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    Switching the OS International language worked for me.  Volume settings now sound louder, as they were before.


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    I did the International change to British English and back, first.  May have made a slight difference in volume, but not drastic.  Turning on the hearing aid support made a big difference.  Just like one of the previous posters mentioned, go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Aids.  When presented with the Blue Tooth dialog window, click CANCEL.  Then turn on "hearing aid mode".  The volume increase/improvement was significant.   Thanks for the tip.  (It is a shame that you have to do this to make the speaker volume max what it should be.)

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    I've had the iPhone 5 for almost a year now and I HAD the same problem.


    This fixed it for me:
    Before I had iPhone 5 I had iPhone 3GS. When I got the new phone I backed up everything from 3GS and set up the new phone from that backup, all contacts, messages and that. I got the problem from the start; low volume from the headphone socket. The speaker volume was not affected. I read it somewhere that when you "restore from backup" from 3GS (might happen on other types, don't know) the iPhone 5 got a problem with the volume.


    So the fix was to set the phone up "AS A NEW PHONE". I backed up the contacts on 3GS to iCloud and imported photos etc. to my macbook so I wouldn't lose them. Restored everything with no problem to the new phone. There was a DRASTIC difference in the headphone socket volume. Haven't had the problem since.



    UPDATE: Sorry, I must have misunderstood the problem. My problem was vice versa to yours. Anyway... If people have problem with the headphone socket volume, this might help...


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    I did a small hunt in settings before finding you, bluesappie. Yup - it was the film. Soooooo stupid.  I'm very grateful. Hope Apple support now know to ask about this for those who don't make it to this page

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    Amazing.  It is now April, 2014 and the "bluesapphie" suggestion/solution is still needed, and it still works. Surprisingly, removing the protective film from in front of the ear piece made all of the difference.

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