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    I checked out the Black iPhone 5 display units at the San Francisco Apple Store. None of them had any scuffs or nicks, nor do they show any stress or wear marks. I looked by the charging ports as well because they are constantly going in/out of the connectors.


    NO SIGN OF DAMAGES. So this is a great sign. Given how many people take a look a them, I expected to see damage marks. So the phone seems to be holding pretty well.


    Just thought everyone should know that there are non-defect iphone 5s out there, so you should exchange yours if you're not happy.

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    I think that this whole posts has a lot of different stories. Many people are unhappy with this issue. Apple is a very popular company. They have sold 5 million units. With this comes a lot of work to get these out to people. Things happen. This can get resolved. Like a lot of people said on here there could have been a defect in thr machine. I have to gone to the apple store myself and I did not notice any dents or scratches on the phone. My friend has just gotten hers the day it was released in stores and she has NO issues. I think that it is very unacceptable for this to be happening. I have not yet received mine but if it does have a scratch i will be going to the apple store or AT&T and will demand a return or a white iPhone. Just try to see this as not a bad thing. Everyone did order this the day they came out. The paint was probably fresh so the moving of the UPS or FedEx trucks and the movement of the phone moving everywhere could also be the cause too. My advice is if you have ordered and not gotten yours yet, don't open it. Take it to att or apple and open it infront of them so they know you didn't do anything. Have a great day!

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    Since your a know it all and know all about apple and how they work. Can I ask how much you get paid? Your acting like you know what's going on in all the apple product centres. You don't work for apple. Haters can get off these forums. Your making anything up to frame apple. Newer comments show how apple have fixed all of this.


    Everybody with issues. Ring up apple right now and ask for a new one. Once you get it and its still damaged (which it won't be) comment here.


    Please don't frame apple or tell a story if you ain't called em.

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    If I ain't called them?


    Okay, I'll be sure to post my unboxing video in God knows when. Hopefully sometime in 2 weeks or less but I doubt it.

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    I think this is getting too personal. We should just stick to the original thread, and keep the personal comments out.

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    Apparently iPhones are fixed. It'd save time if people had another shot calling apple.

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    appleiluv wrote:


    "CALL APPLE and ARRANGE A REPLACEMENT. The new iPhone they send to you has beeninspected by Apple Care, so they ensure the phone is flawless. This is the only way to gurantee a flawless replacement phone!"


    REALLY!!!??  Just received my replacement and it's FAR worse than my original.  Every one of the antenna seams are chipped and have a very rough fit.  The box has a sticker showing: "Inspected by AppleCare.  What a JOKE!!


    Here's a sample:




    More here...

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    Just received my iphone 5 that I preordered on the 14th.  After reading the problems people were having with the cosmetics in various forums, I was having a bit of anxiety.  I got the 64 gig Black.


    I am happy to report that mine looks good even under a magnifying glass.  It is a beautiful phone.  I will not activate it until Friday.  That is when I am getting my Otterbox Defender case so it will go right from the box to the case.  (in my line of work, I need all the protection I can get).


    My wife's phone is suppose to be here the 28th.  I am hoping her white phone will be in as good condition as mine when it arrives.

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    Yesterday my husband iphone 5 32 GB Black arrived. Today my iphone 5 64 GB black arrived. I was concerned after reading about the damage to the iphones on this forum. Reading these post, and seeing the pictures is very disturbing and sad. This never should have happened.  I inspected both of our iphones with a magnifying glass. I am very relieved to say that they are undamaged. I just wanted to post that there are good iphones out there. Either call applecare or visit your local apple store. You deserve what you paid for. In the end, you will get a undamaged iphone. Good Luck.

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    I opened my new iPhone 5 and staring me right in the face was a brand new sparkeling scratched phone.  The bezel was dinged on the top champfered edge in two spots.  I called apple and I have an appointment with them on Friday...hopefully they will replace it so my OCD does not kick in too heavy.

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    Yes, this is great news! As I previously posted, I checked out an Apple Store and didn't find any problms with their demo units either. I could have been a temporary issue with some of their initial shipments. I was unfortunately one of those.


    Very happy you received perfect units. That's the way it should and usually is with Apple.

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    I'm more calm now, but the more I read these posts, the less angry I get and the more sad/depressed I feel. $435 is a lot and I saved up forever to get this including my birthday money (broke college student here).


    Has anyone else received their replacement in the mail with the method where you ship yours first? I had to do that because I didn't have $435 for them to put a hold on my account. They say my phone should be here in 5-7 business days but honestly who knows.


    Anyone else who did this method, how long did it take and what quality was your "new" phone in?

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    I also ad a nick on the back side "black phone" along the bezel.  Called apple and opened up a case with them, however they are not sending out any phones. 9-25-2012.   I did take a picture and send it to them...Disappointing, where was the QC, as soon as I took it out of the box my eyes went right to the nick. A big disappointment after waitng two years for a new phone.

  • austiiinnnn Level 1 (0 points) called them and they wouldn't replace it?!

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    I called them, they will replace it, but they wanted a photo.  I guess the are trying to research the source of the issue.  Appartently their is an issue here. When I opended it, I was disappointed but willing to overlook it until I saw many other people were having the same issue.


    They want me to  call them back in a couple weeks, I don't think they have any replacements ready? but they did give me a case number and a rep to check back with.  (Black 32g)  Arrived on Friday...  First batch?...

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