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  • flag8r77 Level 1 Level 1

    I was shipped a black 16g last Friday and sadly it also had 2 nicks in it. My advice for anyone is as follows;

    Call Apple care, they will overnight you a replacement phone. They also only send the phone, meaning it's inspected by hand and will be nick free as my replacement is. Don't waste time at the Apple store opening boxes, stress free.

  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    Only problem with trying to get a replacement shipped from apple care here in the UK apple require a £529 deposit which I think is totally out of order.

  • flag8r77 Level 1 Level 1

    They also require a credit card number here in the US. I'm unaware of the deposit amount or amount on hold. I think it's fine, do you rent a car on the honor system?

  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes but they when we hire a car or van they don't require a £529 ($859 for you people in the US) deposit. The van I hired to move house only cost me a £50 deposit.

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 Level 1

    flag8r77, if they are sending you a phone without a box, it is a repaired or refurbished one, because giving you a new one with a serial number would be lsited as an additional loss. You think they are just opening one and inspecting it for scratches just for you? LOL no they're going to look at all the used devices and find one with the least amount of blemishes. 


    If I were you I'd call back and demand a brand new phone. They're even putting a hold on your account right now? Dear God.

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 Level 1

    Why is Apple ignoring this thread?!?!

  • flag8r77 Level 1 Level 1

    A repaired or refurb 3 days after launch? Hardly plausible.

  • flag8r77 Level 1 Level 1

    The phone was inspected prior to shipping to avoid sending me another scratched one.

  • zormy007 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree.  I had a replacement shipped to me yesterday and it came in a small white box with a sticker "Inspected by Applecare".  It was flawless and blemish free.  Definately not used!


    Note: my replacement was due to a loose battery rattling around on the inside, not scratches.  I was however worried about getting one with scratches due to this thread.  I definately had much better peice of mind after seeing that new phone that was inspected by Applecare just for me!



  • mikebookpro1 Level 1 Level 1

    Austiiinnnn, I read through a few pages of this, and you seem to be some kind of expert. First, apple doesn't respond to these forums, they are just for users to talk to other users. Secondly, you keep harping on not getting a refurb phone for a replacement. Use some common sense and realize that there are no refurb phones yet, they just came out a week ago. Do you really think apple has had the time to get damaged phones in at the stores, send them to china, have them repaired, and send them back to the stores to hand them out?? Just because a phone doesn't come in retail packaging doesn't mean it's refurbished. That retail packaging is expensive, so why spend that extra money when all theyre replacing is the phone??


    I got my phone on release day. Black 64gb, and it has a couple of damage spots. Went to the Apple store sunday, and the person said that was the first they'd seen of this, but she would replace it for me. She brings out a replacement (not in full retail packaging, but a reduced size, phone only package) and sees that it's damaged when she pulls it out. She goes to the back again and looks through all of their phones, and there isn't one without damage. While annoying, I was hoping to have some time before having to swap because its obvious Apple needs to make some manufacturing changes. I would prefer to have my phone replaced once the bugs are worked out. So she takes my number and says she will call once they get a phone that is not damaged.


    I've had every iPhone, and anytime I've had a problem Apple has taken care of me and swapped the phone. Be patient and realize that **** happens, and your phone having some knicks or scratches will not bring about the end of the world. Also, even if your friends, clients, colleagues, or family can tell that your phone has a few tiny problems, theyre not going to think you're a loser (at least not because of the phone).


    Life is too short to stress about some damage on a cell phone. I'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed, I'm just saying chill out, enjoy your amazing phone that I'm assuming functions perfectly, and let Apple take care of you.

  • AdamCH89 Level 1 Level 1



    I haven't gotten mine but I will say this about this thread. If you believe your device is substantially damaged or you're completely unsatisfied, take it to an apple store or call apple care where they will replace it. Thirdly , I agree with mikebookpro somewhat(although you said it kinda harshly). Remember, it's just a phone and that's all it will ever be is just a phone. So yall chill and just be greatful. If it bothers you, contact apple but good luck.

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 Level 1

    flag8r77, I'm sorry, you're not getting a new phone. If you think they went box by box by box and finally found one and said "YES! this one will be just perfect for flag8r77! I hope he likes it!" you are completely mistaken.

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 Level 1



    "Note: my replacement was due to a loose battery rattling around on the inside, not scratches."


    All they did was fix your phone. Just saying.

  • zormy007 Level 1 Level 1

    Tell me, how did the fix my phone when I didn't ship it back until I received the new one?  LOL

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 Level 1

    If people honestly think they don't have used phones just laying around, they are crazy. They didn't open a brand new box, take out the pamphlets, and go "yes! he'll love this one!!"


    They gave you some ghetto one that's been laying around, probably returned and repaired (they aren't repaired in China, whoever said that is an idiot. and the shipping is overnight-priority to CA), and sent it to you in a white box.


    Enjoy your non-new device that will probably start giving you issues 3 months from now.

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