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    As mentioned my wife's doesn't light up unless making a phone call and she has amazing battery on her iPhone 5 70% battery after 12 hours standby and 2 hours usage!!

  • 33man Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Yeah my iphone 5 ios 6.1.2 has the same behavior.... (European model Switzerland)


    The red dot disappear when i turn off the screen.... (Siri enabled but no raise to speak and even worse if I cover the sensor nothing happen... )



    I will check with other friends... Looks interesting

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi!  Are you sure the proximity sensor is an issue?  Anyway, please check this other thread for the battery draining,  I have not solved mine yet, but hope this will help.  Will try it tonight.

  • Alphamike583 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's the thing I don't know of it is a problem. What I know is that an iPhone 5 with very good battery doesn't have it's sensor on all the time, yet an iPhone 5 with bad battery does. Mine is not an exchange issue. Being on so much must be draining the battery. It is the same as leaving the LED camera light on all the time

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    I'm on my second iPhone 5 now. The first one didn't last a day even with 3G turned off. My new phone lasts almost two days with 3G on, if I don't use it a lot. That's good, because when I updated my carrier settings I lost the ability to turn 3G off.


    BUT, when I actually use the phone, battery drains very fast. The only thing I haven't tried is restore as a new phone.


    I'm scared to update, because there's so many threads about 6.1.2 and bad battery life. I'm on 6.1 now.

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    It's adsurd that we are spending hours trying trying to solve a problem created by Apple, yet I am in the same fix. I have no exchange account. After "upgrading" to 6.1.2 my iPhone 5 is dead with in 3-4 hours sitting unused in my coat pocket, screen off. I've turned off location, disabled calendars and email, bluetooth, wifi, all the standard stuff to no avail. I've forwarded call to my backup Android phone while awaiting a solution, as the iPhone is now useless for my needs. Tomorrow I'll talk to savy friends at a local Verizon store, and will escalate the problem with Apple.

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    I activated my iPhone 5 as a backup from my old 4.

    Battery life was horrendous, phone was hot all day. I chose to reset all settings this morning and saw improvements.

    Battery life was better, but not as good as my previous iPhone. The good news is the overheating is gone.

    This tells me the issue is not hardware, at least in my case. Of course I can be wrong.

    Performance using 3G is poor in terms of battery drain. Way better on wifi.

    That is the real problem in my opinion.

    Next: restore as new.

    Of course, Apple needs to fix this. It's terrible.

    Keep hoping.

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    I was part of the 152 page iPhone 4 battery thread - tried everything for a couple weeks. Finally gave up and upgraded to an iPhone 5 yesterday.  The phone was set up as a new phone. Yesterday the battery wsa dead after 8 hours of no use.


    I reset the phone this morning and did it as a new install and did not install any apps and di dno restores.  battery life is horrible.


    I called Apple and went to my local crApple store.  The Tech tried telling me my apps were corrupting the phone. I told him it wsa a fresh install. I pointed to all the other people sitting in the place that were having the same issue.


    They told me to take my phone back to Verizon. On the way to Verizon I called Apple and asked to talk to a supervisor.  I let him know about my crappy experience.


    I went to Verizon and they need the phone for an hour to test it.  So tomorrow I take the phone back and make them swap it out.


    If it wasn't for the $35 charge I would get a different brand phone.  This has been the worst retail experience I have ever been a part of.  There are too many people who are having the issue for all of us to be the ones causing the issue. Apple needs to address this issue.

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    Apple, you are a trustfull brand, quality product and good customer service. But the battery on the iPhone 5 is upsetting me a lot and i getting more and more upset as i can see my battery draining as i'm using my phone. I have to charge it during the night, then i'm good for 8 to 4 and after this i have to charge it twice for my evening, if not, no phone for tonight. We all trust you at 100% to fix that frustrating issue Fast. We all paid LOT of money to have a good phone and its not the case actualy. I don't want you to say, turn the LTE, or Wi-fi or anything cause if you say so, its because you dindn't put the good battery in it !


    PS- 45% to 32% in 15 min just reading and typing this.


