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  • Anthrax82 Level 1 Level 1

    Wow really they wont let you change color? I bought mine via VZW website, I called them and told them i wanted the white and all they do is re charge you for the phone and refund you when they get the first one back. Too bad you cant change to white, After looking at alot of them the white one just looks real sleak , I love the aliminum back to it as well. Well im keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully i wont get a scuffed or nick on mine.

  • gtrmanla Level 1 Level 1

    Just know, Apple is the best company in the world. Even after 11 out of 11 scuffed up phones, I STILL feel this way about this company, why? Because they have ALWAYS taken care of me in the past. At the end of the day, if you had to chose one company that will continue to rule the Tech Space who would you all chose? Samsung? Microsoft? Google? etc...

    Apple we all want you to succeed, that's why we are still here.... Just man up! Make an official statement with a SOLUTION, Recall? Offer store credit? something..... don't leave your loyal customers hanging, don't be that company!

  • gtrmanla Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sure I could have done that too, I just wasn't able to do that kind of swap at that moment. If I could have I would have went with the white. I may still end up doing that.

    I spoke to an Apple Care Rep not long ago tonight. He suggessted I go into a store and ask for a "remanufactured" phone not "retail" because these phones are looked at much more stringently, more then the 'straight from manufactured' phones are.


    Anyone here exchange your phone with a Remanufactured?

  • kyleinhawaii Level 1 Level 1

    Exchanging for a "remanufactured" model just doesn't sound like good advice. Understand the logic that the rep was basing this on, but if you paid full retail for a new, why should you settle for a refurb. This said, there is question if the phones are actually refurbished or just put in white boxes because the iPhone 5 is so new.


    Ultimately up to you, but for me it's difficult to accept taking a refub within such a short timeframe after purchase. I've done so after several months or a year, but not within 30-days of buying a new one. Just my opinion.


    Also keep in mind that most of this discussion is on surface flaws. We can't see what's wrong inside until we use it. In one of my exchanges, I found a perfect black phone with no scuffs, but the button and screen had other issues. So finding that perfectly looking phone could have other projects. Net-net is that nothing is perfect so best not to stress out too much over it.

  • gtrmanla Level 1 Level 1



    If I lived in Hawaii, I'd probably feel the same way bra...

    But you're probably right, nothing is perfect. My phone appears to be working great so far! Just my luck, I get a perfect aesthetically looking Black/Slate... and it doesnt work! This is why I'm going to try to cool off for the next few days, watch some SNL on youtube and chill. See where my heads at then.

  • kyleinhawaii Level 1 Level 1

    Hey gtrmanla,


    Yes, can't complain about where I live and being able to look at the sun and beach helps. ;-)


    I think you're absolutely right. I share in that kind of luck to. Too many variables to have everything 100% perfect. So for me, having dead pixels would be a deal breaker but could live with a couple dust size marks. After the "newness" of the iPhone 5 fades in my mind, this will become less important to me. I'm still picky as they come though, so not advocating settling, but it helps to take a step back. I'm nearing the end of my experience as I finally found a handset I can accept. For what it's worth, I have to say that Apple handled me very well and took care of my complaints so credit to them for making it right for me.


    I somewhat joked about using a sharpie in one of my other comments, but it seriously works. I've done auto body work for a number of years so there's a lot you can do with adding color and buffing. ;-) I just did this to 2 dots of silver I had shining through, gave it a polish with cloth to match out the color tones, and you can't see them anymore. So some will laugh or get offended, but it's a home remedy solution that's free and worked for me. :-)


    Best of luck and Aloha!

  • db_3 Level 1 Level 1

    There aren't any remanfactured phones yet, they are the same new units in plain boxes for the service dept. I looked at 3 black service units in a store and they had the exact same defects (silver showing on rear edges and grey patch at entenna join) as an exchanged retail boxed unit. My second retail boxed unit is due today, so it will be interesting to see whether there is any improvement.


    The defects are definately affecting the supply chain. Apple store online appears to be giving shipping priority to existing customers with exchanges.

  • Extract0r Level 1 Level 1

    Let me share my experience.


