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I am having trouble getting podcast to download my podcasts.  When I open Podcasts I get a message under description "We are sorry, but we are unable to authorize your account.  Please contact customer service."


My podcast that I am downloading requires a subscription and needs a username and password when downloading on iTunes.  Not sure how to enter my username and PW.


Any suggestions??

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    I have the same problem. When upgrading to iOS 6, my podcasts were moved from the Music app to the Podcasts app. I can no longer listen to the ones that need authorization on my device. Nice.

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    I know. I'm ticked about this too. And it's much easier to deal with the podcasts using the iTunes interface on my Mac.  Apple, fix this.

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    Looks like the workaround for this is to...

    1) Delete the podcast app from your device

    2) Close the Music app on your device

    3) Synch with iTunes

    4) Open the Music app and under the More tab you should see the Podcasts choice show up again. If you still don't see it, close the Music app and reopen it again.


    That worked for me. Once the podcast app supports paid subscriptions to podcasts, I will give it a go. Until then, I don't want it anywhere near my iPhone.

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    U just beat me to the punch. That's exactly what I just finished doing.

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    I downloaded was forced to download the podcasts app and did not like it so I got rid of it.  What I am still unhappy about is that there is no way to download podcasts directly to the iphone without syncing with my computer unless you have the Podcasts app.  So I have basically been forced to download the Podcasts app again.  With the podcasts app you have to subscribe, but sometimes I just want to be able to chose which epiosdes I want without subscribing.  Also, I want to be able pick and choose which old episodes I want.  Does anyone know a way around this? 

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    I installed the Podcast app so I could download new podcasts while traveling.  Now that I am at home and can sync my phone to my computer again I don't need (or want) the app anymore.  I deleted it from the phone and from the computer and then restarted my phone and the podcasts returned to the Music app.  What I am finding now is that the Podcast app keeps reinstalling itself on both the computer and the phone.  Is there anyway to stop this?

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    ipad is disabled


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