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  • totomess2001 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good news, replaced my SIM. Every thing back to normal!

  • Cecil69 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to share what worked for me.  I removed the SIM Card using a paper clip.  I read that cleaning the SIM with a q-tip and some alcohol worked for a few people.  I didn't have alcohol.  But, I did have the solution that comes with Invisible Shield.  I used that solution and a q-tip to clean the SIM.  I reinstalled and the phone worked.  It may just be that the SIMS have some sort of residue on the contacts.  Not sure.  But we're about 10 minutes in and everything appears to be working.  

  • kelsey867 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My new iPhone 5 worked great for the first 30 min. Now every 20 min it says no sim and I have to reboot. Really annoying...

  • juswirkn Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you all for sending me 137 replies regarding my sim card problem.  I guess I should have told you all that within 2 days of my post I brought the phone to a verizon store and had a new sim put in it.  Problem solved.  But I am new to this forum thing so I did not tell you and I kept getting emails with solutions.  I should also have investigated how to say to the apple community:  Please don't send me any emails.  Researching that now.  It's ok I will find it myself.  I don't need any help with that one.  Come to think of it I have studied all aspects of my iphone and I am now an iphone 5 GrandMaster, so none of you kind folks out there need to  worry about me any more.  Just forget I ever posted anything and go on with your fulfilling productive lives as if none of this happened.  Acutally, juswirkn passed away  three weeks ago and this is one of his relatives typing this for him.  He does not even exist any more.  Please don't send us condolences, we are fine with his passing, and we have plenty of family support so please no emails.  We appreciate you understanding our need for quiet and privacy during this difficult time.


    One of juswirkns relatives ....not him

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    You might want to check your preferences in the support forum so you don't receive email notifications when someone posts a reply to a forum post. I you look under "Actions" at the top right of the screen, you will see a link where you can stop receiving email notifications. People aren't sending you email, the forum board is because you've elected to reveive email notifications. Turn them off and you won't be disturbed.

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    I too have a "No Sim Card" issue with my iphone 5 purchased in November.  This is a new phone and I am very disappointed by how many times AT&T told me to replace the SIM card.  Finally, I spoke with Apple and they just told me to back up my data via iTunes and restore my phone setting.  My problem is still not addressed.  Unfortunately, they are not willing to issue a factory-sealed phone.  They will only send another phone, but I am concerned that this will be a refurbished placement even though they deny it. 

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    All u had to DA do was pop ur SIM card out and clean it with an eraser and pop it back in!! Make sure you did it on a clean surface!!! Lol!!

  • Kevin Ly Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I tried but I still get the no SIM card error, invalid sim, no sim installed. This is a major problem.

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    If you've tried cleaning the SIM connections and you still have the issue, it sounds like you either have a bad SIM or a problem with the phone itself. Take your phone to your mobile provider for a replacement SIM, or contact Apple to arrange for Support..  I'd first try a replacement SIM since most mobile providers will provide this free of charge. Apple Support on the other hand may charge, all depends upon your warranty or Apple Care coverage, if you have it.  Good luck.

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    Hi, I am a new apple user, recently bought unlocked i5 from ebay, I tried my old sim(Provider- Lyca), it didn't work and says "Only Compatible sim from supported carrier may be used to activate Iphone. Please insert the sim that came with your iPhone or visit support centre to receive a replacement SIM Card." I bought new O2 sim yesterday, and immidiately started working. Today I did REset of Data and phone option and post that it stopped reading my SIM with same mesage. Several restart and cleanup tried but no luck. It shows signal but not reading the SIM. Plesae let me know if someone facing the same issue..

  • Nachocp Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    this seems to be the solution that works best.  if you dont do this you may continue to experience annoying no sim messeges.  worked great for me!! thanks matt!!

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    Addresses the SIM tray shorting out on the latch mechanism and offers an instant and successful remedy!


    Worked for me!

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    This is no joke another iPhone problem


    Is least satisfied with my first iPhone, iPhone 5!


    I have the same problem with you all after using mine for about 1 month plus. And, it started this morning. Already happened twice until this afternoon! But, both also solved by restarting the phone, and I guess mine was due to overheat, since mine is black in colour and black colour absorbs heat; imo, this maybe the reason for the NO SIM problem to happen.


    Will see how it works!

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    I caved and just turned in my phone for a refurbished one.  AppleCare gave me such a hard time.  All of the solutions on this message board did not work for me.   I tried them all.  All I can say is that I am very dissatisfied with Apple iPhone 5.  This no SIM card error probably affected hundreds if not thousands of people, and continue to be a problem.  If you had this same issue and had to get a refurbished phone, will you also post on this discussion thread?

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    First thing is to Reboot your phone by pressing BOTH buttons till the phone shuts down. Using only the top button is not a real reboot. This will usually fix the problem.


    If not, step 2 : go to your carrier and get a new SIM as this is most common fix.


    You can also Reset your Network from Settings, General and scroll to Reset at the bottom. Hit Reset Network Setting. You may need your carrier help input codes etc to reconnect.


    Next and last step before you return your iPhone is to Back up all, rest all the settings to Factory settings. Ie by doong this you will empty the phone and clear all. Restart without reloading your backup and check the phone and see if that fixed it. If so, reload your backed up data ie Restore. MAKE YOU BACK UP ALL first !


    If these 4 steps all fail. You may need to call Apple and send your phone in.


    I gather this issue is mostly fixed by the new SIM.


    This info came from Apple. I fixed mine today. Turned out to be the SIM was damaged. Phone was 2 days old.


    Good luck.

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