a case because it's is highly scratchable.


    People do like to get cases to customize their phones tho.  That said, I know only of iPhone and maybe one or two others that "need" cases for their phones.  Very few Blackberry users get cases, nor Android S3 people.


    I am seriously considering an iPhone.  Was thinking of the 5 in black, as it's more "immersive" than White.  Tho white I hear is much less prone to scratches, or fingerprints on the back.


    My gf has a 4S with a case and she loves it.  But isn't it better to "upgrade" if the option is there?


    I wonder if there is a way on this forum to ask: Go for Black or White - and your reason.  Tho I think there are more than enough forums and threads out there with answers to this.


    But YES...  I agree.  Seems a shame tho when the 5 is faster, and better in (as you say) many ways.

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    If you dont mind waiting a few more months they will release the 5S which i hear will be better. If you must have an iPhone now then get the 5 if you dont mind the scuffing and paint chipping. I had the white since it didnt show any paint chipping but the shiny bezel is extremely sensative and scratches very easily. A simple hard plastic case will scratch it. Id go for an 4S for the time being. Its the best built iPhone that ive owned and atleast youll have the satisfaction knowing that it wont be scratched out of box.

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    The only downside I can see of the 5S, is that it's soooo likely to be taller and wider than the 5.  And I don't like wide phones (ie. Galaxy S3).


    What is it you are saying about the white one - that scratches and marks as easy as the Black one, but in a slightly different way?

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    I also hear that 5S might be a bigger screen as well. Hopefully they change the build of it and make more like the 4S, I also hear that it will be in different colors. Like the new iPods.


    What I meant that the black is more likely to scratch since its paint and the paint has been known to chip off. The white one doesnt have that problem but the bezel is shiny and scratches very easily. So theres pros and cons to  both colors. Just pick one you like the most and get a good case for it.

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    So buy a lovely looking design of phone, and cover it.

    btw, it's not paint.  If you read further back, it's something that's done to the metal.  But not paint.


    Tho I suspect to anyone who has had their marked in this way, it "appears" to chip off like paint.


    Fantastic workmanship tho - comes off easily from the sound of it.  And built with the same attention to detail and quality as a Ferrari or Aston.  And like those cars, you need to put a case on it to keep it immaculate.


    Oh no.... you don't with the cars do you.