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now i trave outside, i can't update or install new app in app store due to notice"your account is not valid for use in the Israeli store. you must switch to the Chinese store before purchasing."


now i'm not in china ,how to switch to the chinese store?

pls help.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Here is post on blog how to solve this problem.



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    Nothing works....


    I'm having the same issue "Your account is not valid for use in Philippines store. You must switch to Kuwait store before purchasing.


    I'm in Kuwait and my account also has valid Kuwait address still I get the error. This morning I got error saying m not allowed to use Saudi store. I have emailed apple support seems like they do not hv any solution for this. Even spoke to them she said the problem is in the device which cannot b as all 4 Apple product I have have this issue. Even few of my friends r havin same issue.

    I have tried all the resolutions given nothing work. I even changed my device , still same .

    My App Store took me to all the stores in the all the countries..