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    calsuio  i dodn havea ny download in itunes. i am just staing tha geerally  downlaoding through web other stuff 9not at the same time  works). mean if you can see yuotube, skype, etc cant reaally underatnd wht isthe problem. i thin it has sth to do with the connection to the store server of apple throught the device or wif maybe?

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    For UK Virgin customers. Problems with your Super Hub could be causing issues with your IPhone/IPadMacbook. Are you getting "Unable to download application" or errors associated with a download. If so, it is an issue with your Modem/Router. This problem may be effecting other users in different countries who use an ISP with a faulty system. In tech speak it seems to be an issue with NAT acceleration.  Full article in the link below.



    Cable ISP Virgin Media UK has begun preparing the finalR37 Firmware update for their traumatised SuperHub(NetGear) wireless router / modem kit, which claims to fix the notorious corrupt downloads bug on their superfast broadband service. Not to mention a few problems withwifi and unexpected rebooting.


    The SuperHub, which is now roughly two years old, seems to have experienced no end of problems since its introduction. Slow speeds, unstable wifi connectivity, random rebooting and most recently the corrupted downloads bug (seemingly introduced with the R36 firmware in July 2012) have all plagued the device at one time or another.

    Thankfully Virgin Media, which said last month that it had been “working at the highest priority to develop new firmware to help address the issues reported by some of our customers“, now claims to have received “positive feedback” about NetGear’slatest R36T13 test update, which alongside a few extra fixes looks set to become the official “R37 production build firmware“.

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    I had the exact same problem and it persisted regardless of which wifi network I was on (or using just LTE), regardless of the city/state I was in. Found this thread in the Apple Support forums and it fixed my issue. Apparently I still had a song that was downloading from iTunes, and for whatever reason, the song is stuck in the "processing..." stage. No matter how many times I restart it, it's still stuck. THAT song was then preventing the next one from downloading. So I paused the broken one, started the pending one, then went back to the app store and found I was able to download everything as expected. So check that first.

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    It seems I am not the only one facing these problems. Thank god, the problem is with Apple. I am facing this problem, when updating the Apps to latest one. 99% failure gauranty. Finally, i figured out a solution to this problem. Just delete the old app and install it freshly :-). That is the only way to dealt with Apple. Don't ask for your old data :-(. That is history and apple don't like to have it on your phone :-(.


    I am not looking for solution here. Any way, Apple can not give it for sure. I am just informing to others, who can atleast survive from this problem.


    PS: I am on 20Mbps Wi-Fi connection




    An unhappy iPhone 4S customer.

    iPhone 4S - iOS 6.1.2 (Wolrd's Advanced Worst OS Ever)

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    I have a very similar problem with my Iphone 4.  I cannot download any app from the itunes store on wifi or 3G.  I press download, enter my password, it looks like it will download but it pops back to the app with the free button.  I've reset, re-synched, everything but wipeout everything and start from scratch.  Has anyone found a solution?

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