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Hi there,


I have had my macbook pro for 2 years and only recently I have started experiencing wifi connection issues.


My internet connection is through Spirit Telecom (not by choice - the building I'm in is wired to them), I use OSX Lion and I use a Billion wireless router.


Occasionally when I boot up my computer I can see and link to my wifi connection as well as seeing an assortment of my neighbours' however generally I can see only my neighbours wifi connections and mine is missing. When I check on my mobile to see whether I can access my wifi on that, when my computer can't see it, the wifi connection is always visible on my phone.


Generally I need to resort to a personal hotspot on my phone in order to connect to the internet on my macbook pro.


I have also looked into solutions on the internet, however nothing seems to work.


I reset the PRAM, I have added a new network location which has worked but only once (it only lasted a day), I have checked that my software is all up to date, I've re-booted everything, I'm always within a couple of metres of the router.


Any tips or ideas? Or should I be thinking about going to the Apple Shop?


Thanks in advance,


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Sounds like a channel conflicting problem or interference from your neighbors


    Your likely going to need a professional come by with sniffer software and sort the mess out, get your router channels away from thiers or recommend a more powerful wireless N or something.


    Until then use a Ethernet cable to connect the Mac to the router or modem, if the modem, then you have to power on/off  while connected to the Macto get the ISP to honor it.

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    Thanks for your reply!


    But would it be a conflicting channel if my MacBook pro is the only one that can't connect? My iPhone, along with other devices such as my kindle, can see the network all the time - it's just my MacBook that can't.

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    Hmmm, does the same thing occur while on Ethernet cable?



    Run through this known fix list of mine, it's all I can suggest.


    WiFi, Internet problems, possible solutions

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    Hi guys,


    I personally figured it out on why this problem occur, well let me just hit to the point.


    What happens is that the router of the wifi channel is being changed automatically or someone might accidentally changed it. MBP can't detect wifi from certain wireless channel. So, we have to change the channel of the router wifi channel that may be detectable by your MBP.



    1. Connect to the wifi from a active device to the router wifi that your MB can't detect or use Ethernet cable to get connected.


    2.Once connected, access to the router wifi menu by entering the ip address on your net browser, eg:


    3.Then go to wifi setup or menu, and you may come across the wireless channel.


    4.Switch the channel from any numeric to numeric that the router wifi can make your MB detect it.

      eg: Wireless Channel - 6 (change it to -->) Wireless Channel - 11


    5.Save the settings for the router wifi, exit, restart your MB and HAVE FUN!

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    I've followed your advice and now it's working. thank you very much

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    I have the same problem and your advice seems to have solved it for me. Thank you so much, Inba!!!

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    Thanks Inba ..Definitely that was the problem..!!

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    This fixed my issue as well.  Thanks for the advice!