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  • germanwarfare Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    It wouldn't be such a dramtic issue if not for all the hyperbole surrounding the making of the phone itself. Mr. Ive describing the process of milling the phone, the numerous photos that are taken to insure it's quality and so on. I suppose he has never seen a Vertu phone or a Mobiado. Being that I have owned every incarnation of the iPhone I could have never imagined receiving a brand new $1,000+ phone with dings on it. At any rate I am certain Apple will hammer this out (no pun).

  • mritacca Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    It doesn't matter if he is an Android fan or user... the matter of the truth is a serious issue here with the production of iPhone 5.  A lot of units are scratched, knicked and scuffed upon opening the box.  We all have a right to vent.  Apple claims this to be the BEST fit and finish on a smartphone never before and it's not!  Clearly every company from Samsung to Nokia are probably laughing at it.  Now iPhone 5 users are reporting light leaks!  Light leaks 2.0?  When will Apple learn?  They have absolutely horrible quality control at Foxconn!  Almost non existent!  It seems they rushed out the product in hopes no one would complain... guess what?  THEY ARE WRONG!


    Ps On a side note, when Samsung had an issue with the blue colour back plate on the Galaxy SIII, they came out and openly admitted it and halted all sales and resumed sales a week later after they figured out how to fix it.  You will never hear Apple do that... nor admit to it!  They won't halt sales either.  They will keep producting defective units!   That is why so  many people sue Apple over QC issues vs Samsung!


    Apple needs to take a page from Samsung and learn people would respect them more if they came out and admitted and issue and a fix on the way!  Apple has had NO comment so far and they have not gotten back to the news and blogs when requested!  That tells you something!  Tim Cook should be flying out to Foxconn ASAP to get this issue fixed!

  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)

    Seriously, what's your experience here?  What's your experience with Apple products.  The phone was released Friday.   Have you given them a chance to correct your perceived problems?  It's been a mere 72+ hours being it is only Monday. EST.  There is a difference between venting and bashing.  There are 15 pages of complaints here.  Out of 5 million phones a mere 15 pages of complaints.  You are right.  Bash away.

  • Myloveea Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    so do you guys think i should keep my iphone 5 black 16gb for now even with the scratches until apple take some actions or try to get the replacement like some people?


  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8 (38,870 points)

    I agree.  Posting here for the sole purpose of essentially advertising the S3.

  • kyleinhawaii Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Myloveea, obviously your decision, but the safe bet is to try to exchange it until the 30-days refund policy. If you don't find a phone you like before then, you should return it for a refund.

  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)

    Look at the number of newbie posters.  Hard to take it serious.  Where are all the 3, 4, 5 and higher level "regular" posters complaining about a crappy phone?

  • lazydna Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just came back from my local apple store.

    I went to replace my white iphone 5 16gig for a new one because it had a light leakage problem.

    So, I get a replacement iphone and before I leave the store. I give it a good once over and surprise, there are a few 3mm long scratchs on the back plate. I returned that one as well and the replacement I received for my replacement had a defect on the corner of the back case, where the aluminium and glass connect.


    At that point I gave up and agreed with the apple employee that I should just wait a month for a new batch of phones to come and get my phone replaced then.


    So, i'm not complaining, I have to wait a month to hopefully get a iphone without manufacturers defects. If the next batch comes in with defects, I'll have to go back to my 4S.


    Quality control guy is falling asleep at the helm apple, get it together.

  • duffmanth Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is exactly one reason why I hold Apple products to a much higher standard than any other company.  If Jony I've is gonna talk about Apple's obsessive attention to detail and their precision manufacturing processes, I'm gonna hold them to that.  Also the fact that Apple charges more for their products than any other consumer electronics manufacturer out there.  I opened up the last two 32GB black iPhone 5's at my local Apple store yesterday and they both had scuffs on them right outta the box.  This is a total clusterf*** on Apple's part.

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    Good idea.  My genius appt is tomorrow at 12:50.  If the replacement has issues I will do the same and wait a month for a fresh batch. 

  • Sgt.Stiker Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    @Dadof2Girls. Now that's a sarcastic remark. You have 540 posts so I guess that makes you an authority. I don't like that long winded remark by that poster either. Do you think the new members including myself are liars? Or that we don't have any experience with Apple products? Calling that poster out is one thing but to call out any member that's not a level three or higher is laughable. Just how many technical issues have you solved?

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    This is what I'm gonna do, wait a few weeks to a month and see if Apple can fix this.

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    Get a 4S, glass is much harder to scratch, and it looks better

  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3 (545 points)

    You are right.  Sarcastic on my part but with cause.  Nope... No expert compared to others here, but I've been a member a long time (2007).  It's not not 540 post, but 540 points.  Apple only credits you for "problems solved" not simply a post.  Do a little research and you'll see that to get even a VERY MODEST 540 points on this site requires typically way more that the equivalent number of posts, and years of participation.  You see someone with 2000, 5000, 10000 points they've helped a whole lot of people over the years with problems SOLVED.


    That aside, my frustration really lies in that I've seen these kind of post before.  My point is simply this.  Experience is that Apple will make it right.  And they typically always have.  To simply come here and go nuts doesn't fix the issue when as others have pointed out, Apple is more than willing to make things right, give you a new phone, etc...  Cut a litte slack ad you'll see there is a reason they are the most valuable company in the world.  If people (in the USA anyway) cried this much about crappy cars and other domestic goods, as much as they are over a $500 phone made in China, we'd still be #1 in every measurable manufacturing and economic statistic.

  • laughsatapple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    get over yourself fanboy.. people can like products that aren't apple

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