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I received the iPhone 5 today and can't seem to connect to my wifi.  If i move closer to the router I get some bars. If i place the phone on top of the router I can connect and get full bars.  But move accross the room and the signal drops off completely. My old 4s has no trouble getting full bars anywhere in my house and even gets half strength outside.  Both are running iOS6. I tried hard restarts and settings resets and nothing works.  This is obviously a hardware issue, as my iPhone 4s, iPod touch 4th gen, and new iPad all run iOS6 and have no wifi issues. Anyone else having this issue?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    The Holy Mecha of Wifi


    Turn router off then on Try turning your wireless router off then back on.

    Change or turn off wireless security You may want to try toggling the settings on your wireless router, switching from WPA to WEP or vice versa, or, as a last resort, turning wireless security off altogether. For AirPort routers, this can be accomplished with the AirPort Admin Utility. For other routers, this can usually be accomplished by accessing the router’s configuration page — open a browser and enter the address

    Reset network settings on iPad. On your iPad, open Settings, then navigate to “General” in the left-hand pane. Scroll down and tap Reset, then select “Reset Network Settings.” This will delete any stored WiFi passwords and other information, but may result in a more stable connection.

    Adjust brightness upward. Oddly, a number of users have found that they can resolve this issue by simply adjusting the iPad’s brightness level upward and off the lowest setting. To do this, tap Settings, then select “Brightness & Wallpaper” from the left-hand pane. Slide the brightness bar upward, then wait 1-2 minutes and check for an improvement in signal strength. Speculation holds that a power delivery issue associated with the screen brightness affects Wi-Fi.

    Change thresholds in router settings. Access your routers configuration screen (for most routers, open a browser and enter the address, then change the fragmentation threshold and the CTS/RTS threshold as described here. Some users have found success with the settings Fragmentation= 2048, RTS = 512.

    Change 802.11 spec on router. Try changing your router’s wireless spec mode from B, G and N to G only or vice versa. For AirPort routers, this can be accomplished with the AirPort Admin Utility. For other routers, this can usually be accomplished by accessing the router’s configuration page — open a browser and enter the address

    Switch routers. Although a far-from-ideal solution, some users have found success with switching to a different wireless router.

    Turn off “Ask to Join Networks.” To do so, tap Settings on your iPad, then select “Wi-Fi” from the left-hand pane. Slide “Ask to Join Networks” to off. Speculation holds that leaving this option on causes the iPad to constantly seek networks, resulting in some type of interference with the network to which it is connected.

    Forget network then rejoin. Tap Settings on your iPad, then select Wi-Fi from the left-hand pane. Choose the network with which you are experiencing difficulty, then select “Forget this network.” Go back to the previous screen and rejoin the network.

    Turn off Bluetooth. Some users report that, perhaps due to interference issues, turning off Bluetooth can boost Wi-Fi signal strength. To do so, tap Settings then tap General in the left-hand pane. Tap Bluetooth in the right-hand pane, then slide to off.

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    I'm an iOS programmer and all around tech geek. None of these fixes did anything and I didn't expect them to. its obviously a hardware issue as every other apple device I own ( I have 6 ) see's about 6 wireless networks. The iPhone 5 sees zero unless I get ludicrously close to the router. Seems to me like the antenna is not connected and/or working correctly.

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    I am having the exact same issue..........

    let me know if you find the answer

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    My wife and I relieved our phones yesterday. She has food wifi strength throughout the house while mine does out quickly ... Probably a hardware issue doubtful its software. I hope the problem becomes recognized.

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    I too am having this issue - surely we can't all have dodgy hardware??

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    They made 2 milliom iphones in a rush. A couple could have bad hardware. According to my tracking info from UPS, my iphone started in the states. So my guess, is that i have a very early production run that was sitting in a warehouse. Does anyone else with this issue have a phone that was already in the states?

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    I'm having major issues with wifi as well. DOesn't connect, when it does, goes really slow / intermittent, something definitely wrong with wifi on iOS 6, i doubt it's hardware related.

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    I agree find it hard to believe that it's hardware related - this feels like an operating issue - otherwise we wouldn't have any wifi connection at all.

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    I took delivery of an iPhone 5 this morning and the wifi reception is rubbish. I connected to my network at home and even with the phone sat next to the router I only get 2 bars wifi signal.


    I am now at my Girlfiends house with my old iPhone 4 showing full signal and my new iPhone 5 unable to even pick up a signal. They are sat next to each other.


    Both running IOS 6.


    This is the 4th iPhone I have had and so far not impressed.


    Sort this out apple or I'll be going to get a refund and defecting to the Galaxy SIII !

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    Yep....all of the above for me too!

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    I am having all the same issues.  My iphone5 doesn't see my home WiFi signal and my blue tooth in my new SRX does not receive a clear signal (very scratchy).  Please note the iphone4 received many local WiFis and the blue tooth was very clear and sharp.  It is very frustrating.  I've tried all the usual methods to correct it (resets & restarts) without success.

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    what bb are you using outv of interest??

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    I am UK using British Telecom who I consider to be a good reliable ISP.


    No issues with iPhone 4 which will also pick up nearby neighbours networks.

  • AndyDoc80 Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm uk also using sky - just wondered if jusy one isp issue with...

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