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    Interesting update. Did Apple really halt production of iPhone 5 black units? Where did you get that info from? Should be making big news soon if true.


    I've been using my scuffed iPhone 5 since 9/21 without a case. Has several small nicks with the silver aluminum shinning through as well as a 1/4" line where the black is scraped off near the sim slot. None of these have turned green yet. They are just shinny silver, which is the problem because they stand out noticeably against the black. Didn't know aluminum turns green with corrosion.

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    It's all over the news... GOOGLE it.













    Also, Apple will never admit what is going on.... go to ANY store including any Apple store and most have only white iPhones!  All black units are sold out in Canada with only limited quantity whites being shipped to stores.  If you ask when the last black shipment came, it was over a week ago... in line with news reports.


    If Apple openly admits they have a quality control issue, they will have everyone demanding a new unit.  Apple will never admit they got products coming off an assembly line damaged.  That is why they are so quiet on this but not purple images and  so forth!


    Trust me!

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    It's called Aluminum Oxidation!  If you have an iPhone 5 with a scratch or nick or chip, I would STRONGLY urge you to replace or refund the device as you have 30 days to do so!  Or run the risk of getting those scratches, nicks and chips turning green!  Apple has a mess on it's hand and they owe it all to the clever marketing and Johnny Ives!





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    If you keep phone in a case im sure that those scratches, nicks and scuffs will not appear. Just keep phone protected decently and none of those corrosions or the metal turning green will occur.

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    Thanks for the news links mritacca. Yes, seen those reports. Just got confused because your comment sounded as though Apple directly and actively halted production because of quality issues that were uncovered with black units. I believe these news reports state that disruptions were caused by worker disputes and not stopage specifically instructed by Apple. The later would be significant as it would be indication of a major issue by Apple.


    Thanks also for clarification on the oxidation. I always knew copper and bronze oxidized in a greenish color, but thought aluminum only turned whitish.


    I have fairly sweaty palms, but as mentioned have not noticed it with my scuffed iPhone I've been using. I'll be sure to put my new replacement in a case though.Thanks for the heads up.

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    This is what happens when you use cheap labor in China to make your phones. 

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    So I'm still using my THIRD iPhone 5 with the blown out speakers. I don't even use it as an alarm anymore because the sound quality is so bad. It instantly ruins my day when I hear the speakers. I can't talk on speaker phone, watch netflix, listen to music, etc.


    I talked to customer relations (I was directed there from Apple Care) and I must say, they are good listeneres but they were also no help. He told me what I already knew, but what many of you didn't believe. The "Inspected By Apple Care" phones are NOT NEW. I repeat, they are NOT new. They are service devices from salvage parts. They are not fresh-off-the-manufacturing-line new. Apple would never recover from this if they were handing us out new phones!! It doesn't matter if "but dude, the phones just came out! They HAVE to be new!!". Don't be so naive; and don't lie to yourself. The reason I know this man wasn't lying is because at first he was willing to send me a brand new phone in exchange for my phone (complete with earpods, lightning cable, etc). He placed me on hold for a minute and then came back and told me "sir I'm sorry but all we have are service devices. We're completely out of new white 64GBs." He even called many local Sprint stores in my area to try to convince them to hold one for me even though I'm past the 14 day return period; no such luck. He told me I can consider driving 350 miles to new orleans and that he would compensate me in gas with something $100 or less from the Apple online store.

    Needless to say, this is completely unacceptable. I'm going to make a trip out of New Orleans and enjoy myself there and just happen to stop by the Apple store as well, because I shouldn't have to waste my time and gas going there just for this ******* phone THAT I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR.


    If I wasn't stuck on Sprint's 2 year contract with this phone, I would have jumped ship and got the GS3 by now. But instead I'm stuck with whatever iPhone 5 I currently happen to have. One day it's a scratched screen. One day it's a broken SIM slot. The next day it's broken speakers. GET YOUR F****NG S**T TOGETHER APPLE!!!!!!!!

