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    Just for info where are you locate ?

  • jamesleo2012 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Mikexchim, I am just east of Toronto in the Pickering area.  If your in the GTA and having the LTE connection issue I would suggest to contact Bell and make sure your # is added to their master ticket and also contact apple support they will send you a test message with a link to take diagnostic information of your device and send it back to them. Hope this helps.


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  • Mikexchim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks ! I'm in montréal and i'm with Telus but it seems the same issue for all user who use their tower !

    I had talk with technical support from Telus and they said that the problem came because they have not having testing the iphone 5 before is release !


  • jadkam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So bell fixed the tower near my area I finally have LTE coverage that's north Mississauga 10th line area, I reset network settings on my iPhone just to check and voila it was there.

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    Still nothing in scarborough.... also... noticed when I do get coverage.. it DOESENT WORK.. phone says LTE.. and data is SOOOOOO SLOW!!! I mean pages take 15 min to load slow!!! even after resetting settings etc.. max I was able to get about 50 feet YES FEET from a tower was 3.3/M by 1.5/M GRRRRRR

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    K nevermind I've dropped back to 3G what the **** ! I hate you Bell

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    @scottyontario ... I also live in Scarborough on the Virgin Mobile (Bell) network and I get no LTE network connectivity ever. I'm always on 3G. I bought my iPhone 5 from Futureshop. I have 14 days to return it. I'm considering doing that. Have you spoken to anyone? Is it that our area simply has no LTE coverage or is there some network issue?

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    When you call each provider about the problem they said they don't know about this issue and this is the first time they heard about the problem. In my opinion they get advise to minimize the issue and i think they simply lying to consumer or make like everything was ok.

    I call telus 2-3 times and they said (NO! I NEVER heard SOMETHING About the LTE)




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    @Mikexchim ... I don't know how much merit there is to that claim. As pointed out by others, Bell has on a few occassions acknowledged that is an issue and they are working to resolve it. However, it is totally plausible these companies are trying to downplay the situation. You won't see any official statement or public report about the issue. This type of wide-spread network problems would most certainly hurt any companies sales and drive people to their competitors. I don't blame them to be honest.


    But if they are unaware of the issue, you should make them aware. Provide the service rep you speak to next, with all the information at your disposal. Direct them to this Apple support board if they are willing to have a look. Whats important is that you have a record on file indicating that you called to complain about the issue. It doesn't even matter if it gets resolved right away.


    You just want, at the least, to be able to hold them accountable. Be sure to collect the service reps name, employee ID and incident / case number. This way, you have a bargaining chip should you want to try and back out of a contract or perhaps get some form of monetary discount off your next bill for lack of advertised service. At best, at least you know you're problem will be addressed at some point. They are not going to leave service/case tickets open as I'm sure someone within the company makes a bonus based off the number of service calls they clean up.

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    I had do all the state you said. Thanks to advance some positive points for consumer .

    the things is like me i had to pay FEE for a contract who was not done to get an upgrade for having a discount on the iphone 5 because i was so excited to get the LTE speed !

    I try to bargain before the launch of the ip5 but they refuse to remove the rest of my 6 month left contract!

    Maybe i will try on my next bill when i will get my penality due to my earlier upgrade.

    Thanks !

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    I live in west mississauga, close to winston churchill and eglington.  I've called telus twice and the second time I spoke to them the  tech on the phone said that the hspa+ signal is overpowering the 4g/LTE signal.  Sounds like bull **** to me.....


    However I am able to get on LTE (at 28 MBPS), but only on the second floor of my house.  I've also been able to get on LTE in Kensigton Village toronto but thats all.

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    Just got a call from Telus.  They confirmed with me that the problem is actually the phone!  Its a problem with the LTE chip.  Apple chose to go with a single chip that receives both LTE and 3g signals.  The problem is that the software in IOS6 will choose the 3g connection if it perceives it as the stronger signal.  Telus is trying to mitigate the issue by tuning their 3g signals so that they are weaker than the threshold that apple set for 4g signals.


    He also said that apple is fully aware of this and its happening to any iPhone 5 on a carrier that supports HSPA+.  He also said apple will be addressing this on their first maintenance update......

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    Thnx for the reply. I have been doing a bit of reading on the LTE chip used and totally agree. Our fix will have to come from Apple.

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    We will have to wait for a ios 6.1

    I think they probably go to ios 6.9 for this os .


    so it means that the 3g networks had more stronger signal than the LTE ?

    The best thing to do is to wait and SHut down the LTE to preserve the battery life

    Until the problem will be resolve by the way is terribly draining fast !


    Thanks for reply !

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    I haven't tried going without LTE to see if it made a difference with the battery life ...
    when I questioned the Apple store about the battery I asked them if LTE drained more battery then 3gs and he said no it drains the exact same amount just have to keep charging the phone until they get the update launched perhaps I will try it and see the difference for myself but I'll be honest needing to charge my phone every night really isn't a big deal for me since I was in the habit of putting my old one on the docking station each night anyways  will be happy to be able to do that again though I just hope the adapter is thin enough to fit on the docking station I have  if it is as big as the plugin block it will not fit

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