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    So I'm not the only one then...

  • Ostler7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ive had a similar issue with my battery the past few weeks, it used to last a day or two on a charge, but recently it has only lasted half a day at best.  After calling Apple they said it was my email client, so i disable both of those with no luck.  Today, I downloaded an app called system status($2.99).  It showed me the CPU usage and it was constantly jumping up to 80 or 90%.  The app's website said this should be around 5%.  So I started deleting and disabling items on my phone.  Deleted the both Email clients, yahoo and GoDaddy.  That didnt do anything, So I added back in.  Then I disabled some iCloud items: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes.  I think it fixed around the time I disable Reminders and Safari.  My CPU usage went down to 3% and was steady around there.  I then enabled all of the iCloud items again and 7 hours later it is still running great! I was at 96% battery and now at 85% with medium usage.

    Hope this helps!

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    i have the same problem ,i hope they fix this issue if not i'm returing my phone ,i dont care about the 50.00 fee!

  • mollyp1969 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried Tm5's suggestion twice now and neither time showed any improvement. If anything, I think it's a bit worse. I let my phone fully discharge after work last night and left it off for a couple of hours. I then plugged it into the charger and right before bed, when I saw it had fully charged I did a hard reset (did NOT disconnect from the charger) then once the phone was back on I disconnected it and intentionally left it alone overnight to see what it would do. At 10:00pm it showed 100% battery life, by 5:00 this morning it was down to 80%. I used the phone on my way into work on the bus to exchange a few messagse with someone via Viber and check email and Facebook and my phone is now down to 59% battery life.

  • billfromfort lauderdale Level 1 (0 points)

    mollyp - have you tried to restore the device as new?  This clearly souds like a software issue.  What worked for me (after replacing my original iPhone5 and had the same issue) - I found that I was "restoring" the device from a prior back up off of icloud/my computer.  I'd recommend wiping the device (setting it back to factory settings) and restoring as new.  DO NOT restore from a prior back up.  Once you set the device as new - then go into icloud or your computer (where ever you back up your photos, music, apps etc.) and manually sync over your photos, music, apps. etc. My issue was that I was restoring the device from a prior back up and that back up had the faultly software (i.e. there was a "bug" in it) - thus when I restored, it was brining over the same bad/faulty software.  Try setting up as new so that you know you're working off "clean software" - then bring over your photos, music, apps etc.


    Hope this works for you as it did for me.

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    Non of the answers here in this blog about stopping the iPhone battery drain works. We simply have to carry our chargers around and charge iPhone when ever possible which is crappy, or get a mop hie juice pack($99), or give back the iPhone and go with Samsung galaxy s3 or s4(10-14hrs talk time), nexus 4(12-15 hrs talk time), htc one(12 hrs talk time), or Motorola razr HD maxx(20+ hrs talk time). But non of these phones have the same touch feeling or easy operating systems as fast as iOS. Have to compromise on some where. Samsung seems to be a better option.

  • billfromfort lauderdale Level 1 (0 points)

    Go to Samsung - knock yourself out. The iPhone 5 batteries do work just like the iPhone 4S etc.  funny my device works just fine!  APPLE PERIOD!

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    is this normal im on 30% with 7hrs usage 26hrd standby time

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    I have actually tested that, where i work if i leave celluar data on by the morning i have 30% battery left on my iPhone 5 (10pm to 8am) but if i turn on airport mode by 8am i have 60% battery left.


    if anything its to do with the software, not the hardware.

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    This is the first time i comment here, only becaus eim realizing something is so wrong did i want to put my 2 cents in. R.Couch you have way better battery life than me & I use a hot stop not even my lte and still my battery drains out way too fast I shut down all apps deleted iCloud no location services on my usage is 2 hrs 44 minutes stand by is 4 hours 20 minutes all apps off too. I've actually watched it go down 3% of a 11 minute call. That doesn't seem normal. And I've actually seen go down 4% with me not doing anything on it I'll be contacting apple soon because this is not too cool. My iPad first generation has better life than this phone lol that's not good it should get better not worse.

  • R.Couch Level 1 (0 points)

    Have you tried to factory reset it? As in putting it into DFU mode and restoring it through that? then setting it up as a new phone then you can manage to transfer your contacts etc across via iCloud or iTunes.


    Sometimes, im on the bus on way to work and the phone has been off charge 15 minutes and its at 90% or 85% by the time i actually get into my work place. Hopefully with the new battery thats been developed they should be able to put it in the next iPhone or the one after.



    But all in all, the battery does need to be improved as its too ''week'' to power the iPhone.

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    I agree 110%! I was handed a pre-owned iPhone 3G and the battery for the most part wouldn't last more than 1½ day - and we're only talking about voice and text service. Since I don't have a data plan, I tinkered with it by turning off all the unnecessary programs such as Location Service, 3G, Bluetooth, and WIFI but still no go...until I turned off 'Cellular Data' which displays the 'E' (Edge) logo right next to the carrier's network when switched on. I immediately gained 3-4 days of standby power before the next charge, unbelievable!

  • Decortef Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem till somebody double clicked on the bottom button and showed that I had all my apps open, draining my iPhone and making it hot. You just double click on the apps, click the minus and close them all frequently. No idea why they don't just close automatically. My battery problem is solved.

  • tanya813 Level 1 (0 points)

    I spent all day following your directions yesterday. I restored my entire phone and manually added everything. I'm sick of it and I'm ging to the store soon to get a new battery

  • Ed10 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm new here, but have been experiencing extensive battery drain on my iPhone 5 for the past several weeks.  If your problem is the same as mine, here's your solution until Apple or Microsoft gets the fix in.


    I had tried backing everything up and restoring via iTunes, but that didn't help.


    I went to the local Apple Store and was told by the doorman to try changing the email Push to Fetch Every 15 Minutes.  I even turned off all location services.   No help.


    The Genius Bar looked at my phone yesterday and, though the stats seemed to show my battery was working well enough, they replaced my battery.


    Things seemed like they might be better, but I couldn't tell.  Then I got an invitation for a Calendar item.  Yet again, when I went to Accept it, I couldn't.  All three buttons (Maybe, Reject (?), or Accept) seemed "grayed" out.  Hitting any did nothing.  This seemed the norm to me over the past few weeks.  (I don't do these invites often, so I can't tell you how long.)  During the next hour, my battery percentage started falling precipitously, back to the problem rate of about 10% per hour. 


    I decided that the invitation was the problem, so I decided never to open Calendar invitations on the phone.


    Then I went hooked up to iTunes, backed everything up and synced.  Then I reset the phone, deleting everything.  [ Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings ] Then I restored from the latest backup, automatically.  I did all this while leaving the phone connected to the computer and iTunes.  (Well, I ejected using iTunes before the Reset operation, but left the wire connected to the computer.)


    I still have location services shut off [Settings->Privacy->Location Services], and Fetch 15 minutes for the mail.  I will change that soon.  But now, rather than lose 10% battery per hour, I have experienced 10% in 6.5 hours.


    I'm cured.  But now I'll only answer invites via the computer, not the phone.  Note that I've always updated iOS to the latest version with no help.  Currently running iOS version 6.1.4


    Best of luck with yours.

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