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I cannot purchase donuts on the Simpsons Tapped Out app. It says to contact ITunes support

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Do exactly what it told you to do and contact itunes support

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    How do u contact iTunes support it's not that u call them cuz you cant

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    Don't bother calling, spent 30mins on the line about it today to be directed to the email section of support page. Either send the email and hope you get something in 48hrs, or wait for EA to fix it.

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    I had this same issue after converting from my iPhone 4 to the 5. All you have to do is ensure you have sync to iTunes recently. Then delete the ap and reinstall it. For some reason there is a disconnected between iTunes and your ap. when I did that it resolved my in ap purchasing issues right away! Hope this helps.

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    I called this number for iTunes support 1 (800) 676-2775 and got thru right away with no delay on a Saturday afternoon. They were wonderful and helped with my issue. Just an FYI incase you don't wanna wait 24-48hrs to be assisted by an email default msg.

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    it doesnt work! :-(

    what i have to do  , delete from iphone and reinstall or delete from itunes? or both ?

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    So what did they tell you to do? You said they helped you with your issue, were you having this same trouble? What did you have to do to fix it?

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    Can you imagine the sales lost?  We are having trouble trying to contact a company we are trying in earnest to give our money to.  The ghosts of Rockefeller, Getty and Hearst are currently having spasms.

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    WOW!  So, does anyone know how to fix the issue on In-App Purchases and having to contact iTunes Support?? If I uninstall the App will I lose everything or is there a way to back it up so I can reinstall it without losing everything????  Cuz if I start where I left off what would be the point? All this would be a fricken waste of time and a bunch of crap. And I.m Not happy. And iPads are supposed to be the best tablet on the market. My *** it is! Anyway, Please help???????

    Highlander864 wrote:


    I cannot purchase donuts on the Simpsons Tapped Out app. It says to contact ITunes support



    Please give detailed information on the issue. Thank you

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    I got a response from a clever d*ck who said, "I can see why you're so eager".  I can now buy sweeeet, sweeeet donuts.  Would it really kill them to just tell us what the problem is?  Apparently, they thought some degenerate had stolen my credit card and decided to spend my bank account on a game.  'Cause that is totally what people do with stolen credit cards.  Just say "please visit iTunes Store to confirm purchase".

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    I think that is one way of preventing fraud in the store and securing your account. You can leave a comment in the feedback page to let Apple know of ideas that you have to improve its services.



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    Well thank the stars the resident shill chimed in.  Where were you with all your insight when the question was asked 4 months ago?