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  • timekeeper24 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree and that is why i refused to do it for a long time.  i figured why get a phone i have to shut everything off on.  However, i finally was traveling and was desperate so i tried it.  I had to shut everything off at the same time though.   Just for the day, well really it was pretty obvious right away becase mine was draining at a phenomenal rate as well.  However, just take everything out of notification center, turn all location  services off (I would recommend turning each off not just the big location services button at the top), turn imatch off, and go into cellular at the bottom and turn everything off for "use cellular data"  Once I did this my battery changed and now i have added almost everything back in without the battery going back.  I am just saying I was stubborn at first too and it might not work for you but it worked for me it only took one day and I am happy now.  

  • cvea Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed. And I have done the same in cases of dire need.


    In the meanwhile I have got a new iPhone 5 last night. Went to the Genius Bar with my screenshots showing how much the battery was draining and got a new phone.


    Am now in "testing phase" (i.e., will go through two full battery cycles etc etc) and I'll see how it goes.

  • motomick Level 1 Level 1

    Lucky.  I went to the Genius Bar and got a restore....unfortunately they didn't iCloud backup correctly so I lost all my stuff.


    So far, no better battery usage....I'm within 30 days so I may just take it back to the carrier and get a Galaxy S3

  • innokentiy Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my issue. I got a phone two month ago. Im charging it min twice a day. Smt three. Im using it like it has to. Internet, apps, music. What I ever did. Restores, set up as a new phone, everything.

    Nothing helped. I was three times in apple store. Finally the replaced it as a new one.

    Guess what nothing changed. My friend uses his iphone worser than me. His battery dies for 24 houres. Smt less. Im talking about 4-6 hours of battery life. Thats kind of ********. I dont want turn off lte. Or smth. Ofcause my screen brightness on minimum. Bluetooth is off. Location services also. Notifications.

    Lol I can buy simple mobile and use it like my "iphone" and pay 25$ a month.

    Apple this is the first time Im really disappointed with you.

  • JManjaro Level 1 Level 1

    Well I think I got lucky on this one. I tried doing a simple stress test by watching youtube, the casual fb checking and playing Elgard all day until the battery was completely drained and the phone shutdown (from 10am - 7pm). Charged it for about 3hrs or so until the battery was fully charged and went to sleep. The next time I charged the phone was around 5pm the next day before going home from work (less youtubing, playing but more on fb checking and sms)


    The only dissappointing thing that happened to me was when I purchased the phone, it had a little unremovable rust like stain in the upper left side and also a teeny tiny dent on the bottom right corner. The sales rep in the store told me that they would replace the unit since it was tagged as "hardware" defective but to my surprise, they didn't open a new box, instead they opened a white rectangular box (seed stocks ) with an iphone inside which btw also has plenty of side and corner scratches and the plastic protector was too short for the phone itself. I don't know if these we're refurbs or what, but they we're poorly packaged. In the end I just got used to the stain and dent on my Iphone

  • JonnyQ23 Level 1 Level 1

    I just picked up my new 32gig i5 today, and already the battery drains faster than my two year old i4. So I came to the forums to see what gives, and now I'm freaking out. I'm not sure if I should wait for an update or take it in. Man I just got this baby. I really don't want these kinds of issues!

  • Hawk815 Level 1 Level 1

    Take it back and get a razr max hd if you want a good battery, apple is playing dumb on this issue, on cellular I would be lucky to get 4 hours of use, definitely not anywhere close to the advertised claims these jerks were making.

  • Tissuepaper Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 5, 32GB, iOS 6.0.1

    I've monitored the usage.

    WIFI is able to reach 8 hours and above upon usage.

    However, the biggest issue here is 3G.

    3G usage tested, 1% decrease every 2 minute usage, that means browsing FB / Safari. In this case, I can only benefit 3 hours of usage on 3G when my battery reach 15-20%. On paper, it was 8 hours on 3G.

    In addition, during standby with 3G enable, 1% decrease every 9 minute.



    *Please note that i have none iCloud account, location services off, notification off, no Navigation use during the testing period. Plainly just whatsapp, instagram, FB, Safari, Summly*

  • 33man Level 1 Level 1

    Hmm yesterday I was listening live music radio on 3G(128kbits/s) with my iPhone 5 connected to my laptop USB... The battery was not charging, I mean the power consumed for using 3G was so huge as the battery % was not growing and the phone was hot...


    So in my mind there is clearly a power issue on the communication chip... I don't know if it impact all models but I have a standard European GSM phone or it is worldwide.


    Browsing the web on 3G is like an ice cube in the desert... :)


    I just hope it can be fixed by flashing the chip or something similar because honestly having an iPhone 5 and using it only 2-4 hours per charge it is a bit annoying and I was expecting something better or at least same as iPhone 4...

  • io3 Level 1 Level 1

    hellow...reading all the comments about the battery problem for the iphone5, I began my google and youtube search for a possible solution. I found a video and many articles regarding this issue. I tried the restore option, but first I did a backup in my mac, then i hit the restore bottom. Sadly my phone IOS was the 6.0.2 so the phone was restored with the IOS. Let me tell you that the battery problem was solved significantly. Do not back up to icloud. Many of the battery issues comes from the backup from icloud, based of the fact the the platform of the i4s and i5 are not quite the same. Also, i may add that one night I fell asleep with 10% of the batt and when I woke up it was at 10% still. The only thing I switched off was the location services, I only turn it on when needed.

    I also read that the new IOS update (6.1.) will solve all the issues the phone has. The released date is a mistery though.

    I hope this was helpfull.



  • io3 Level 1 Level 1

    did you restore the phone from ur mac or computer?. The backup needs to be done to the mac or computer not the icloud.

    Previous to the i5 i had the i4s, I ran the i4s backup to the i5 when i bought it and it crashed (meaning: poor batt life). I did backup to my mac, then i restore the phone. I only turned off the location services thing, and i turn it on when needed.

    I will have faith, this happened with the i4s and apple solved it with a good update. So HOPEFULLY the ios 6.1.0 will be out SOON, or else i will return the phone. But for now my phone is running very good. (fingers crossed)

  • Tissuepaper Level 1 Level 1

    No backup or restore done for my iPhone5 because I was a Nokia E71 user. iPhone5 is my first and new smartphone and the high tech phone is losing to my old Nokia E71 power usage, note that E71 have FB, whatsapp and browsing and all. Sigh....

  • Tissuepaper Level 1 Level 1

    Lets Pray hard that the next update will fix all the issue. Otherwise, good sold are not refundable and we need to stick on it and carry a big powerbank everyday, everywhere. -______-

  • Akarin Level 1 Level 1

    I've had this whole "1% of drain per minute" problem. I had my iPhone 5 exchanged 3x already and no luck so far. The battery still drains like crazy when the phone is in use. Even typing words in Notes drains the battery. I tried everything I found on the net. From turning off 3G to DFU restore with no iCloud, no locations, brightness to the minimum, no installing other apps than stock apps...


    ...and after a while, I thought this is getting so ridiculous (come on, my Nokia from 10 years ago could do more), that I just gave up. Getting a S3 as I could try one and the battery was holding with my usage need. And while I'm at it, got many people around me (I'm a coder, I often get tech questions before somebody buys some tech gadget) to not buy an iPhone 5 but go for the competitors.

  • Hibzie Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem. Turned off Bluetooth. Problem solved.

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