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Hi there,


I have had my macbook pro for 2 years and only recently I have started experiencing wifi connection issues.


My internet connection is through Spirit Telecom (not by choice - the building I'm in is wired to them), I use OSX Lion and I use a Billion wireless router.


Occasionally when I boot up my computer I can see and link to my wifi connection as well as seeing an assortment of my neighbours' however generally I can see only my neighbours wifi connections and mine is missing. When I check on my mobile to see whether I can access my wifi on that, when my computer can't see it, the wifi connection is always visible on my phone.


Generally I need to resort to a personal hotspot on my phone in order to connect to the internet on my macbook pro.


I have also looked into solutions on the internet, however nothing seems to work.


I reset the PRAM, I have added a new network location which has worked but only once (it only lasted a day), I have checked that my software is all up to date, I've re-booted everything, I'm always within a couple of metres of the router.


Any tips or ideas? Or should I be thinking about going to the Apple Shop?


Thanks in advance,


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)