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    The rattling of the power switch won't go away. That rattle has been there since the iPhone 4. The other rattle is the auto-focus. You are correct in regards to the Verizon SIM issue. They tried 3 differant SIMS and nothing worked in my verizon after I got the error. They traded out the phone and all is well.

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    I have the same problem. Received my iPhone 5 32 GB from Orange (Spain) this morning, and after using it for three hours "no sim" advise... Rebooted it two times without solution, five minutes later worked fine... Really dissapointed, I think I'll return it tó Orange... Have to say in Spain there's not 4G connection, just 3G...


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    My $300  32Gb iphone 5 from Verizon w 2yr contract ,$400 with accessories, worked for about 10 days.  I just bought a protective case and after putting phone in it, I got the message no sim card installed.  I called Verizon about it and was told  "That usually happens if the phone has been dropped of impacted".  I explained that this phone has never been dropped or impacted since I received it.  I have been cradling this thing like a new born kitten so as not to hurt it until I could buy a protective case.  I finally get around to trying an Apple product and its frikin defective.  Lucky I can still return it to Verizon.  Thinking maybe a Galaxy S3.  I missed the sale at T-mobile where they were giving them away free w 2 yr contract.  Murphy's Law alive and kickin.

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    image making a new phone and requiring a new type of sim card, one that did not exist untill the iphone 5, the new card has a specific design but cell companys can get away with cutting down existing sims to make them fit into the phone. Now tell me, how long do you think it will be before they are designing cards that specificly fit into the iphone 5? i'd imagin once demand is down. You can blame apple, you can blame verizon. But if you honestly expected to pick up a new phone and have no issues (one that is simply solved I must say because I havent seen it since I fixed it) then you have anther thing comming. Go pick up the new samsung galexy and enjoy the issues that I guarentee it is having. The biggest one of course being the use of android, the only phone os I know of that physically has to restart it self from time to time in order to work properly.


    point being don't come post your problem, expect some sort of  "don't leave" response from apple, when there product speaks for itself. People have confirmed that if you go into verizon they will replace the nano sim and take care of the problem (altohugh the tape method is the best). If you take it to apple they will send you to your carrier (because I don't think they have sim's).

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    It isn't an iphone issue, I had the issue myself, its a sim issue. Trading out phones just takes a shot at having a preinstalled sim that hasn't "shifted" yet.

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    You are going to have to "POP" that sim card out!!! Just dont do it near a sink as I just did!! I stripped that pipe so fast, it would have ur head spinning!!! Just rub it with ur clean finger and put it back in....ITS SMALLER so be careful!! Should pick up IMMEDIATELY after!!LOL How could I explain that to Apple??? See what had happened was...........

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    Same problem with Iphone 5, Verizon.  One week old. " Invalid sim card  and "sim failure" error messages. I have the messages for the past two days. The messages disappear after a hard reboot. However, they return. Working OK today for about four hours.

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    My phone it's having the same problem; kinda of every 4 hours or when battery it's under 30% I need to remove the sim and put again and back to SPRINT signal.

    Should I try to replace my phone; just got last week. Haven't removed the plastic cover yet to save the screen until new case arrive and according with some forums it's why I'm getting a really low volume on my calls.   

    Really disappointed

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    I say go to AT&T and get a new SIM card.  I replaced mine and its worked fine now for the last couple of months, or when ever the iPhone came out.

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    I have se issue. I'm on AT&T. Goes away after rebooting phone most of time. I saw a video on YouTube of a guy that fixed the problem by removing the sim and lightly cleaning the sim connections with a little alcohol and then reinserting. Seems this is a pervasive problem and must be either an assembly or design flaw.

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    One other note - AT&T says that the prob might be the SIM card so they suggest bringing the phone to a corp AT&T store and they'll replace the SIM card for me at no charge. I like that idea rather than screwing with the SIM card ony own. Evidently the rep I spoke with knows this is a frequent prob and typically is due to either a bad sim or connections that need cleaning. Either way AT&T said they will take care of it (unless it is a device prob, but they want to rule out the most likely prob of the sim).

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    iPhone 4S here, my problems started arround one week ago ( arround the day that my warranty expired, irony)

    1. I get randomly the "No Sim card installed" message during the day. 4 or 5 times

    2. I always get it in the morning, when i'm waking up first thing that i see on the phone is the ""No Sim card installed" message.



    - Tried all the fixes out there on the net:

    a. Taped the sim

    b. Taped the tray

    c. cleaned the SIM, with and without cleaning liquids

    d. all the resests and restores, upgrades and "solutions" on apple support page (which obviously are totaly ielevant and i do not recomed wasting time with it)



    None works, i will try to replace my SIM and see where it leads to. Untill now i didn't even knew that people are facing this problems with iPhones, from what i found out there arround 2 from 5 iPhones are facing this issue.

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    Happened to my son's iPhone 4 the other day. Two years without any problems.  AT&T said it was their new towers affecting the SIM card.  They replace it and now it's working fine. 

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    Has there been an official answer to this problem? I just purchased a new iPhone 5 16GB Black (ATT) at Radio Shack here in Hickory Creek, TX. Since getting the phone I have had the invalid sim error or no sim error five times, once radio shack did a hard reset and fixed it, once ATT fixed it over the air, ATT store replaced the SIM, now I've had the issue twice more since the SIM was replaced. Strangest thing is that it is random, can happen sitting on the desk not being used, or walking around on my belt.


    Restarting usually fixes the problem, but it may go hours before I notice the phone has stopped working.


    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    I had received my iP5 on launch day. As I had previously posted, during the 2nd week that I had the iP5, I had experienced SIM card error difficulties. As posted, I simply took my iP5 to a local AT&T store to have the nano SIM card replaced. I have had no further SIM card related issues. The SIM card replacement appears not to be a cure all for some people. Perhaps, the only fix may be to exchange phones for some people.


    Happy Holidays, everyone.

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