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    The battery is SO MUCH better on the replacement.  Charged to 100% last evening, played with it, did some email, HUFF POST, left it uncharged overnight, and it was at about the same percent it was when I went to bed...about 71%.  The first one would deplete just looking at it. It came with the newest update.  The one a few days earlier with the battery issue and scratches needed the update.

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    Hi, I am a new member here and apparently a new user of Iphone. I was using Blackberry phones before and thought I ll give it a break since the grand launch of Apple IPhone 5. I did not order it online, I bought it from a well known retailer in Dubai. I just opened the box after reaching home. I was shocked to see that I got a used (I prefer to call it that way) phone for AED 2500. Trust me,its frustrating.

    1. Its got couple of nicks and scrached. (thought M gonna have to live with it)

    2. I wanted to install the screenprotector so I was wiping or cleaning the screen. Notice a couple of white dots which is not going off..Shocked to realized that its a dirt from the inside!!!!!!

    3. Now I checked the phone in details, I found that the phone is allready open (I noticed that the screws inthe bottom is worn out, like you have opened it for some repair work or something)


    I Could not go to the retailer the next day morning, though my bood was boiling inside out...Had to wait till my office hours over. Now I have to travell approx an hour and half to my office. I charged the phone and I am sure I had 94% showing as the remaing battery life. I reached office..I see the battery is down DOWN DOWN to 10%...And the only thing I did was to listen to music and yes made 2 calls lasted for about 15 minutes.... Now Do I Need any more reason to throw this so called gadget of the year at the retailer perhaps I would wanna do this on Apples CEO's face... CUZ YOU CANNOT SELL GARBAGE TO ME....ESPECIALLY A USED ONE.....


    Now I would like to ask... IS THIS THE SO CALLED APPLE QUALITY....I would rather be happy with some chinese model phones work 10$ than this peace of crapp....


    And yes, I have to mention, now when I approched the dealer, he said m sorrry I can get it FIXED and not replaced cuz it not a replacement warrenty!!!! I told im, You can take it as a free gift from me, cuz am not accepting a fixed one again,,, matter of fact, I think I should got to police and complain about being cheated by APPLE....

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    That's crazy! I don't know how you can be helped here in the States although that's where Apple is headquartered. I imagine you have to go through Apple in your country starting with the store manager. That is unacceptable. You received a used and defective iPhone.

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    I'm from India too. Quite the same story here. I bought my first iPhone 5 (black) in November, right after launch. It had some discoloration on the sides, right above the black strip on the bottom, right out of the box. To my surprise, both the replacements that I got in exchange for it were worse, with ugly scuffs on the black bezel. I gave up hope and decided to sell it.


    After waiting 2 months and hoping that Apple would've definitely solved this manufacturing flaw, I bought my second iPhone 5 in January. Guess what? Scuffed, again! I actually opened several boxes before buying it, and all turned out to be either chipped, nicked or discolored within the box. So I settled for the least damaged one.


    My advice to users: if there isn't an internal problem with your iPhone 5, live with the scuffs & scratches that come with it...because the replacements are far worse than the original! It's quite a let down after coughing up nearly $1000/- for a so-called "quality" product with hypocritical standards!

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    Well with the iPhone 5S more than likely being announced on Sep 10th , Do you guys think there will be issues with this release? I had the iPhone 5 when I was with Verizon, And not one of the 6 iPhone's I received were scratch free. I sold it and went to the iPhone 4S using it with StraightTalk, Ive been holding off on the iPhone 5 since the 5S is right around the corner.

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    Well with the iPhone 5S more than likely being announced on Sep 10th , Do you guys think there will be issues with this release? 

    How could anyone possible know the answer to that?

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    by the way, for fixing or rather cover marks on my iPhone 5 - back cover (also possibly the antenna frame) I use the little "filofax"-stickers (purchasable as sheets of three)





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    After hearing stories of the iphone 5 black being scratched and ding brand new out of the box, I hope Apple would have tightened their QC at their factories when the 5S is in production. Unfortunately they haven't and the 5S Space Grey that I got has a small ding at the corner back of the frame. Disappointing. I am not going to bother changing it as I got it from a telco carrier and Apple will only be willing to swap it for a refurbished one due to that. However, there is an argument that since the 5S is new, a refurbished should be new as well. But the 5S uses some parts which is the same as the 5, so Apple could still make a batch of 5S for replacement purpose using parts from used iphone 5. Anyway the ding is small and will be covered by a case and with Apple inconsistency with QC and screen colours, I think I can live with a small ding rather than getting a yellow screen or another one perhaps with more dings and maybe even scratches.

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    If you are not happy get the phone changed, you have a warranty period, I managed to get a iPhone 5 with no marks on it and I hope I can with the 5s as well.

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    Is getting a new iPhone the only option left? I own iPhone 5 with minor scratches over the edges which really bugs me like anything so I started to wonder how to fix it myself and the idea that popped up was to get it over with spray paint or some thing (really tough to find) or may be remove or replace the **** aluminium body but so far I'm still struggling. Now my question is why isn't apple doing any thing about it ? Perhaps it's the sales strategy as this will clearly effect it for new iPhones being sold and because for a company like apple they should have had a care unit which can actually refurbish or replace the damaged body of course at a cost.

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    I wonder something else, indeed how to access the graphic equallized respectively "Voice Control"-screen styled "Konfiguration"-screen..


    just for remembrance, that was displayed (on the previous or former version of iOS) with a black background and some red colour~~

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    Hi guys! M also a apple user .n recently braught 5s.but **** is happening.5s is getting scratch soon.quality is v low use is v carefull still 3-4dots visible at back.wat to do .now may b apple started using just brand name not QUALITY 

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