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    Yep... Your name says it it all, newbie troll poster.  Head back to the hemorrhoid sites and post your distaste there... 

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    anybody that uses the word "troll" has no life at all.. and seeing as you're boasting about posting on here quite a lot i'd say that describes you quite well.. and btw i have an iphone 5, so i'm not going anywhere

  • mritacca Level 1 (5 points)

    Ok Apple has been making iPhones since 2007.  Over 5 years.  They also go on to claim that ...


    "Never before has this degree of fit and finish been applied to a phone.


    "Look at iPhone 5 and you can’t help but notice the exquisite chamfer surrounding the display. A crystalline diamond cuts this bevelled edge. It’s what gives iPhone 5 its distinctive lines. Fitting for a phone so brilliant.


    A crystalline diamond is used to cut the chamfers of iPhone 5. This process gives the bevelled edge its beautiful sheen."


    "iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch - not a smartphone."


    Nowhere does it state the following... except chips, knicks, scratches and dents on the first production run!  Nor does it state that qaulity varies by production team.  Nor does it state that the models come with all of the above on arrival upon opening box! 


    When you promote and market a product as such,... you better deliver the BEST product when you open that box up.  Remove all of the above overrated hyped up marketing and Apple won't have as many angry customers like myself.  


    You happy now?  That is what all the fuss is about and why all the people who bought it are upset about - like myself.  I have every right o be floored at the level of quality control or lack of!


    Simply put if you are happy with your damaged iPhone upon arrival then accept it as is... I won't!  I paid big money for it and I expect Apple to follow through and inspect each product from day 1 to end of cycle!  Don't rush out products to meet the sales demand because you want to show the world that you sold 5 million units in a weekend with almost half of those units damaged out of box!!!  That tarnishes your creditilbitly and proves that it's all marketing. Clearly Apple and Foxconn can't produce a smartphone with the above stated bold statements! 

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    Same issue here... I bought a 16gb black iPhone 5 on launch day... First box they opened for me and the phone had a very deep and noticeable gash running across the top of the aluminum band... Second one seemed ok until I got home and inspected it under a desk lamp... I counted 8 little nicks where I can see the silver showing through the black and I even have two little dents right where the aluminum meets the glass on the bottom of the back panel... Went to apple for swap out but they refuse to give me a white model, only swap for same model and while I was at the Genius Bar 2 other people came up with damaged iPhones and the geniuses had to open 6 different boxes before they found 2 units that were acceptable to these guys... This is RIDICULOUS and apple has to do something about it such as temporarily allowing all people who purchased a black model to swap it out for a white model if they so choose... I'm so angry I even wrote an email to Tim cook although I'm not expecting any response on that one... Bottom line is apple says they swap a defective product for a good product but chances are that most of the black ones are defective... At least in my experience of personally having 2 damaged iPhones in my posession plus seeing two more people at the apple store and 4 rejects out of the brand new ones apple brought out that comes to 8 damaged iPhones I have seen since Friday... Simply unacceptable apple, I expect to be given the option of changing for a white model or I will seriously consider any further apple purchases... I currently own an iPad 2, iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and now iPhone 5 and after the way I was treated today I am seriously considering never buying another apple product... What a shame that quality control and customer service goes downhill on the first major product launch without Steve jobs... Tsk tsk apple, tread carefully you are angering a lot of loyal apple fans!!

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    Perfectly legitimate concerns over quality control here. My question is, is anyone from Apple reading this forum? Certainly they must be monitoring the number of devices being returned? Certainly someone from Apple is letting the factory know they have a QC issue? Right?


    iPhone has the potential (in my opinion) to be the perfect device! That won't happen with poor quality control.


    If you have a device out of the box that is damaged or in any way does not meet your expectations RETURN IT! And demand a product that Apple has advertised. Don't settle for less because you're paying for it!

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    I agree... accepting it would only allow Apple to continue producing products with defects... with tons of returns... Apple will start to take notice and get on the quality control bandwagon... Each new return cost Apple big money!   Every box they open is a sale lost... I suggest returning the units and this will wake Apple and Foxconn up... Guaranteed you will see products coming off the aseembly line with perfection in no time!

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    I would exchange those within the first 2 weeks.