    1.  My first iPhone 5 (#1) had a speck of dust under the glass.

    2.  Replacement phone (#2) had a pretty bad scratch at the bottom left bezel down to the metal.

    3.  Took phone #2 into an Apple store for an exchange and looked at phone #3 which had even more scratches. 

    4.  Came home with phone #4 which was cosmetically flawless.  Noticed a dead pixel in the middle of the screen.

    5.  Back to Apple store and looked at phone #5 which had some scratches.

    6.  Took #6 home which was flawless cosmetically but had a speck of dust under the screen.

    7.  I am keeping #7 which is perfect cosmetically without any dead or stuck pixels but has a couple of very fine micro scratches on the glass which can be only seen at certain angle under very bright light from a single source.


    Moral of the story is that the perfect iPhone 5s in black color are extremely rare.

    If you suffer from an OCD, do not purchase a black iPhone 5.  You will certainly need a therapy after going through multiple exchanges.

  • A.Consumer Level 1 Level 1



    What an episode!


    But I think perfect iphone 5s in any colour are rare for now, just that it's easier to turn a blind eye to the white version as they mask the scuffs and scratches more.

  • joff81 Level 1 Level 1

    I would really like to know how in short supply are iphone 5 black 16gb handsets ????


    I've been promised a replacement from where I purchased my iphone 5 from. As it was not from apple apples customer service said I had to seek a replacement from the retailer as its the retailer who is obligated to replace the handset which is fare enough. I got a case number from apple which was followed up by the retailer.


    The retailer agreed to replace the handset as apple stated the scratches were a manufacturing defect but I would have to wait for stock to arrive. I purchased my iphone 5 on launch day and I still can't get it replaced as according to the retailer they have had no stock of black 16gb iPhone 5's since launch day.


    Sure I understand that supply is limited but to be fobbed off for nearly 4 weeks is becoming a joke. I checked again today and was told "no black 16gb only 32gb and 64gb arrived".


    Surely stock with 16gb can't be that short that retailers are not even getting stock!!!

  • db_3 Level 1 Level 1

    I've just received my 2nd retail boxed black replacement....

    The rear panels and antenna seams now appear to be finished correcty. However, it looks as though corrections are being made in the factory. Both screws are showing silver marks and there are about 12 silver specs in various places around the rear chamfer.


    Very dissapointing. I think edges on the black model are going to look really bad in no time.


  • A.Consumer Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, very dissapointing.


    I hope apple aren't shipping the returns back to the manufacturers to replace the parts with re-conditioned bit then re-shipping them out as new ?


    What else would they be doing with the tide of returned units? ... melting them down to make lightening adaptors?

    or dumping them in a large quarry of scrap shipping freights like in the movie iRobot

  • Kinst Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, they are! But who care? Or this piece of metal and glass is your future wife which promised you to have you as one and only?


    REMANUFACTURED devices is not REFUBRISHED. Apple doesn't sell or give you as a replacement REFUBRISHED. REF = juxt polished and cleaned after user. REM = completely reassembled.


    I'm sure NOW Apple has no REM iPhone 5. But even they have...


    I'm now on my 6th iPhone 4s and the last one is definetely REMANUFACTURED... But I'm happy because the last one, even REM, is perfect as in condition as in lack of eny bugs.

  • SergZak Level 5 Level 5

    @db_3: Looks as if someone needs to learn to use a screwdriver the proper way...or to use the correct pentalobe driver and NOT a Phillips (or otherwise) driver on pentalobe screws. It breaks my heart to see this on a new, out-of-box phone. If someone had brought a 4 or 4S into the Apple Store before the 5 was released with screws looking like this, I'd bet the store would accuse the customer of opening the phone themselves (using an incorrect screwdriver) and would void the warranty.


    I would hope they would not be doing this to you (or others) in the event you need to take it in for repair.

  • A.Consumer Level 1 Level 1

    "Yes, they are! But who care?" ... I obviously care!


    Regardless whether "REM" devices work better in some cases than new units, I pay the FULL price for a new flawless unit, therfore I want a NEW FLAWLESS UNIT as described in Apple's own keynote... simple logic.

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