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The most expected app for ios6 was the new map app. It really blow my mind how bad it is: always giving bad locations, tiny streets, traffic doesn't work, BIG etc.


So, When are you planning to correct all these error?


when apple says that siri is going to be working in another countries in ios6 i was expecting location of places fixed. Didn't happened.


So when Siri is going to be completly functional in southamerican countries?


I lost ALL MY EBOOKS bought way before having an iphone. Because i trust apple upgrades i just have it on my iphone and now they are all lost!!!


really i was expecting way more from apple guys... since the death of steve jobs the changes of everything werent the expected by everyone. they are just not big enough.


i hope u work out with all these soon ... cause until now ios6 is a HUGE dissapointing.

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