    I cant imagine a scenario where you walk into the store 3 monthes from now, and say it was dinged when you bought it, and want a replacment unit. At some point is is accidental damage and not covered (cosmetic damage arent replaced unless it hinder the devices function, outside of 2 weeks i mean)

    Besides, by that time the swap you are getting is not going to be a new in box retail device.


    If you have this problem, return them within 2 weeks to do a return exchange.  This will also reset you eligibity and date of purchase.

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    They should throw in Apple care for free to make up for their shoddy quality. My phone's blemish is minor and hardly noticeable, but the fact that I'm OCD, I can't stop focussing on it. If they threw in the 2 year apple care for free, I may just be happy to live with the minor blemish.

  • identd Level 2 (355 points)

    If this is sarcastic, well done.

    If not, umm, wow

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    This is so disappointing... Same issue here. When you wait for something so expensive for so long, you just cannot accept that it is faulty when you open the box.

    This will cost a fortune to apple. But next time, they might take quality control and their fans more seriously.

  • kyleinhawaii Level 1 (0 points)

    Respectfully, best if you just return the iPhone for a full refund and be done with it. Apple is more special than just compensating consumers. Apple is about achieve excellence even if you're an underdog. Apple needs loyal supporters that are their toughest critics, but at the same time faithful till the end. We can't be compensated with money or bribed with free apple care because it's not about money or getting our money's worth. It's about being a part of something special in technology. If what I'm saying doesn't make sense, it won't. But this is what I feel is the heart of why so much passion is being expressed in this forum. All of us could easily return the product and be done with it. We have that choice but we choose not to. We complain because we believe and we care, not for Apple the company but for what it has demonstrated can be. We expect Apple to be the best it can be because we love their products and see them as leaders by example. But we are not blind either. This oversight on production quality is unacceptible, period. So our only contribution is to make noise and complain so positive comes out of it. Feedback contructively is tough love. That can't be bought.

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    Hey folks, in case you didn't see this, check out this video on a torture test with iPhone 5 vs. SIII. While there are obvious issues with bezel and cosmetic production quality, it should be noted that the iPhone 5 is holding up strong in extreme conditions and credit should be given for that. I have not personally seen the screen crack yet on videos, so this is impressive in my book.


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    kyleinhawaii,You Hit The Nail On The Head. Amongst My many different Apple associations I was a Product Detailer / Demo Day Rep with MarketSource pre Apple Store Retail so I have a bit of Inside Experience on Apple Fit and Finish. With that in Mind the Missing Paint on My Black 5's antenna and various other pits out of the Box are Obscene and Must Be Deemed Deliberate! It is Truely Impossible and there is NO WAY these are being boxed for sale in China without Apple QC KNOWING. Extremely disappointing and frankly very Confusing as an Apple loyalist and evangalist. After 25 years of admiration for Apple this is a Major W.T.F.? Moment and Cook needs to step up Immediately and address this. I am also a stock holder and considering the number of these being produced and then exchanged, well that is also a Completely Unacceptable Clusterf*ck.

    Clossup Bottom Scratch Of Paint.jpgBottom Missing Paint.jpg

  • getstu Level 1 (5 points)

    kyleinhawaiiYour right about that Video and that the 5's performance is excellent in comparison but this Fit and Finish scandal is Over the Top, especially considering the magnitude of botched units escaping production and making it to market.

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    I think it's obvious at this point that Apple's rush to meet the demand for this product has superseded anything else including quality control. Apple has not become the most financially viable company in the world by not making profit it's first priority! By producing any product at such a fast pace in order to meet demand you almost always sacrifice quality control. And I dare say that there are problems that we've yet to hear about in the Chinese assembly lines at Foxconn.

    If its true that workers are being beaten by guards and forced to work in poor conditions it will be interesting to see if the American (and global) hunger for this product negates our morality. Could it be that these workers are intentionally damaging the product due to these conditions? Has Apple bitten off more than it can chew? (Pardon the pun). This is not intended to be a post on human rights but in order to understand why these quality issues are happening one must look at the source. The source being the people who assemble the product.


    What is also unfortunate is that Apple execs don't seem to have their thumb on this production and quality debacle.


    What's going to make or break them now is how they respond to this issue. Not just for their consumers but for the people who assemble these products.

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