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  • nunofrompaço de arcos Level 1 Level 1

    I'm beginning to think this is not a Exchange problem. I deleted my Exchange account. I full restored my iPhone. I deleted the iCloud account. Although it seems better now, while using Wi-fi, the problem remains while using 3G. Once the phone gets a 3G signal, it starts to heat up a lot (while using it for browsing or email) and the battery is draining 1% per 2 minutes. I did not re-add my Exchange account. I was really happy with my new iPhone 5 because I was only charging it every 2 days or so. Apple released the iPhone 4S 3G fix, but I really hope that they release a fix for the iPhone 5 as well.

  • Garybravo Level 1 Level 1

    I posted early on this thread and have monitored every one since, trying different potential workarounds, whilst still suffering poor battery :(


    The other day I saw the post about trying changing the carrier setting from automatic which I did (changed to O2 in UK). This has helped quite a bit and I'm now getting through the day without having to recharge.


    This makes sense if the issue is around the power being used by the cellular receiver.


    Anyway, try it if your setting is currently "automatic".


    Finally the 6.1.1 fix seems only available for 4S.


    Come on Apple - help us i5 owners!

  • Pitbalto Level 1 Level 1

    I have backed up and restored my phone 2 times now.  Each time it seems to fix the battery drain/ overheating problem  It definately became an issue only after I upgraded to iOS 6.1.  I do have a Microsoft Exchange account running but it seems not to be the problem since after the reset and restore I can use it and the battery/overheating problems do not return immediately. However, as I enable functionalities like  location services as prompted by push notifications it seems like the problem returns.


    Apple needs to get on its horse and track down the problem and fix it ASAP.  Their iOS update is killing their product and making me wish I had gone with Samsung.


    Lets see how long my recent reset lasts. 

  • Netgyrl Level 1 Level 1

    Article about the Microsoft Exchange bug that causes excessive activity and battery drain: change-bug/

  • rms3s Level 1 Level 1

    Apple WAKE UP!!! Do something about the battery drain issue on iphone 5!

  • Chesterlisk Level 1 Level 1

    I have this issue, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.  I went from good  battery life - not needing to charge but once per day with heavy use. 


    Then, yesterday, out of nowhere I started a massive drain on the battery.  I couldn't even charge the phone in my car, the pull was harder than the charge. 


    I was losing 30% per HOUR when not charging.


    The only think I can think that I did was accepted several meeting invites, and it was the Microsoft Exchange issue listed above.  I tried the Apple recommended fix, and will report back to say whether this helped.

  • Chesterlisk Level 1 Level 1

    This completely fixed my problem.  After one hour with moderate use, I am down to 98% from 100%.  Before, I was losing 25% per hour.

  • nunofrompaço de arcos Level 1 Level 1

    Finally I believe that the problem is gone. I did almost everything that you look up for in forums and here, and probably the DFU restore solve my problem. As well as not activate EVER (not even like Apple suggests activate calendar and wait, or don't accept invitations) the Calendar feature in my Exchange account, only the Mail.



  • bjogb Level 1 Level 1

    What is the Apple recommended fix?

  • Dizman7 Level 1 Level 1

    It's to ignore you until you give up and go away.

  • catherine201 Level 1 Level 1

    When I called apple yesterday with this problem. I was told it is a problem they are having, that some phones were made in different places and a small percentage of them are faulty. 8-12hrs is considered normal battery life with this phone. To establish whether mine is one after 3hrs on the phone with them downloaded content from phone to computer and then when putting back on phone even though it was backed up Poof! all my contacts gone....the girl was so emabaressed she put me through to the senior tech who tried as politely as possible to tell me in a drawn out 5 min. that unfortunately they are now gone. Very annoying! So, anyway the plan is to see with only 2 free apps as content on my phone whether the battery still drains quickly and if so they will give me a new phone. Very complicated. It is my first iphone so a bit disappointing to say the least. It will be interesting to see if this eats away at their advantage.


  • steve19800 Level 1 Level 1

    This means they aware which one is the small percentage of less quality and which one is the proper one. When you, for example, ask for a replacement you will notice they have two different type of Terms and Conditions, this T&C according to them derived from different manufacture. So the conclusion is, on what basis they give a particular customer quality phone and another customer get another quality of phone.


    AFAIK, the smallest percentage is the good one. Majority of iPhone 5 users have pretty low quality of battery life.

  • Alphamike583 Level 1 Level 1

    I am new to the forum but have for a long time suffered with this battery draining problem. Like everyone else I have tried all that is recommended and to no avail. I was hoping that iOS 6.1.2 would've fixed this but still no luck.

    My sister has an IPhone 4S and her battery is rubbish as well. My wife has an iPhone 5 yet her battery is incredible. Way better than my IPhone 5 yet she uses hers so much more.


    None of us have Exchange so I ruled that out.


    What I think it could be, and there are a couple of forums on this, although it isn't that widely publicised is a problem with the proximity sensor. I work with CCTV and I noticed on a camera today that my proximity sensor was constantly flashing whenever the phone is "awake". It doesn't matter what app you have got, it's constantly flashing. It's done via infra-red so you can't see it with your eyes normally. I checked my sisters IPhone 4S and hers was also constantly flashing but instead of it being rapid flashing like it is with the iPhone 5, it was slow but regular pulses.

    I then checked my wife's iPhone 5 which has excellent battery life and hers was not lit at all.


    I checked the settings for Siri incase the option for "raise to speak" was on but it was switched off.

    I did a full reset of the phone and set up as a new one with no backup on it at all and the sensor doesn't come on. I restore it from a backup and the light is back flashing. This has to be draining the battery and there can be no reason to explain why it is flashing.


    So I urge you all to check your phones. The easiest way is to use a webcam or a CCTV camera and point the phone at it making sure the screen is on. If you have a light flashing by your speaker grill then your sensor is on. If not then that rules that out. Some cameras won't work as they have IR filters inbuilt. I used my MacBooks camera to test. To make sure your camera will pick up the image I used a TV remote and pointed at the camera and pressed a button. If it flashes then the camera will pick up Infra-Red. It's also best to do it in a dark room.


    There has to be a bug with this sensor and so if everyone who is suffering with battery problems on the iPhones have this problem, hopefully Apple will take note and provide a fix for it.

  • ifixfxs Level 1 Level 1

    my infrared is flashing as well. iphone5 OS 6.1.2 draining from 100% to 16% overnight unused. has anyone with a "normal battery" checked the infrared proximity sensor?

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