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    Check out this torture test. Pretty impressive in overall durability of the phone:


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    Great for the torture test... what about it coming out of box looking new test?

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    They are covering up the news by saying a strike of some sort... trust me... new stock will start to appear this week as they tried to fix the issue last week!  If you get a phone from week 39 of 2012 you should be good - after Septemeber 23rd.  TRUST ME!

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    So after watching that video, it makes me think that the Chinese Foxxconn workers must have done the same thing to the iPhone 5 before wrapping them up in the box! It seems that they all did their own torture test before shipping them out.  All those scratches, nicks and dents all look too familiar! LOL

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    FYI Update on my replacement from Apple Support:


    I received a brand new in box (sealed) replacement unit from Apple (no white box). The unit is 98% perfect. I noticed a very small scuff line (about .5 cm) between the screen and bezel near the lightning port. It's only visible at an angle. Also noticed a two pin-size dots on a couple spots on the bezel.


    Though my initial thought was to immediately send it back because it wasn't 100% perfect, I've decided to wait a day to think it over as I feel I am now overly sensitive with these imperfections. Had I not experienced a major issue with my first unit and received this unit to begin with, I am certain I would not have given this a second thought.


    I think it's understandable how all of us might fall to this since we've been looking at these phones under macro lens with scrutiny. Don't get me wrong, I still would like the 100% perfect phone, but with my luck, finding one would not guarantee that things inside are perfect and all this stress goes away the moment I accidentally drop it.


    I must say that at least in my experience, Apple has done their best to satisfy me by sending me a new complete retail package. So, I can't really complain. I am also somewhat certain that if I called them to do another exchange, they would accommodate me. I wish all of you had the same experience I have had with Apple.


    Seeing the news coverage of how these factory workers live their daily lives putting these devices together for us is also something that makes complaining about my 2% imperfection seem silly. So at least for me, I think my battle may be over. I absolutely love the iPhone 5 and love the black slate. Plan to use it well before the "5s" comes out and the cycle starts all over again. ;-) Best of luck to all of you! Signing off now...

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    WAIT!! Please give me the name of the senior advisor you talked to along with his number/extension!!!


    Every one I've talked to has told me they can't give out new phones. PLEASE?

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    Hello Jon,


    If Apple Brands You trouble at this point I'd consider that a pretty large compliment considering the hit miss ratio of their inventory and Their overall attitude when asked to acknowledge it. Remember sticks and stones and all that right? The retail droids that We are dealing with are pretty much C3PO wearing a skin suit so do You really care what they consider trouble, but I digress. If Your committed too iOS then keep visiting an Apple Store Genius Bar vs. Calling AppleCare to continue exchanging them without suffering any more credit card charges etc. and ask for a store manager when You arrive and politely demand They make it right for You. Also if You paid by Credit Card You should inform them of Your complaints and They might offer some options that aren't on the table yet.


    Best & Good Luck, Stu

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    So after 4 hours on the phone with AppleCare, I have nothing but another appointment at the Genius Bar with assurances that I "will not leave until you are satisfied with the replacement"; and also some online store credit..


    So I guess I'll recap my experience with the iPhone 5:

    1. Pre-ordered iPhone 5

    2. Received damaged iPhone 5 (numerous issues that I've listed in previous posts)

    3. Genius refuses to repair/replace my phone (Apple Store on 5th Ave in NY, NY)

    4. AppleCare placed $700+ of my money on hold (FULL RETAIL VALUE OF A BRAND NEW PHONE) in order to:

    5. Ship me a refurbished phone that was most likely involved in a riot

    6. Sending me back to the Apple Store to wade through more iPhones that were involved in riots


    I'm just wonderin what will happen next but I'm sure it won't be good.


    By the way, my iPhone disconnected 3 separate times while on the call with AppleCare (I had full bars).. Do you guys think maybe I was holding the phone wrong??

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