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    FWIW, the 9.4.1 update resolved my problem with the multiple, empty, date-titled events.  Unfortunatlely, I'm still having the problem with iPhoto showing the correct number of pictures (2,790) but iTunes reporting and syncing only 627.  After looking at this and a number of other threads, I installed iPhoto Library Manager and ran the Rebuild Library command.  The rebuilt library, "Default (rebuilt)", only contained 627 items - duplicating what I see in iTunes.  The interesting thing is iPhoto Library Manager showed the "Default" library also with 627 photos and not 2,790.  However, if I went back into iPhoto using the "Default" library, it showed all 2,790 photos.


    So I'm wondering if the 9.4 and/or 9.4.1 update(s) have irreparibly damaged my iPhoto library?  I have backups of all these pictures along with Time Machine backups.  I haven't tried a Time Machine restore to 3.9, but maybe that's the next thing to try.  There has been a lot of discussion about the empty events issue, but is anyone still experiencing the problem of iTunes reporting an incorrect number of photos?

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    That sounds like it may be a different bug. For me (and I'm assuming most of the others in the thread), iTunes (and other programs) were recognizing the full contents of the iPhoto library, along with previously deleted images in date-labeled events that iPhoto wasn't recognizing, and thus couldn't be edited/deleted. With your situation, it sounds like things are backwards - iPhoto is showing the actual photo count, but iTunes and other programs that read the iPhoto library are only detecting a small portion of it.


    Wish I could help.

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    Thanks for the reply, thechexican.  I think my problem is one half of what started this thread.  My exact issue was experienced by makoto99 on 9/24/12 @ 7:48pm and rwross1776 on 10/1/12 @2:32pm.  Makoto99 may have resolved his problem but his fix didn't work for me.  So apparently two issues in this thread brought about by the recent iPhoto updates?

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    MartinY, I exactly have the same problem as you have - the number of photos iTunes shows is totally incorrect. I got 33000 pictures in my iPhoto library, iTunes only shows up some 800...of which are 90% videos. I also had the problem with old events, but this seems to be solved now. Concerning the faces, I did not look it up if some faces are showing up several times. Regards.

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    Unfortunately, nope, I'm still having the problem (12k+ photos in iPhoto now, about 1500 show up in iTunes).  I've tried various things since 9.4.1 hit, including Rebuilding the Library and such, and nothing helps.  The AlbumData.xml simply is written incorrectly, still, and fails to include thousands of photos for some reason.


    I didn't bother digging to try and determine whether there's a common factor, but it wasn't the HTML entity issue (& vs. &) that others experienced in a separate thread about slideshows.  I still have no slideshows, and any ampersands in my Event or Album names are properly referenced via entity in AlbumData.xml.


    So, I'm glad Apple's 9.4.1 fixed the issue(s) some people were having.


    Hopefully, 9.4.2 will fix the remaining issue the rest of us are having, with photo count/content inconsistencies between iPhoto albums and other products' reading of them.  And hopefully, it'll be sooner rather than later that they get around to fixing and releasing it.


    Edit - also as an aside, the problem of iTunes reporting a different # of photos as what is contained in iPhoto IS part of the original bug that this thread was created for, if anyone checks the original post.  It's also in the title: "...and missing photos" 


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    Do we feel confident apple is aware of this broken event ordering issue in iTunes synch (photo).  I wonder if it will be an iTunes update or iPhoto.  Does anyone know the best way to make sure apple knows!  I've tried every fix and need to stop wasting time on this, obviously a bug




  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6 (10,480 points)

    Apple are well aware of the issue, I have been dealing with them directly.

    The issue is currently with engineering, no update from them so far.

    They have my AlbumData file, database and System Profile.

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    Good to know, because even the workaround I found with using iPhoto Library Manager isn't a complete fix. The library is cleaned up and the unwanted photos/events are gone, but iPhoto still isn't playing nice with anything else.


    MarsEdit's Media Manager shows the events in random order, and the "Faces" sync'd to my phone do not display in alphabetical order - it's a giant mix of everyone I know in no particular order.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 2.03.06 PM.png

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    The iPhoto Library Manager fix didn't work for me. It duplicated all of my albums but they just sat there not copying any photos. I eventually cancelled it and looked at the log, and it had failed on every photo it has attempted. Never mind, it was worth a try. Possibly it's because my iPhoto is at 9.4.1 and iPhoto Library Manager may only support up to 9.4. Anyway, no harm done.

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    Oh Dackman, that really ***** to hear. I'm running a retina MacBook Pro, and I keep all of my stuff up to date; I'm on the latest version of Mountain Lion (10.8.2?) and the latest iPhoto (9.4.1), and the iPhoto Library Manager trial cleaned up my library's events nicely and got rid of all the ones that weren't showing up inside of iPhoto:


    My screencap of the MarsEdit Media Manager in the last post didn't have the "Events" expanded. I noticed that just now, and see that it now matches my iPhoto Library exactly - all the events are in proper order, and there's no longer any extra events in open dialogs/iTunes with previously deleted photos. In other words, my workaround ended up completely fixing my issue with the events in my iPhoto library.


    Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 10.24.29 AM.png


    It's disappointing to hear that my solution didn't work for you. Now I feel lucky, and even more frustrated with Apple over this problem that shouldn't even exist.

  • dackman Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I tried iPhoto Library Manager on my iMac (all latest software etc.). I will try it on my newer MacBook Pro and report back.

  • dackman Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Ah, slight technical hitch. My MacBook Pro only has 90Gb of free space and my iPhoto library is 136Gb (even though in iPhoto it says it is 64Gb). I guess that includes all the 'original' and 'unadjusted' photos. I wish I could press a button and get rid of all those - they are effectively 72Gb of junk.

  • dackman Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I made space on an external drive and did the rebuild operation from iPhoto Library Manager onto that.


    After five hours and two minutes, and getting right to the 'updating thumbnails' bit at the end it now says it can't communicate with iPhoto.


    The duplicate library so far is 40Gb smaller than my original.

  • dackman Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Okay, I had to quit iPhoto Library Manager because it was stuck, so I restarted iPhoto and rebuilt the library in that.


    The library is 40Gb smaller, BUT has lost all rotations, so could have lost all colour corrections etc. as well. It's also lost all the Faces.


    Oh well, it was an experiment and it was non-destructive.


    Come on Apple, we're waiting!

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    Have completly the same behavoir, even with iPhoto 9.4.1

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