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    Just bought a metal case by ODOYO and using it totally blocked my wifi. This is sometrhing I do not really understand but it is a fact. I do not (yet) know if the same happens with a plastic or leather case, but my guess is that it wouldn't

  • Undercover101 Level 1 (15 points)

    After installing iOS 6.0.2 on my iPhone 5, I now have problems with my wifi signal. I have tried multiple brands of routers by connecting to friends home networks, as well as my work network my wifi is constantly going from full 3 bars down to 2. When I move maybe 15-20 ft away from router the signal goes to 1 bar then to LTE/3G. Never had this problem before on my phone. No clue what is going on, I'm hoping it is a software problem and will be fixed in iOS 6.1 for it is driving me crazy. I installed iOS 6.0.2 OTA the day it came out.

  • troublemakr Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I have tried the hard reset, but still get a weak signal on the iphone 5.

    Plus, it has a hard time re-connecting to the base station after going to sleep.

    I'm looking at the router's page, and the signal strength (as seen by the router)

    is a full 10dB lower for the iPhone5 than for other devices (MBP, iPad2).

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    On my 3gs I used to be able to get a signal all over my house and on my Iphone5 it drops out if I walk upstairs. This seems to be a problem with the antenna and is probably down to the phone being slimmer and lighter. Think i would rather a larger phone and be able to surf the net.


    Seriously Apple, this is a complete joke! The Galaxy S3 would never have been released with such a serious flaw. Unless a fix can be provided I am considering moving to android. I know it's a swear word on here but that's how I feel.

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    - Living with the same problem at Home/Office; even after the 6.0.2 software update; that did nothing unless get y battery darined quickly.

    - How to solve this problem please, it becams annoying! 

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    I've been looking for a case for my iPhone 5 and I decided to check out Kickstarter and I think I found a bumper that might be what I was looking for. The guys behind the project posted an update yesterday addressing the signal loss issue. I'm providing the link in case anyone is interested. -bumper-for-iph

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    YES. YES. YES.

    It is the case that was the cause of the problem for me! I was using a gel case for a while and then I switched over to a hard, snap on case. Suddenly, my phone couldn't connect to wifi unless I was a few feet from the signal. I tried my gel case back on recently and it all started working again. Don't use a metal case.

    Its all about the case!!!

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    Not the case.  Plastic case on or off when I'm next to the router I can get a signal, when I'm in the next room I get a wifi signal but can't pull up any website on safari.  Other iphone 5, ipad and iphone 4 work fine.

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    I have a naked phone, no case. I used to be able to get a signal (with my 3GS) at twice the distance to the new iPhone5. Seriously: Apple's technical chops seem to be declining after Steve's departure. To add insult to injury, Apple does not have an API to monitor the wifi connection, so it is hard to get real data.

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    I've got a leather backed lamborghini case and suddenly the wifi signal has become very weak and does not even catch in places where my 4S shows 3 bars. If i take off the case it works fine. Its shocking the kind of design failures coming out of Apple now. There's no proper testing of products done due to all the secracy they like to keep over new launches. I've been a loyal iphone customer since the first iphone but I think i'm on my last iphone now. Time to switch to Android now. Such kind of lapses are unacceptable.

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    Unbelivable but it worked for me! From no wifi conection to full bar, just removing the stupid case.
    Thank you very much!!!

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    Hello. iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.0.1 have been having wifi connectivity issues.  iOS 6.0.2 (according to various sites) will fix that issue.  Do not worry, Apple will soon be releasing the update.


    -Starshine Sprint

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    iOS 6.0.2 came out weeks ago. Which world are you living in. And no it didn't sort out the wifi issue.

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    Hard reset worked for me but the wi-fi seems to drain the battery 50% more than LTE.  LTE overnight will drain the battery by 10-12%, wi-fi up to 25% overnight.

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    Not sure if anyone has replied with this answer but it worked for me.


    Try resetting Network Settings.


    Settings - General - Reset


    I had one bar on various routers but didn't seem to have any issues apart from seeing one bar on wifi reception.

    Once reset the wifi bars were full.

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