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  • Tarrantino Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok so I've done a bit on this too as more testing the better. I set my brightness low for dark conditions ie at night in bed. Switching the light on and holding it up it'll gradually get brighter up to its brightest.


    Then when turning the light off its gradually got darker. This was in the situation where I didn't lock the phone.


    I then applied light to the sensor and the phone lit back up again. I then locked the phone and turned out all the lights. When I entered my pass code it stayed at the lower brightness. So it just seems that you the previous post is true in that iOS 6 remembers what light you like for the current situation.

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    Brentonfromhighton...would love to see this work on my phone, but it does not seem to. Auto brightness works fine on my iphone 4 with ios6, but it does not work well at all on the iphone 5. Perhaps at times it "might" get slighlty dimmer or brighter in extreme conditions if you give it time, but if this is the new way I think the old way was much better! Go outside in bright light on the iphone 4 and it instantly gets brighter. Useful ,unlike the way the iphone 5 is now.


    Hopefully someone will let me know what I am doing wrong, or apple will address it.

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    Okay Brenton, at first I tried your second response to this thread and it did not work for me. If it does work then I still would like to find out how. But then I saw this post of yours linked below and gave it a try:



    It works as you described! Big improvement with the handling of auto brightness on the iphone 5 in my opinion, though it still has one quirk, which I will elaborate on later.


    My iphone 4 has had every IOS that was available since it came out, including ios 6 and it has worked the same on all of them. Set the brightness slider to what you like and with auto brightness on it would get brighter if you went into brighter conditions. This is where it stopped working though. If you went back into a darker environment it would NOT get dimmer. Only way to get it dimmer was to push a button to put the phone to sleep. Once awakened it went back to the original setting. With this system the slider NEVER moved. Thus if you turned the phone off when the phone was brighter you saw the phone get dimmer instantly.


    The iphone 5 works differently. If you set it in your darkest environment, as brenton mentioned in the link above, and turn on auto dim the system does work. Go into a brighter room and you will not only see the phone get brighter, but you will actually see the slider move!! Go into an even brighter situation and it will do it again. Now go back to the darker room. You will NOW see the display get dimmer and the slider again will move to match the brightness! It moves down more slowly than it moves up which is good in my opinion as it does take time for the eyes to adjust to darker conditions. With the iphone 5 if you turn off auto brightness the slider will remain where it was when it was turned off. Turn it off in a bright environment and the slider will stay at the top of the scale, thus no noticeable difference in brightness when turning auto brightness off! Perhaps this is what is confusing for those of use that are used to the old way.


    Works great in my opinion except for one thing, it now needs to be reset to the lowest conditions. Probably not something that many will have to do as I never turned off auto brightness in the two years I had my iphone 4. I don’t see why you shouldn't be able to set auto brightness at its highest setting and then have it go down when going to a darker room. Perhaps there is a reason, or perhats it is a quirk left over from the iphone 4… At least it works if one knows what to do.



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    I have found the solution to be what others are saying.


    Just leave auto brightness switch on and set your desired brightness when you enter different lighting situations. The next time you are in that lighting situation the phone will remember the brightness you set.

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    rweaver, I will try it again, though I don't have much hope of it working that way. Did you set the slider for extremes to make sure it was truly remembering what you manually set, or could it be that it was just picking what was normal for that situation and it matched what you inputed?


    I did not set any levels other than my preference for minimum light and it adjusted by itself for brighter conditions, with no input for me for the different lights situations. If it works as was exlained earlier it would not move at all as I did not set the preference for that condition, thus it should think that I wanted it to remain dark. I even put the phone right up to a light buld and it maxed out, again, I never set it for that.

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    Sensor works very well, both on 4S and 5 but people do not know how to set it correct.


    1. You need to set slider on minimum brightness

    2. Turn auto-brightness one ON/OFF and set it on ON, than it will adjust automaticly




    The auto-dim feature got significantly improved in iOS 6. The best improvement is brightness adjustment in the lock screen. Before, in a dark room, I would be blasted with the iPad or iPhone’s default brightness before sliding to unlock and having it dim down to match the room’s brightness. Now, from the moment the screen turns on, the brightness is appropriate.

    In all previous versions of iOS, the light sensor would sense the room’s brightness and then suddenly make the brightness adjustment. In iOS 6, the auto-brightness adjustment is gradual and much more subtle, like the Mac. "

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    I thought I had the same issue but reading this post has explained how it works under iOS 6. For anyone still having problems, go into a pitch black room and set the brightness to minimum with auto-brightness turned on. When you turn the lights on the brightness will increase. I'm actually quite impressed, would just have been nice if it was explained somewhere without me having to search online.

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    I also have this problem. I will go to apple store to change money back. OMG there are alot of problem on iphone 5. Facebook run not well. It always stuck and auto brightness not work too. Hmmmm

  • ken5 Level 1 (60 points)

    Hi Thirath,


    I would give the auto brightness another try as it works really well. Can't comment about facebook as I dont use it.

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    Thirath it does work. It's not just in the 5 but the 4S as some users have said the same. It's a different way if working. You set what you want in light. Then it'll just adjust from there

  • ken5 Level 1 (60 points)

    It also works fine on the iPhone 4.

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    same problem here..Iphone 5 with Ios 6 - auto brightness doesn't work. It shouldn't be complicated.. it its bright...screen should be bright and vice versa. I wonder how this is a 'smartphone' anymore!

  • jane120 Level 1 (0 points) new iphone 5 was working great. No issues with auto brightness. It worked fine. All of a sudden tonight it was very dim and wouldn't brighten. Check out Andehh reply above. I did what he said and now it works fine again.

  • jane120 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks! This worked great!

  • grsteinberg Level 1 (5 points)

    That seemed to work. Thanks.

    Apple Care did even now that.