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     Well I traded a PC for my first iMac and well...... I love it.

1.  I'm running into a little problem though; I can't seem to change the home folder name to my name.  Although I know it doesn't affect any of the operation of the system or my settings, it psychologically upsets me. 


2.  Also, is there a way to assign my Apple ID to the computer or does that not matter either? 


3.  I also see a little lag when trying to connect to the web, but once I do get on it seems pretty beefy, any suggestable reasons? 


4.  And the final question, did I make the right decision? I traded a Sony Vaio S series tablet (laptop/PC) with an Intel core i5 @ 2.30ghz for an iMac with an Intel Duo Core processor @ 3.06ghz. I've heard the numbers don't really matter but some clarification would help.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)