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My questions to the community is in relation to gaining a better understanding of the following:


-     can a book produced in iTunes Author be distributed privately either directly to family and fiends or where there is a group interest like a school community  rather than it having to be published in the iTunes Bookstore 'FREE'. An example of a publication might be say a School News Letter where their are privacy issues to take into consideration like photographs of children?


-     in the iTunes Bookstore can you set up a book for private distribution by having it visable but when installed on an iPad embedded with a password that is required to open the book?


-     Does embedding a YouTube widget into a book produced in iTunes Author enjoy the same status as that authorised to be embedded into a Website provided that there is no licencing requirements: and


-     does an iBooks Author publication that consolidates URL's or YouTube Video widgets into one page or a number of pages contained within a book enjoy the same status as might be enjoyed by a Website configured as a portal?


Replies are always appreciated Ant..