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I just got my Iphone 5 today, and all is amazing except that when I talk on the phone withouth headsets the volume is low and I have it to the max! When I use it with the headsets however, is great.  Any advice?  Should I take it to the store to get it replaced? Or should I just do a factory reset?



iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I had the same problem. What I did was go to Settings, General, International. Then, I changed the Language from English to British English & exited. Then I changed it back to English. For whatever reason, this made a HUGE difference in call volume. Hope it works for you!

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    I was having the same problem. Guess what, I still had the film on since I haven't got the permanent film yet! Cut the film and it now works fine....

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    Im having the SAME problem! :

    Ive restored/backed up my phone, reset all settings, tried everything possible and nothing is working. Only solution is to take it back to my carrier as i am within the 7 days of purchase and getting a replacement, however this will take a very long time, 4 weeks minimum i was told due to the high demand!! They then suggested to go straight to apple instead as this may able me to receive a new iPhone 5 quicker, phoned them and they said no, go to your carrier as that is where you bought the phone from originally!

    Very unimpressed with this current fault, just good to know im not the only one!!

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    too funny, bluesapphie - I didn't think of it until I read your post - thanks for clueing us in!

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    Thanks works! Just got off the phone with Apple Support who were clueless and whom I worried sick with this volume problem..

    Anyways they could not resolve and I read your post...and by just removing the plastic cover - now the volume is perfect!


    Feel so silly

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    bluesapphie I did the same thing, feel like such an idiot! haha

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    OH my gosh, I feel so dumb!   Cut the film and it works fine!  Thanks!!

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    Glad I'm not the only dork on the planet!!  Mine works just fine now too!

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    I have the exact same problem, volume is way to low and pointless for some situations, I have several friends at work who have the problem to, seems that its an entirely product wide issue, I called Apple and they are sending me a replacement one but I am not confident that the issue will be resolved, I also have small scratches on the edges which were there when it arrived, its just not a great product which is a shame as I am an apple devote.


    What really gets me though is when I called them to get a replacement they said this was the first that they had heard of the issue, clearly they are bare faced liers or they don't talk to one another or indeed read this site

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    I have the same problem,change iphone 4s to 5 and verry low headphones volume for all(music,youtube,web)

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    Very weird issue. I've been noticing it since I've been using the headphone jack periodically over the past day or two.


    I've tried what RekbaSkinssuggested (changing the International language) and this fixed my problem somehow... **** this is annoying.

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    I solved this problem by turing on the "hearing aids" feature in the accessibility section of general preferences.

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    First of all a big thanks to bluesapphie.


    I felt very dump when I found out it is the original film that makes the volume that low. I also found out the people from Apple who are responsible for iPhone's last minute packaging a little more dumper than myslef as they could have saved all our times by making a small hole on the film...

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