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  • Vallotron Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue. Flickering static lines on keyboard. I think only in App Store. Happened since day 1

    Black 64g iPhone 5

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    Same thing happens with my iPhone5, it's so sporadic that I don't feel like going to the apple store because I know I won't be able to replicate the problem, but it is annoying.  I also tried to print the screen (by holding the home + sleep button) so I could show at the apple store but the image came out with no issue.


    I guess Apple is not the same without Steve Jobs. It's a shame that the company knowing for its products quality is selling such a low quality product.


    My iphone5 also have the so annoying rattling sound next to the back camera


    Black 64GB iPhone5

  • bjamesreed Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Did you read this post thread? The flickering occurs while typing your apple I'd password. It is a software bug that will be fixed soon. Seriously "print screen?"  Do you know anything about the iPhone? Your probably trolling to rant about your "issue," save it for gizmodo blogs. But seriously, bring it back, people like you don't deserve a product as well crafted and thought out as the iPhone 5. Get a Samsung galaxy s 3 and see how crappy that phone is.    Please don't bring Steve into this, you know nothing about the man and never will. "It's a shame that the company knowing for its products quality is selling such a low quality product." Really? That sentence is not even written well enough for thoughtful consideration. Who puts these words together that actually has a grasp on the English language. In the future try not to respond to a post you know nothing about.

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    @ bjamesreed = dude the quality of the iphone5 has definately not as good as it use to be. My iphone was chipped in the corner right out of the box. And since apple has not said a word about the flickring problem so please dont be so sure about it thats is a software problem. though even i know to some extent it is.

  • iFrodo Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)



    I think you are idealizing the what Apple "used to be". I know Apple since 2001, and on a lot of their products, from Apple latptops and desktop computers, to iPhone and iPad, including the iPods, have had manufacturing issues out of the box and software or hardware issues, particularly for the first batches produced.


    You should remember issues with audio quality, misfunctionning speaker, cosmetic issues, batery life issues...etc Some were software issues (battery life on iPhone 4 for example), others hardware but hopefully, like today with the iPhone 5's cosmetic issues out of the box it concerned a very small amount of produced devices.


    Generally Apple rarely speak abotu minor issues like the one we are discussing here. They never did in the past, for example, I remember a flickering issue on Apple LED Cinema Display 24" with Thunderbolt macs, that took Apple more than 6 months to deliver a fix (software fix) and they never communicated about it. When you called them, they just told that there may be a software fix but they couldn't provide any delivering date of a possible fix.


    So no, it's not worse than what it used to be, is in fact exactly as it used to be, not better, not worse. It's the same. I think that you have a better image of what it used to be because you had the chance to not get a lemon before or only had a very few issues in the past with Apple products, and then lucky you, but having had some issues with Apple products already (including some out of the box), I can tell you that this is no different than the usual Apple here.

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    Same here. Flickering keyboard, seems random, but I will try to pay more attention to what I'm doing when the flickering starts. I just saw it though while I was getting a new app. Tried to do a screenshot of the flickering keyboard, but the 'flash' of the screen when doing the screenshot seems to refresh the screen/killing the flickering.


    iPhone 5 32GB White

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    I have this flickering and can reproduce it easily, photos camera roll if not all ready open

    3.touch a video in your camera roll, don't play it just open it.

    4.then touch camera roll top left corner

    5.then touch the same video you did the first time and it flickers or jumps.

    if you do it a couple of times in a row they start to jump or flicker.

    You can do this with every video in the camera roll in land scape or portrait.

    At least it dose for me. Not sure if this is related but seems odd.

    And I noticed a video that plays just fine on my 4 is jumping like crazy when playing is

    By atomic Tom, called Take me out.

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    I tried your steps to reproduce the issue you describe and I can't reproduce it. I tried a dozen times to be sure but definitely I can't reproduce the specific issue you describe.


    I say specific issue because what you describe has nothing to do with what is discussed here at first. Here we are talking about flickering static lines appearing randomly above the on screen keyboard (for example when entering password on the AppStore).

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    so people its not just confined to app store.. it happens in Itines as well. and it always happen in darker keyboard when it is over on some other graphics.. so i am not a technical person but i read it some where  that it happens due the changes apple has made in ios6 to handle popup windows like when we have to put in password in app store and itunes.. it will be fixed in next update.. no worries. and its in every I5..all my friends and both my phones have the same glitch so i am assuming its in every iphone.. others just dont know it yet or they just dont post here... chill.....

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    I just thought I'd throw it out there, I'm no code writer just a user, but found another way the screen distorts jumps and flickers, open music select a video let it play a second or so, pause it and click done top left, then click now playing top right, if you do this back and forth pressing the now playing button and the done button a few times, well I get a serious flicker and jumping of the screen when the artist info is being displayed.

    I'm thinking its somehow related how ios6 may be handling refreshing the screen or something to do with graphics maybe it's just my phone, but wanted to share the info to hopefully help someone figure it out.

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    I encountered exactly the same issue 3 or 4 times, but I did not noticed it for the last 10 days..

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    Mine is doing the same thing almost every time

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    My and my fiancé phone also has the problem.

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    My phone does it on the app store and also when opening up one of my groups.  Took it to the Apple Store, was told the engineers told them it was a software problem.  Solution was to reset my phone.  Worked for 2 days and now it is back to having static