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  • Bulldog6 Level 1 (0 points)

    Haha, I was skeptical, but I am always willing to try, especially when it is something so easy.


    Reset network settings, and all is well!



  • canozumuz Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks! From one bar to full in seconds!

  • KimberlyAnn69 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you!  I had been using a clear plastic case and then switched to another case that seems to be a thicker plastic with a mirrored finish.  I didn't even realize it was blocking my wifi until I got a notice from AT&T that I had used 65% of my data plan allowance.  I went through many of the posts regarding blocked wifi and followed the advice to reset my network settings.  Nothing changed.  Then I found your post regarding the case.  Took it off and my wifi immediately became available.  Thank you again!  I was getting very frustrated!

  • cykopat Level 1 (0 points)

    Settings-->General--->Reset network settings solved my iPhone 5 wifi single bar.

  • ZeeShanRaza Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem. I changed my router's security settings from WEP to WPA Personal and its working like a charm now.

  • GR1973 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys,



    After living two years with an iPhone 4's obligatory use of bumper (read antenna gate), I recently bought a new iPhone 5 here in Brazil, where it costs more than U$ 1000 (unlocked).



    Almost the perfect smartphone. Almost.



    Except the fact it has an weaker wifi signal than my Windows Phone from U$ 100. Also weaker than another Apple devices as iPhone 4, 4S and iPad.



    I have tried everything you mentioned in here, since change language, hard reset, return to default net configs, and, then, finaly, restore to 6.0.2 iOS from iTunes. Same with my TP-Link wifi modem, I left it without any criptography, no security at all just to check.



    Nothing works.



    Hardware or software (I pray for this) iPhone 5 clearly have wifi weaker signal problem.



    I already wrote to and called to support.



    Hope you do the same, so we can have a faster solution.



    Last, but no least, step, with there's no solution in few weaks I will prosecute Apple, including punitive damages, because it is always the same history, beautiful, usefull, but also problematic devices.


    Apple's dicussions have this another (numerous) thread: Check it out.

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    The issue seems with all iphones

    I have my iphone 5 sitting my bedroom near me my ipad full signal strength

    While iphone cannot even get the signal. Only if i go near the router.


    So i am forced to use more my LTE connection.

    So disappointed  that even apple don't admit the isuue.

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    I have the same issue on my new iPhone 5 on both Wifi and cell networks.


    My Wifi on the iphone 4 is full bars and the iPhone 5 is 1-2 bars.  If I reset network settings and log back into my router it improves slightly, but soon reverts back to low signal and slow speeds to nothing.


    As for the cell networks.  I'm on Verizon.  My iPhone 4 gets between -80db - -85db while the iPhone5 goes from -110 to no service. 


    This does not seem like a software issue.  It seems like defective hardware from Apple. 

    Apple - do you have any suggestions or should I just return this defective product?

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    joshuatree you solved my problem thank you.  Weird but I have a silver PLASTIC case - maybe there's metal in the paint?  Anyway I had no signal unless I was practically sitting on my router and removing the case gave me full strength all over my house.  Such an easy fix thanks!

  • Vinhle2104 Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys I found out that having any type of case with aluminum, metal, or stuff like that on the case IT WILL make your wifi worse it is proven!! I've taken my case off (wifi's good) put on my plastic and rubber case (wifi still good) and then i put on my transformer case with an aluminum or something like that and it my wifi automatically turns off and it can't detect my home wifi anymore. At first i thought it was a myth but turns out it's not. Hope this help

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    A simple power off and back on fixed this issue for me. It seemed to be a display-only issue -- showed 1 "bar" but was moving data more than fast enough for a lightly compressed 1080p video stream to an AppleTV3 over 5ghz WiFi.


    A power off/on made it display full bars in the same place.

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    I have had the same problem. My iPad 4 has full bars and my iPhone 5 has only 2.  I just thought about taking my Otter Box off after reading some of the threads mentioning antennas.  "Low and behold" I now have full bars!


    Sounds like it probably is the antenna.  I am definitely going to go with a different phone next time.  I guarantee I will research Consumer Reports before I buy anything.

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    Best of luck tmarino! I own 14 various Android and iOS devices, and the iOS devices have roughly 40% better reception radius (20%ish behind metal shelving and thick walls, 60%ish in open space), and a much higher percentage of them have 5ghz capability (all but 1) where the Android devices do not (only one of many, and are thus have much, MUCH slower throughput). As a fellow Consumer Reports subscriber, I can confirm that consumer reports lacks expertise in a.) picking phones that have a low return rate and/or high customer satisfation rate, or b.) scientifically measuring antenna reception or bandwidth throughput in wireless devices. They certainly have dropped the ball several times in reliability ratings as well as they've given several phones "undurable" ratings that withstood the test of time, and many undurable, failure prone devices top notches in durability. They also don't know what an "app" or an "sdk" is or the benefits of each platforms approach to them.


    P.S. - bars on one device != bars on the other -- you're making the classic "but this one goes up to 11" mistake! It's so adorable! Like those smart folks from the movie Spinal Tap!


    I guess you're just not much of a smartphone/mobile kinda guy, eh?

  • tmarino225 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you. KeefKeef,


    I think the next time I need a new phone, I will rely on the "computer/smartphone kinda guy's" instead of Consumer Reports.


    I also had no audio after pairing with a Bluetooth speaker this past weekend.  I researched this website among others and did what a few of the smartphone/kinda guys (Let's just call the smartphone/kinda guys "geeks" since it is less typing), but nothing worked.


    The Genuis Geeks at the Apple store had no explanation for the problem.  They just gave me a new phone.


    p.s.  On a funny note.  I was kind of thrown into servicing an office with 45 Macs back in the early 90's even though I was a paralegal.  I was always willing to learn, so I knew how to fix/repair and maintain the server.  When the office IT geek up and quit, I was called into action.  When we changed to PC's, I started crying!  So my love for Apple technology will probably never change to any of the others out there!

  • JUN11 Level 1 (0 points)

    May I know which apple store you went?

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