    Sorry for my English, i'm french Canadian


    Thank you

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    I am getting a solid 2 days of active usage on my iPhone 5, and have been getting this ever since last November. On my iPhone, I use wifi, 4G, LTE, Apple maps, Google maps, usually about 1-2 hrs. per day talking on the phone, and extensive playback of iTunes music via the built-in speaker (I rarely use the ear buds). I have disabled most "push" activity. As soon as each ios update became available, I installed it. However, this is my first iPhone, so I started from scratch without installing any prior setup.


    I did experience only 4 or 5 hours of battery life early-on for about a week after I first got the phone, until I downloaded the first update (6.01 I think), and then I started getting 2 days of usage with each recharge.


    Sorry to hear so many folks are still having trouble with battery life. Hopefully, Aple will soon have the "aha!" moment that wil solve the battery drainage problem for everybody.  But at least my experience indicates that there is hope for a solution.  Probably just some small little software glitch that is causing all the trouble.  They just have to find it.


    Good luck, all.

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    Ok, restored my phone as new last night.

    It takes time, a lot of stuff gets lost, but it works.

    Wipe, restore as new, DO NOT backup from iCloud, install everything you need manually.

    My phone is stable today. No heating, battery life improved a lot. It is a new iPhone.

    Good luck.

  • TimK1964 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having serious battery drain on my new iPhone 5 since I purchased it Monday. I did a fresh install, tried a restore...nothing worked. Went to the Apple Store and got nowhere. I could sit and watch the battery % drop.



    I finally got frustrated and reset the settings. Then I went through every setting on the phone which took some time. When I say every, I clicked on everything I could one item at a time and looked at all the options. There were a couple places for 'push' and 'fetch' and I made sure to turn all of them off. I also took everything out of my Notification Center. Since doing that and leting the battery drain, it seems to be doing much better. I made it through the entire day yesterday and the battery was still in the 80% range. 


    I had some data on my old phone that I really wanted so I took a chance and restored from iCloud last night.


    I then went into iCloud and synced the phone with all the Apps.  At this point I noticed that Other jumped from 541 MB to over 1 gig.  I went through every App in iTunes and noticed there were some iTunes thought were installed that I had manually deleted. I removed all the phantom apps with an iTunes sync. My Other is back to 541 MB and I will say the battery is still doing well.


    I have no idea which combination of things was the magic bullet for me, but the battery seems to last longer now that it has gone through a few cycles of charging (after I went through all the settings). I have Loaction services on, I turn off wifi and Bluetooth when I am not using them and have actually been using my phone a decent amount.


    The talk time and music time seem to be within the specs given for the phone.  I am not sure about the 'up to 225 hours standby'.  If I can keep making it though the day without charging it I will be happy.

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    My IPhone 5 battery life actually last really long.I turned off push, location services and wifi ( at home only i switch wifi off outside).And I drain all of my battery life ( automatically shuts down) and fully recharge it to 100% once a month.


    Today I pulled off the charger after it's fully charged, at 7:00 am,went on the  internet for about two hours.and it's still 100%. played with some games and stuff for an hour and half.and it's still 100%. now it's 8:00 and my phone's battery life is 68%.


    Usually when I don't use it much, I fully charge it today and the next day it's around 50%~70%

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    1. Turn OFF Siri (As I don't use it and it lacks some features in my country)

    2. Turn OFF Bluetooth (I'm not using bluetooth headset)

    3. Turn OFF Data but ON when I'm on the GO and use just to check Facebook messages etc around 2HOURS

    4. Set Mail to fetch data MANUALLY or 30mins (do not set it 15mins it drains battery more)

    5. Things which were left ON throughout test

         A.     WIFI (I used it constantly web browsing, youtube, facebook messenger etc)

         B.     Location Services (Just in case i lost my phone and somehow for determining location for photos)


    BATTERY CONDITIONS: No charging within test

    100% when charged after 40mins of usage still at 100% left it for a while and then 99%

    1% down about every  7-10mins of above mentioned usage


    at 1% 9Hours 56Mins




  • Lupo73 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi ! I have bought the iPhone 5 a week ago and I really feel cheated about the battery life, I can not understand how a more advanced phone like this can fall lower than their predecessors in the battery life!? ? Apple said much more performant and more efficient and longer duration of the battery but what we are experiencing today is a scam to make more money and sell an illusion,Apple needs to give us a solution to this problem urgently and not taking about a 5S or 6 to come.....must provide a solution to all that like you and me believed and paid the full price of a promise

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