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    There are other issues surrounding Bluetooth on the iPhone5.  My first hint of problems came while texting someone while wearing my Jawbone Era headset.  The keytouch clicks were not only out of sync but lagging several keystrokes (very disorienting).  I then switched to my Jawbone Icon, same results. I unpaired both headsets, powered cycled BT, power cycled the iPhone, re-paired my headsets, not change. I have tried both 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi as well as LTE connection (ie to isolate if the Murata Wifi/BT chip was overloaded by Wifi operations), but no difference.  I then tried to watch a movie while listening via the BT headset and the voices are lagging just like the clicks.  Apple obviously has problems with BT in general after reading all the issues posted here and elsewhere. Hopefully it is something that is correctable with a BT stack update. 


    FYI, this is NOT something generic to iOS6 as my spouse has an IP4S running iOS6 and the BT is in perfect sync over the exact same headsets and there is NO lag on keytouch (other than a slight delay when the BT link to the headset has gone into standby but that simply drops the initial sounds, it does NOT cause a lag)

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    I have been having issues with my iPhone 5 not directly connecting to my 2012 wrx Bluetooth. My iPhone 4 did without problem

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    Why is Apple not taking this seriously...

    I haven't got any response till now.

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    I have been trying to connect my bluetooth Motorola S10-HD headphones to my new iPhone 5, and it doesn't recognize them even after turning both on/off multiple times. It worked fine on my iPhone 4 for the past year... what happened with the iPhone 5????

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    The IP5 uses a TOTALLY new new chip for WiFi/BT. Not even the same manufacturer. I suspect that the BT software stack is at issue with this new chip.  Whatever the problem, the IP5 is a HUGE step backwards as far as BT is concerned.  This, on top of the map mess, really makes it appear that this new baby may well have needed a bit longer gestation.

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    Everyone needs to call in about this to apple care. Maybe if enough people complain they will fix it faster.

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    My Bluetooth actually works now, before my 4S after the 5.1.1 update didn't work consistently in my 2012 Kia Optima SX, the 5 seems to work fine and Siri even comes across thru the speakers for turn by turn instructions.  Knock wood...

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    New chip or not software fix should resolve this issue

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    My new iphone5 was paired to my razor headset (verizon wireless store set this up for me).  On the drive home, it stopped working, I thought the headset needed charging.  Now it is charged but the iphone setting will not let me turn on bluetooth at all.  Anyone?

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    I'm having trouble with the iPhone 5 maintaining a bluetooth connection to Honda HandsFreeLink in a 2011 CR-V.  I am able to successfully pair the iPhone, but after the initial pairing it will not connect automatically when the car is started.  Would appreciate any input.

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    I can not pair the iPhone 5 with my 2013 Mazda CX-5. I called Apple and they didn't know much about the issue. I told them that there were quite a few threads with people having similiar issues. She put me on a hold for a bit and talked to her supervisor and came back and told me that this issue is just becoming noticed and I should keep trying and call back in a few days if it still isn't working.


    I asked if there would be a software update and she said if enough people have the issue.. grrr..


    So please call if you have the issue!!!! At this point, there is no solution.

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    iPhone bluetooth should be able to connect to other computer systems and phones too.  My iPhone 4 works with iPad, MacBook Air, PC, Merc, etc.  Now my iPhone 5 (x 2 sets) works with just the iPad, nothing else.  Something is definitely wrong with iPhone 5 bluetooth.  Apple needs to fix it quick.

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    Submit bug tickets to apple the more we send the more attention this will get. Most likely you have slow wifi speeds also. Add that also

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    I am having issues with iOS6 upgrade on my 4 phone. When connecting via BT to my Alpine head unit, I have lost the ability to control track forward/back and the automatic play after the two connect. I have to hit play from the phone and I can control play/stop/pause after that. Hands free phone still works for at least the features I use. I have not looked at all of it.  I have not upgraded my wifes 4 phone, and it still works great with the Alpine unit.  There  has to  be an issue with BT on the new OS. This really hacks me off, as I like to keep my hands on the steering wheel as much as possible when changing tracks rather than fumbling with the phone while driving in order to change tracks. Apple folks, a resolution fix if you please.

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